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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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  1. 35 and the worst acne of my life

    Acne as an adult is definitely no fun. I'm 33 so i get it! As for supplements, i would recommend not taking a supplement or a group of supplements because of the internet. It may be worth getting tested to see if you are deficient or to match up your lifestyle and diet and their symptoms. Supplements can definitely do more harm than good. A good place to start before getting professional help is by looking into your diet and lifestyle. Diet doesn't correlate to everyones acne but it may be an issue in your case. Big culprits are: dairy gluten night shades nuts sugar processed foods If that fails after a few months of doing it diligently, then go see a derm. As much as we all like the natural way, sometimes its ok to need professional hellp, especially with stubborn acne Good Luck!
  2. Day 415

    im sorry. You've made such great progress inspite of the setback. It may be time to either switch things up or finally try accutane. I would recommend diet changes and if that's a bust, then accutane. Anti biotics for acne will not help things long term IMHO. Chin up! Hugs frm NJ
  3. Extremely Severe Body Acne/ Scarring

    Accutane is the gold standard for treatment but keep in mind that treatment continues to work after you stop and that for some cases, it may take a second course to get things under control. Acne is definitely a physical as well as an emotional thing. Are you able to go and talk to someone where you're stationed. It will definitely help with the emotional aspect of things. As for the girl, it's hard sharing that something that most people take for granted (clear skin) bothers you. Be honest and she may just surprise you. Stay encouraged
  4. ALmost 2 months on spiro

    I agree! It takes a loooooong time. It also may not give you 100% clarity but it does help. Give it time and try to think progress in terms of months and not weeks.
  5. Day 34 pics.

    Stace! Congrats on the accutane progress. Praying that this will be the final solution for you hugs
  6. Torture

    It took me four months to see improvement. If your skin is blistering, itchy and dry, you may be allergic to bp. I would recommend slowly reducing the frequency and amount as stopping abruptly may freak your skin out.
  7. I'm Clear, But I Hate It

    It could be that your gut is damaged and is over reacting to certain foods. Soy, sugar, salt and peanut butter are not that great for you anyhow. Any particular reason that you are vegan? Look into something called leaky gut.
  8. Sudden acne breakout? I

    Moving itself is VERY stressful so that could be what triggered your breakouts. Since you cannot use BP and cannot afford a derm at this time, try to attack things from the nutritional front. Practice stress relief (exercise, yoga, meditation), cut out dairy and gluten as well as processed foods and sugar. It's tough having to start over again but take one step at a time.
  9. It's your body fighting the infection (that's why there is pus). Hopefully this means your pimples are on their way out.
  10. What is this?

    For the past few days, I have been getting this bumps on my stomach, back, down the sides of my armpit, chest and by my hair line/behind my ears. I went to urgent care who told me is was contact dermatitis. I have my doubts as the bumps are spread out and not rashy looking. I thought it may have been scabies or bed bugs but he said no. Now i am thinking it may be an allergic reaction to something as they are so itchy. Or is it possible that it's a sudden case of body acne? I have facial acne but body acne is not something i get. I'm 33. Any suggestions?
  11. Caveman Regimen makes my acne worse? (pics)

    I agree with others that the withdrawl period from products can be brutal. it can take up to a few months to a year to reach baseline so hang in there. At the very least, give it 6 months.
  12. Spironolactone / Endocrinologist / BC Questions

    Hormone tests are not very reliable so your derm is right to tell you not to put all your eggs in that basket. I did a month on 50 mg and then upped to 100mg. I split it into 2 doses with latest being no later than 6. Spiro can take a long time to work, up to one year and since you are on so many different acne fighting stuff, it may be difficult to tell whats helping or hurting. You definitely want a low androgenic BC so get that changed as soon as you can. Also, keep in mind that topicals purge your skin the first few months so you have to ride it out. The more gunk you have, the bigger and nastier to initial breakout. Topicals prevent acne but do't heal the current stuff. Try to stick to your products and document your progress weekly with pictures. It helps to see the subtle changes, trust me. Keep us posted and keep positive hun.
  13. I would love to join the next meet up!
  14. I hear everything you're saying. I do however think your issues are more internal than external. You'd be surprised as the thoughts that we have about ourselves can become reality, especially if they've been left to fester for years and years and years. If you are open to wanting to change those patterns, i highly recommend you find a therapist who will work with you and not just throw meds at you. You look like any regular person that i would see on the street but you seem sad. Trust me when i say, we all have resentment towards something but at the end of the day, is it worth being angry at your dad, your mom, your peers, your coworkers when they don't even know about it? It seems like such wasted energy. They are living life and not thinking about you so why waste your time focusing on them. I personally do not think you need surgery or acne treatment of any kind but if you insist, i'd recommend you do the whole counseling thing for a few months and then revaluate. It didn't take you a few weeks to get to this point emotionally and it won't take you a few weeks to get out of it. Start small. Maybe take some online classes so you won't have to interact with people until you're ready to Get a job where people are nice (barnes and noble for instance) get a pet (they love unconditionally) Work with your therapist on goals that get you socializing again. I'm sorry that you are going through this but it will not go away on it's own until you take the steps needed to address it. All i can really say is that you are not alone.
  15. Spiro - stopped working.

    Hi hun - i'm in the same boat. Spiro never cleared me up but it did make things more bearable for a few times in the month. Now, it's doing nothing. If you find a solution let me know. Good Luck!
  16. Agreed. The derm is wrong in her statement that accutane does not affect oil production. It dries out and shrinks oil glands which is why many get that 'my face is falling off' dryness. With that said, what else have you tried. Accutane should be a last resort after you have exhausted many options. If you have not tried diet changes (up to 3 months) , at least 2 different topicals and maybe some oral meds then i woukd suggest to look into those before accutane.
  17. My story + Some questions

    I would continue to follow the directions of your doc and i would recommend you wait 3 months of consistent use before switching as it can take that long to evaluate if an acne treatment is beginning to work. As for accutane. As a three time user, i can tell you that contrary to popular belief, accutane does not always work long term. Diet changes is a good suggestion. Dairy and gluten would be my obvious picks as well as processed foods. Hang in there hun
  18. Day # 316

    Nightmarish week that's only going down hill. Forehead is breaking out in bumps It's been a while so it sucks. My chin and moth are also filled in small and hard pimples plus dry/rough skin. Spiro has quit on me (not that it was doing such a kick ass job before). My diet is off track and i'm stressed. I feel like i am back at square 1 to be honest. Nothing else in the derms tool chest for me.....ahhhh.....i guess that's how it goes sometimes. At this point my focus needs to be staying emotionally grounded.
  19. Chin is doing the funky dance. Breaking out in smaller bumps and i have a few larger ones, especially an inflamed sucker by my right mouth....yikes. Wondering if it is eczema, perioral dermatitis or just acne. The older i get, the worse it gets. I don't know what else to do - it's bumming me out.