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  1. Loryna (Yaz) Log

    Day 1-28 update: so last cycle month I had 3 medium breakouts. And the cycle before I believe it was one. I went back to exercising after I started getting a TON of comedones and some emerging inflamed acne in mid May (after a month of not so good diet) and it didn't start clearing up until I was exercising for about a couple of weeks and eating healthy again for over a month. Now, 2 months later, the comedones are more or less under control (4 on each side right now). It's odd that if exercise does matter, this is only happening now. But I suppose it's possible. There seemed to be no change from diet alone before I added being more active to the list. It also seems if I eat until I'm full on a daily basis that also causes acne, which is why I'm planning to increase my Inositol dosage today to 2.4g. I just don't think it's right that even if I eat healthy and give up some foods I love, I still have to starve most of the days not to have acne. Screw that. Also if it gets rid of random smaller acne, I suppose why not.
  2. Yaz cleared back and chest, face worse?

    Actually my acne has been getting worse again since mid May or so, I'm guessing it's either because I stopped working out in like December, my diet got worse, or my body is building tolerance to Inositol (which I know it does with Yaz, it stops working as well at about 8 month mark or so for me). So I got on a better diet again a month ago, also started exercising and my skin only now seems to be getting better again. So I think those things definitely affect it to some extent. I was about to increase my Inositol dosage again from 1.8g to 2.4, but now that I see some improvement with better lifestyle finally maybe I can get it back to fully clear. I'll keep my log updated.
  3. Yaz cleared back and chest, face worse?

    I think the same happened to me. My back was first to clear. It seems when you get bad back/shoulders acne besides face it's a sign your hormones are really fucked up. So Yaz might work slowly by making it less and less worse. I didn't use to get initial breakouts in my teenage years but this time when I was dealing with a horrible one that lasted for like 2 years, Yaz, Diane, AND Spiro made it worse in the beginning. I stopped taking Spiro and Diane because they gave me weird scary side effects. I tried Inositol instead and that stuff is amazing, and seems way safer than Spiro. If you're interested you can check out my log it's called Yaz (Loryna) Log.
  4. Spironolactone stopped working!!!!

    I think it actually took about 2 weeks for my acne to be reduced by 50%, then by another 50% of that 2 weeks later. I do have to retract my previous statement about exercise not affecting it... I did start breaking out again, so far not as bad as before, but I started eating healthier again and working out and I think it's finally SORT OF getting better, but still I once again have deep (though medium sized) acne on my jaw second time this month after a few months being totally clear. The comedones came back raging all over my jaw and upper neck near my ears, took me like a month and 3 weeks to start seeing improvement with those. I was about to increase Inositol dosage again but I do see it getting a little better so I'll try to just do diet and exercise thing for now. I'll keep you updated.
  5. I keep seeing threads popping up about this all the time. Spiro, yaz, yasmin, you name it. It's always the case for me as well. I was able to clear up fully for a few months on yaz + 2g of Inositol. I did change my diet for a month to eating less healthy (but not extremely unhealthy) and behold, I've been getting a lot of comedones and now inflamed acne that I haven't seen in months. It's only been getting worse so far for the past 1.5 months or so. The past 2 weeks I really got into healthy diet. I eat salmon every day, baked or smoked. I eat it with a side of broccoli and other veggies. I stay at around 30g of fat a day (not easy). I snack here and there, I doubt 2 squares of chocolate a day is going to ruin my otherwise very healthy diet. I went back to exercising which I stopped about half a year ago due to life crap I had to deal with. So it's been about 2 weeks on the good diet and so far no improvement. BP no longer works like it used to either. Comedones just don't get cleared up. I think I might have to increase my Inositol dose again, which I did not expect to have to do so soon. Perhaps if my body is getting used to treatments I could try going off Yaz but I'm seriously scared of getting another bad breakout. This has happened several times to me already. The cycle of finding treatments that work, having them work for up to a year, then suddenly realizing they stopped working. Anyone else found a solution for this problem?