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    Man, I feel the exact same way as you do. Literally everything you mentioned is something I have felt or had to deal with. Its the most discouraging thing ever. It's not fair that we feel restricted to do so many things, or act in public like the person we truly are. I can honestly admit that my social life/social skills have definitely taken a hit because of acne, which really sucks. For me, things might slowly get better, and I start to feel that confidence that I know I should have. Then I'll breakout, and go back to feeling crappy and depressed. It's that cycle of up and down that is the worse for me. And its not like getting rid of acne or scars is an easy process too. It's incredibly time consuming, and the days I spend inside for my face to heal are essentially getting wasted. I'm especially feeling crappy right now even, but I think what you have to do is look at your acne in a different perspective. For example, knowing that there a still people who have it worse than you do, or even have other problems that you don't seem to have. A lot of people may seem perfect on the surface, but deal with a lot of things that we don't really see. I'm fortunate for many things I do have in my life, besides acne, which I really try to take more for granted. I kind of use these things to look past this curse of acne I have and try to feel better about myself.
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    So Tired Of It..
    Sorry guys, but I need to rant a little bit and some how get my frustrations out of my system.
    I am so, sick and tired of my relentless and reoccurring acne. Every time things seem to get a little bit better, and I get my much needed confidence, I get kick backed down. And this has been happening for god damn years. I'm 22 years old now, and feel I have missed out on so many things due to it. It's not fair that I have to constantly be worrying about a new pimple forming from morning to night every, single, day. I'm sure many of you can agree. I take extra caution with some many different things that may be triggers, but it still isn't enough. There is always some kind of domino effect that will make my skin worse and worse. I'm feeling good one day, skin fairly clear, and I act more like myself. The next day I notice a cyst forming, get frustrated, depressed, and cause an even worse breakout to form. I can't say I have it worse than everyone on here, but it definitely isn't the lightest acne either. I'm just so emotionally and physically drained. Tired of making up excuses to not go out with my friends, just so that I can let my face heal. And then there's the scarring that acts as a reminder of all the shit I've had to put up with, almost like a final kick to the face. Sorry for cursing, but its complete bullshit. Why me? When will it end, if ever?

    I really need some advice on what to do to remain calm, and not to stress out so easily over everything, because I know it only makes things worse. I honestly feel like just taking time off of work to try and let my face heal, and become stress free. How do you guys emotionally deal with this curse? I'm sick of not being able to enjoy myself and my life to the extent that I know I could be.
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