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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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  1. Many of us who have used the regimen have noticed an increase in acne. This should subside within a few months if the regimen is working for you. Things may get worse before they get better.
  2. day 102 on spiro

    Hi. I've been where you are with spiro. I have attached a link to the documentation of my progress or lack there of with spiro over the last 19 month. It took a long time to start consistently working for me and it took well over a year. please take a look and be encouraged. If you have any questions, let me know https://www.realself.com/review/englewood-nj-spironolactone-acne-32-years-exhausted-optionsincluding-accutane
  3. 7 Month Check-In on Regimen

    Great Improvement! The regimen can be Godsent if your skin can tolerate it. Keep at it. The AHA is a great addition and will help with the superficial red marks.
  4. Day 3

    Good luck hin! It's definitely a marathon, not a sprint and in terms of timeline, give yourself leeway. I recommend taking pictures once a week to start so that you can track progress. It will help you see the subtle changes in your skin without becoming obsessed.