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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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  1. Your skin is probably very irritated. When our skin experiences trauma, depending on the person, it can take a while to mellow out. If your current regimen is working, give it 3 - 6 months. Try to eat as healthy as possible, do not add any more actives to your routine and as hard as it may be to do, try to not be stressed as stress make acne so much worse.
  2. At the end of my tether

    You really should visit a dermatologist. If you start treatment now, your acne may be under control by your wedding. How's your diet. Diet never worked for me but it is worth a shot if you have not tried it yet. Try limiting or eliminating dairy and gluten and any high glycemic and processed foods for a few months. Try to keep stress in check and pace yourself. It's a rough road and you may have to keep on trying and trying and trying till you find something but don't give up.
  3. Feeling down(pics)

    I get the same type of breakouts! The difference is though that despite lifestyle and diet changes, it's still bad and spreadable. Wonder what my allergen could be. Sometimes it takes our body a while to forgive is for feeding it something it doesn't like
  4. Day # 260

    Well, here we go again. The cycle begins again and I have had an eczema flare all over. It's calmed down since this morning but it's still very much there. New bumps came up (at least 12 micro ones that are red) and I have some cystic action going on on chin. Feeling like crap BUT still hanging around my family. What's the point of hiding in my room all day? I feel as if i've wasted the last 8 plus months for nothing. Reaching out to this community for some support. As far as pharmaceuticals are concerned, i have done it all and frankly, i am over it. I am considering starting from scratch again with a nutritionist as my eating , while healthy, could use some work (less calories , more nutritionally dense stuff, less meat, etc). Right now, i'm off all supplements but i am on oral meds (spiro, oracea) and elidel for eczema. Still having a green smoothie everyday and I am so bored with drinking those things. Varied recipes too. I have limited money too now that i am buying a home and recently had to replace my car that was totaled in an accident. I have tried many of the nutritional advice give on this bored and i'm convinced that the issue is not what is being suggested but moreso, my body. Anyway, just wanted to share and update as I know some of you have been following my process since the very beginning. Thanks for all the support. It helps to know that this awesome website is a judgement free zone. Peace and Love Sasch
  5. Options

    Hey hun, just responded to your PM - Chin up. Let's skype if you're available. I'm pretty much tethered to my computer today trying to get some work done. Sascha
  6. Struggling I'm struggling

    Hey Stace. Just reaching out to let you know you're not alone Hun. It sucks being the one with acne. But on another note, while you can't control your skin, your mind is another matter. Therapy has helped me deal with this struggle so much better. If this is available to you, I highly recommend it. Keeping you you in my thoughts and prayers Sasch
  7. Accutane and makeup

    Anything can have the potential to break you out, accutane or not. Derma bland is heavier than say mineral makeup so it may or may not help/hurt your skin. If you're worried, try mineral first which should have minimal effects.
  8. My path to clear skin

    Please don't quit your job. Opportunities like this do not always come around twice. If you challenge yourself to stick it out and you actually do, you would have succeeded in mentally beating acne. If you back to England, is your acne going to mentally or physically get better once you step off the plane? Try to find a derm there and see what the other options are for you. If you have not done so already, try: going dairy and gluten free meditation supplements retinoids (which may work better post accutane) You're not alone so keep up the good fight.
  9. What type of acne is this?

    See a derm. You've been given some great suggestions. I second the retin a . Stay away from antibiotics. On the flip side, you can try a three month diet devoid of dairy and gluten and inclusive of lots of veggies and low glycemic fruits. I am not a fan of home remedies as I personally find them a waste of time and energy but you may want to start least invasive and give them a shot. Stick to one thing for at least three months.
  10. Thank you for sharing, Acne that clears once skin care is stopped is acne sometimes caused using the wrong products. This method will not work for everyone and in fact can lead to prolonged periods of acne if other issues are not addressed such as : diet stress hormonal issues root cause of acne acne is a very individualized thing. i enjoyed the fact that you stressed letting go and not caring. Acne is such an emotional thing and it can imprison us to the point of us not wanting to move forward. We can't always control it but we can control us. If you are comfortable doing so, I encourage you to post before and after pictures. Congrats on your success.
  11. Wearing a mask to hide my severe cyst acne

    Why are you on prednisone? Acne is a rough beast. I've been dealing with it 16 years and I'm 32 now. If you at least saw a little improvement with diet, keep at it for at least 6 months (as strictly as possible). Paleo is a good place to start. With cystic acne, topicals may not work due to the infection being so deep. You can try the regimen if your skin is not sensitive. Lastly, if you can afford to do it, try a naturopath. It will at least offer you some guidance. Acne sucks no matter how you look at it but sometimes you have to get up and go even when your mind and body tells you there's no point. hugs from jersey.
  12. I get it! When i first started getting acne, it never affected me as much as a teenager as it does as an adult. It's very frustrating and the sad truth of the matter is, there is no clear cut solution. But with that said, while you can't control your skin, you can control your attitude around it. Keep being a people person, keep striving to reach your goals, keep living life. My biggest regret is holding off on so many experiences until my acne cleared. Well guess what, acne is still here and still crappy so i've decided to keep going with my goals and if my acne wants to tag along, it can because it's not going to get the opportunity to stop me a second time. Chin up luv. You're not alone
  13. What do you do?

    See a therapist and Learn to change your thinking. No one wants to learn to love their acne but you can learn to live with it and view it as an extension of you (like being short, having red hair, wearing glasses, etc)
  14. People are sooooo rude. The next time someone says some crap like that to you, look them n the eye (this makes many people uncomfortable) and say, "well that's her problem/opinion isn't it. She must not have too much going on if she feels the need to talk about me. I'm flattered" Turning the spotlight back on them shuts the hatters down in a minute.
  15. You've been giving some good advice from our very supportive community. Here is another one. Be proactive in changing your mindset. You may not have a handle on your skin and that's out of your control but you can change how you respond to it, think about it, etc. I see a therapist for my depression and I've come to realize that my acne is only one part of my insecurities. I view myself as ugly so I shy away from people and activities. I make assumptions about what others are thinking and saying about me and even if my assumptions were right, i put too much stock into what they think. Solutions, get therapy if you can afford to and start changing those thinking patterns. I started in September of last year, thinking about suicide because of my acne and many months later, I still have bad skin BUT I have more of an nvestment in my life, my contribution to society the fact that I am so much more than what people see. Its hard to do this and progress is never linear but you my dear are worth the investment.
  16. And if they are uncomfortable wit you, that's their problem. Best advice my therapist gave me is this : you can't please everyone. I find that looking people in the eye as they talk to you puts the spotlight back on them. You are also not a mind reader so try to avoid making assumptions about how people think and feel about you.
  17. My Adult Acne (possibly leaky gut / candida ?)

    Good for you doing your own investigating. A word of advice, don't get fixated on diagnosis as it can over take your life. I feel that acne is blamed on many a condition from poor diet, to leaky gut to food allergies, to pollen and the list goes on and on. It is not easy to nail down the cause for you but by make no small changes and making an effort to lead a healthier life, it makes finding the answer for you much less stressful. I've explored all the above options and i still have bad acne. Wish I didn't waste so much time stressing over it.
  18. Trying to save money as I am going to be a new home owner soon. For the month of May, my goal is not not eat any food purchased from outside. I will cook my own meals using whole and high quality foods (organic, grass fed, etc). As usual, I will exclude, gluten and dairy. I'll also continue with my green smoothies. Adjusting my diet has not been the key to my acne but at least eating better will help me to feel better. if anyone has any tips, feel free to share. here is my food list: black beans brown rice grass fed ground beef grass fed lamb wild salmon turkey brown rice pasta (rarely) brown rice wrap (rarely) organic chicken breast spring mix veggies carrots apples Mixed berries tropical fruits bananas hummus spinach sweet potatoes olive oil almond milk ginger and other spices and seasonings
  19. Things definitely seem infected. I agree with MissSac that a derm may be better able to advise you. They may prescribe an antibiotic to get the inflammation under control. You had no acne in that area prior to the shampoo, correct ?
  20. Congrats to you. I would recommend though that anyone willing to do accutane should go through a licensed medical professional. It's a serious drug even though many try to downplay its possible effects. Most people that go on it are fine but who knows if years down the line something will pop (we thought cigarettes were harmless too!). I did it and it worked wonders for me......for a while. So i did it again and again. 13 years after my first course and i am still dealing with acne.
  21. Day # 225 and beyond....

    Hello my people! Hope everyone is doing well. My apologies for not updating on here. I made the choice to have my spiro blog elsewhere because as much as i love the majority of positive people here, the few that take pride in trolling make the whole experience a sour one for me. If you're interested in my regular updates, just PM and I will send the link. I am almost at the eighth month mark which makes the one year mark oh so close. I started out with so much hope and expectations for this medication. This truly was my last resort and frankly, when the the time comes to call it quits, there is nothing new on the market to try. With that said, i have hit another dead end.........again. Eight months is plenty and while i see improvement that cycles from decent to bad, there is no consistency whatsoever. I honestly feel disappointed. Disappointed in myself for caring so much and placing my hope in something that in essence means very little. I'm disappointed that i let such a small thing bother me so much and most of all, I am disappointed that at almost 33, i am still emotionally in turmoil as if i were 16 again. But like what big girls do, i brush myself off, pull on my big girl panties and prepare to move forward. If anything, this whole experience (all 16 years and counting) will make me resiliant so at least there is that. On a non related acne note, I am in the process of looking for my first home! Very exciting time indeed. I put in for an offer which seems like the sellers want to wring every penny out of me, put no house is worth me being poor so if they're not wanting to be reasonable, they can keep it. Anyway....thanks for listening Chow!
  22. Food allergies

    I don't think the issue is that few people will listen, imo, it is more about how the message is delivered. People on both sides of the fence have come off very 'know it all' and condemning and the fact of the matter is that there is no sure fire way to stop acne for everyone due to so many factors. So when people post saying 'this will help or cure you' or ' don't listen to your dr and take a prescription' or even 'diet doesn't affect acne', it comes across as preachy and dismisses the idea that nothing else will work and that a person is in essence wasting their time unless they try that one particular remedy. For the younger readers here, that one track mind thinking can lead to an unhealthy view on controlling acne.
  23. It could that your skin has changed. I did great on the regimen which is all about the BP. It one day suddenly gave me eczema that has never gone away.
  24. pics of my daughter

    Icing helps. Also it depends on what is causing the acne. It could be food related, product related or plain ol hormone Neal imbalance