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  1. Stopping And Restarting Brevicon Gave Me Acne?

    Something similar happened to me, only i was taking yaz. I stopped and restarted 2 weeks later, which sent me on a 2 year long horrible breakout spiral. It was at its worst ever in my life. I went on and off yaz the first few months but then it was bad either way so I just decided to stick with it. It took a while but my skin is more or less okay at this point, even though the large breakouts never completely stopped. Check out my log if you want, Loryna (Yaz) Log. What helped me was getting on inositol, cutting back on fat and sugar, eating more veggies and fruit, and regular exercise. Good luck!
  2. Loryna (Yaz) Log

    Day 1-28 update: Had 2 inflammations during the second week (ovulation) as usual, both around my ear, one of them was an old cyst though it wasn't big. Also a lump on my chin that never got inflamed. I'll say 1-2 large inflammations. Had no acne before period except small ones, which is amazing. And I hadn't even been eating that healthy prior. I am going to stop using bp spot gel all over my cheeks though as I'm wondering if a couple lines I noticed happened due to how dry it makes my skin. Will continue to use on chin and jawline.