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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.

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  1. I don't think it's for everyday use
  2. Drugs Similiar to Accutane

    There is nothing like accutane and nothing in the works either.  It a catch 22 with that drug.  The best you can hope to do is improve diet and lifestyle, while finding topicals and supplements that work.
  3. If you can afford, contact a naturopath to help ease the transition.  Also, thelovevitamin website has posts about naturally doing this.   hopefully things work out.
  4. Afraid of acne coming back because of the pill.

    The pill is not doing you any favors so best advice is do what many other women who cannot take the pill do, get an IUD or use condoms.  It's more diligence on your part but acne is not pleasant so why risk it.  
  5. Me being pathetic: 

    Begging for answers for my last topic. 

  6. Continuing/stopping doxycycline?

    There is always the risk that when you stop antibiotics, your acne will simply come back worse so it is suggested that you:   taper off (vs stopping suddenly) have an alternate treatment in place.   The bottom line is that antibiotics is not a sustainable solution so you'll have to stop sooner rather than later.  To boost your immune system, you should try eating better, exercising, reigning in the stress and getting a topical routine that works for your schedule.   Good Luck
  7. Annoyed...side effects of treatment hurt.....literally.  Want to disappear for a bit and scream till I cry.
  8. Incessant Hormonal Acne?

    There are hormonal supplements you can take in lieu of spiro.  Look into it in the hormonal forums.     Your diet seems really good so don't stress it.  Sometimes we have acne in spite of our best efforts.  With that said, we just have to keep on keeping on    
  9. What else can i do

    Have you tried spiro?  Accutane didn't help me either.  There is also going gluten and grain free (paleo).   please don't give up
  10. Month 2: Day 42

    I'm so sorry you a struggling physically and emotionally.  Acne sucks.  I definitely can suggest you look into therapy as accutane can aplify those suicidal thoughts.   Vasectomys are not 100% and if you get pregnant, your baby will have disabilities.  Please make sure you follow the rules of accutane as it is for your benefit.   it is not an easy ride but you'll get through it
  11. Spironolactone Journey

    Hey Kirks.  I'm so sorry that you are still struggling with spiro. If you're still struggling then it may be time to go back to the drawing board.  Low dose accutane maybe? Or diet ?  I know you've done everything...... Praying for some relief for you soon.
  12. Thanks for sharing!  Diet works for many so this may help folks who have exhausted other options. 
  13. What kind of scarring is this?

    I agree with the previous poster.  You have really clear skin and great skin tone.  There is no such thing as perfection so don't strive for it.  
  14. Does peanut sauce cause acne?

    Worrying about it after the fact will on cause you to stress out more and maybe break you out.   If peanuts are a problem for you, then peanut sauce will probably not be an exception.  
  15. am I a good candidate for accutane?

    Having dry skin and eczema is a real concern.  Accutane can make a mild annoyance into something unmanageable.  You may want to ask about low dose.   good luck
  16.   Thank You for the response!  It's hard as I am getting cystic stuff on my left cheek which rarely breaks out in that kind of acne. And it all started in the span of a week or so.  The only new thing I started was zinc and so I stopped.  I feel really crappy about it.   I just entered my second month on this drug (day 60+) so I'm hoping you're right that in a few more weeks I will see some improvement,   Hoping and Praying 
  17. Low dosage accutane

    If 2 cycles didn't work, a third most likely won't either.  What else have you tried for sd and acne
  18. So I'm 2 month in at 100mg and the left side of my face which is the better side has broken out in cyst like bumps on my inner left cheek.  This is in addition the dozen small bumps around my mouth and chin and papules and pustules.   Things just seem to be getting worse and worse. Could use some encouragement and perspective....
  19. Does quinoa cause acne ?

    Any food that YOU are sensitive to can cause acne.  Quinoa seems like a strange suspect.  Is up new to your diet?
  20. Acne is NOT Common

    I agree.  I work in a school with over a staff of 100 and I am 1 of 2 individuals with chronic acne....sucks to be me. 
  21. What is causing my acne?

    If you want to try to combat this the natural ways, try reducing stress and giving up a processed diet.  Many people don't want to sacrifice but if you're really intent on helping your skin, this is the first stop to see if it works for you.  Next, if you only get one or 2 pimples at a time, then it may not be worth burning the crap out of your skin with BP.  Facials could help.  In all honesty, with as mild as your acne is, i would give diet and lifestyle changes a few months before subjecting yourself to harsh topicals which have the ability to make things that much worse. 
  22. The fact that no dairy/sugar helped could mean you have an intolerance to those things.  I have to ask if acne is worth indulging.  To me, it would be no but you have to decide if you're willing to make those sacrifices. Also, the fact that after you removed those foods you only got acne around your period points to it being hormonal.  Try spiro or one of the natural alternatives.  It is very frustrating (I myself am going through this now) but keep on keeping on
  23. Icing it twice a day should help it shrink faster.  As for the dark marks, it will fade eventually.  If that is all the acne you get, consider yourself lucky. Good Luck
  24. Feeling itchy - acne is bad enough but man oh man, the itch blows.   Keeping the faith though.