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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.

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  1. Week 1

    Good luck.  Accutane is tough to get through but after a few months, things should hopefully improve.  If you're picker, stop it.  I still have marks from picking during tane as skin healing is dramatically slowed.
  2. Improvements but side effects

    Side effects like those are not the norm .  I think stopping BC could be contributing.  You could try cutting back on Spiro for a bit and see if it helps.  I am at 100mg for almost 5 months and my side effects are almost nil.  My acne on the other hand still sucks.
  3. Thankfulness

    I agree with Jen.  We all have something to be thankful for, even if it is not what we desire.  I think about how the people in Flint are without water and I realize that something as basic as water is something to be thankful for.  Luke i know you are struggling as many of us are and i know it seems like things will never get better but know that people love you and care about you.  Reach out to your real life friends and family or the ones on here.  We all are in this struggle with you hun
  4. I'm scared

    Hi hun.  I can so relate. But as someone older than you, I can say with 100% certainty that your acne is not worth ruining your life.  I have let it dictate so much of what i do in the hopes that at some point it was going to go away and i would be able to start living.  Nope - 32 and my acne is still bad.   Done actuate 3 times and a ton of topical including the regimen and still acne.  Now on spiro and yes....still acne.  The point is, go do what you have to do and live your life as if your skin was not a priority.  For some of us, i honestly think chronic acne is just a roll of the die.  Just like people who get diabetes or cancer - it's not always our fault and we can't always fix it. I know this may not be helpful but hopefully you'll see that you're not alone. 
  5. Hi honey.  I've followed your past logs as I am a recent user of spiro (4 months in).  Its been horrible to say the least and it shows no sign of letting up.  I too am about to increase (to 150mg) at the 6 month mark as i am not seeing any further improvement at 100 mg and I'm getting cystic flares and regularly acne every day. I know you can get a hold of this and will be praying for some relief for you.  
  6. Whitehead FORREST sprouted up overnight

    I am so sorry that you're going through this.  Dealing with acne when you're not used to it can be quite distressing.   Your change in diet even if it is a healthy diet could be to blame.  And for the record, being a guy doesn't guarantee acne immunity unfortunately.  You could quit the diet or stick it out for a bit to see if there is a correlation....
  7. Day # 141 (100 mg)

    My acne has spread so quickly and once again, it is evolving.  I currently have three cystic bumps that are hard as marbles and red.  Add to that a dozen inflamed zits and you have one unhappy chick.  The cystic acne is not new to me but the sheer number and placement is.  I just can't figure out whats happening with my face......i just can't.  It's like i can't win.  In nine days i will officially be in my fifth month.....
  8. Varying spironolactone dosage over menstrual cycle

    With hormonal medication, consistency is key!  I'm no fan of constantly adjusting dosages and I think in some people, it can create confusion for your body. Maybe try 100 mg over a period of months to see if the bump makes a difference????
  9. Spiro month 4

    I thought it was just me.  I'm also going on month four , day 137 to be exact and just got a new batch of little minions.  The process sucks doesn't it?  Are you planning on increasing your dosage soon?  At day 180 or at 6 months, I'm going to give 150 mg a try as this dosage is not helping. keep on keeping on Hun as you're not alone. 
  10. Healthier Diet=More acne?

    It can take the body a while to adjust, even to positive changes. Before you get all crazy with eliminating things, give your new diet at least 3 months.  Keep a food log if you find it helpful.   Drink as much water as you think you need.  If you feel thirsty, it means you are not drinking enough.   Maybe try brown rice instead of white and cut back or eliminate all oils except for olive and coconut.  Make small changes but don't make yourself miserable.  I have tried diet changes up to wazoo and it never helped my acne so I tell folks give it an honest try but don't get crazy to the point of stressing yourself out. Good Luck
  11. I couldn't do it

    Good for you. I would give your regimen at least 3 months of consistent use before singing its praises as it takes a long time for pimples to form.  
  12. What to do to treat this ?

    In order to treat the red marks, you have to control the acne.  What products are you using?  I always recommend seeing a derm, cleaning up your diet and such before jumping on hard core things like antibiotics and accutane
  13. What's the point?  Every new breakout is worse than the one before......not depressed, just incredibly frustrated and wondering why even bother with treatments that don't work.  Dealing with over a dozen papules.  I'm 32!  Never thought I'd still be in this position.  4 months of Spiro and almost as bad as when I started.  
  14. Month 4: Day 95

    It's really working!  Its very obvious that you're making progress.  I think you should give your current regimen 3 more months before switching. I am so proud of you for sticking with this.  All the positive changes in your life are a testament to your strong will and character. Keep up the progress hun!
  15. First off, I am so sorry you're going through this.  People respond differently to accutane and the breaking out in the first few months can sometimes be devastating.  Definitely talk to your prescribing doc about your concerns.  I would not recommend consulting with two doctors as other meds can interfere with the potency of accutane or cause adverse reactions.  Keep us posted 
  16. Time to make another change I guess?

    Hey Mels.  Thanks for the update.  With cystic acne, topicals are not a good stand alone treatment so you may have to explore ovals or look into things that have the ability to affect hormones such as diet.  There is Spiro and birth control In regards to diet, going dairy and low carb is a good way to start.  I'm sorry that you're still struggling- I am too.
  17. Day # 119 Spiro @ 100 mg (month 4)

    Thanks for the kind words Hun. I so needed to hear that these last few weeks.  I have been on 100 mg for 3 months and prior to that, 50 mg for the first month.  At the 6 month mark, I think I'll try 150 as I have had no clearance at 100 mg.  my breakouts have been super bad and inflamed and on top of that, my eczema has been flaring the worst I have ever seen it.  I just got back from my primary doctor and she says my white blood cells are fighting an infection so I am wondering if the oracea which is low dose doxy is weakening my immune system or if it's the Elidel (my eczema cream which while being a non steroid, is an immune suppressant).  I am so frustrated and tired.  But the only thing I can do is keep on keeping on.  I'm sorry that you too are having issues.   Give the new dosage 3 -6 months before upping again good luck
  18. Spironolactone and vomiting?

    Two instances of this a month apart is far from conclusive.  Spiro can lead to dizziness due to it being a medication for lowering blood pressure but I don't recall vomiting as a side effect.  I would keep on monitoring and documenting when this happens as the frequency seems to be few and far apart
  19. I hear what you're saying.  My point was that it is stressful enough meeting new people without doing it with the goal of meeting a life partner. If my mindset is that I'm dating to get a boyfriend, I tend to stress about everything from what I wear to how I look to how I speak and the list is never ending.  In past relationships where I've just gone out there with the idea that I'll see what happens, I'm more relaxed and myself.  I've met some really great partners that way.   Just my my personal experience. 
  20. I'm holding on to hope by a very thin thread.  It's four month on this drug and my skin has been horrendous for the last 9 days and getting worse.  I'm even breaking out on my forehead which is a rarity .  I am getting so many inflamed, super red bumps that take forever to surface ( I have 3-4 at the moment) as well as little clogs that turn around and multiply before developing whiteheads.  My skin is oily and flaky in places, to boot.  The lip bump that went away came back and is getting multiple heads that keep on going and coming and going so I think it is definitely an infection of some sort though I'm not sure what is causing it.   My my eating is back on track and I am juicing and my period is over so again I say WTH.  I saw my derm this past Wednesday when the breakout was just starting and she agreed that there was improvement but alas, a few days later and the downward cycle is in full effect.  I don't see her till May which will put me at the eighth month mark .  I also spoke to her about weening off this damn antibiotic as clearly it's not helping a lick.  For any Spiro users past or present, any insight?  I know some people say 6 months to a year is a more feasable timeline but am I wasting my time hoping for something that won't happen. what are the possible next steps if this fails me as I have done literally everything including accutane and several naturopathic options?
  21. I know how it feels to be self conscious.  It too holds me back from pursuing a relationship.  I am afraid of judgement and even though I have other positive attributes about me, my skin always seems to take center stage.  With that said, force yourself to get out, especially when your skin is bad.  Once you face the world at 'your worst', you've pretty much experienced a worst case scenario situation.  That's why I don't wear makeup. People have seen me when Ive had red bumps so whats the worse they could say about me? volunteering is also a great way to meet new people in a less stressful situation.  We're around the same age so trust me when I say, you're not alone. When you put yourself out there, remember to not do it for the purpose of entering into a relationship.  No expectations means you'll take things as they come and be able to brush them off if they don't pan out.  If you ever want to chat, feel free to PM me.
  22. I don't know whats going on or maybe I do.  Both sides of my lower face have broken out in red bumps, some as big as a pencil eraser.  They are so red and inflamed and I don't know what else I need to do.  I saw my derm Wed and she was happy with the progress (though my breakouts weren't that intense then).  I do see some improvement but on weeks like what I have been having, it seems that for every couple of days of less breakouts is followed by WEEKS of inflamed acne ranging from 6-12 pimples at any given time.  Right now I have well over 12 inflamed pimples and I am so discouraged. i have been eating so much better, juicing full force and taking my meds like crazy.  What else can I do?  My stress and sleep has been pretty bad but the fact of the matter is that I can't control all the factors.  At almost four months in, I want to give up.  I'm giving Spiro to the 6 month mark then I will increase the dosage to 150 and if I don't see good enough improvement...well....I don't know what other options will be left for me. for the first time in a long time I want to cry over my skin.  
  23. week 3

    You have such a great attitude!  It will help make the process go faster.  I did everything backwards so accutane was one of the first treatments I tried and now I'm trying Spiro....still struggling.   good luck and keep us posted
  24.  Almost 4 month on Spiro (the first month @ 50 mg and the last 2 1/2 at 100 mg) and my skin is on the downward slope again....grrrr.  I am trying so hard to not let it affect me but in all honesty, it does.   I've been facing my fears and tracking the process with pictures so I do see improvement but it is so inconsistent .  On Thursday I was dealing with closed comedones and two days later I am dealing with 10 plus active pimples, some with pus.  This year i want to track if there is a correlation with my period and severity of breakouts as well as diet.   Back to juicing and unprocessed stuff.  I'm going through a stressful financial time so trying to keep my stress low.
  25. Please don't.  Keep on keeping on no matter what