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  1. azelaic acid gel

    I've tried it but I don't think it made that much difference as far as acne. For the pigmentation I would recommend glycolic acid, it worked great for me.
  2. Aczone/Veltin

    I've checked out the reviews for both of them. So what do people do in the scenario? Do they move on to other types of antibiotic topicals? Seems like a very short term solution.
  3. Aczone/Veltin

    Have any of you guys tried these? I got them prescribed this week because the pill, diet, lifestyle, or supplements won't clear my hormonal acne anymore. In my experience every time I find something that works, it eventually stops working/being enough. Is that likely to happen with these topicals? My derm said that wasn't the question, that it was about whether it's going to be enough to clear me up. I just like to think ahead. I'm so tired of thinking I finally found something that works, only to get a bad breakout 8 months later when I haven't changed a thing.
  4. Loryna (Yaz) Log

    Day 1-28 update: so last cycle wasn't any better. I got about 3 large breakouts and overall 15 large/medium/whiteheads. I called my new derm and got prescribed Aczone during the day and Veltin at night. I started today, so let's see how this goes. I have been eating worse because I'm assuming the topicals will make it easier on my skin, but I'll still try to stick to an overall healthy diet.
  5. Antibiotics for hormonal acne?

    When hormonal treatments fail or stop working, is that the next logical step? Has it helped your hormonal acne? Did you eventually build resistance? How long did you take it for? Did acne come back the same/worse than before? Let's see everyone's experiences.
  6. Acne or acne scars/hyperpigmentation?

    Hi there. I was looking for a good product for hyperpigmentation and so far glycolic acid lotion has been the best thing for me. It really does help with the redness. I use the 10% one by Alpha Hydrox. The color will even out, however the texture will probably need either peels or laser to get better. I don't have much experience with that but I hope you find what works for you. Good luck!
  7. Every time I find a cure, acne eventually comes back

    Interesting. Do you have to stop taking it after a while and then restart? Or did you take non stop?
  8. Every time I find a cure, acne eventually comes back

    Not sure, you'd have to ask, sorry. We were fortunate enough to have insurance that covered it. But I can't imagine it would be more than $30. BTW a little goes a long only need a pea-size amount and the tubes are generous. We're still using the original tube we got in April. That's good to know, thanks!
  9. Every time I find a cure, acne eventually comes back

    Thank you everyone for your replies. The reason I'm at a loss now is because I've been browsing this forum for a while and I have tried pretty much everything I have stumbled upon here. BC, Inositol (very helpful but it seemed bumping up dosage made it worse, so now I'm confused), diet/exercise, benzoyl peroxide (best topical treatment for me yet), azelaic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid (second best topical for me), vitex (tried it in the past), Spiro (can't take it because it gives me bad side effects), and Saw Palmetto (made my skin a lot worse). I'm reluctant when it comes to trying DIM because of the confusing way it works, it seems there's no clear explanation anywhere. Testosterone has been the main culprit of my acne for years and I want to tread lightly when it comes to hormonal treatments that may increase it. So what I'm doing now is use bp/glycolic acid together and apart depending on dryness and take yaz (yasmin and diane 35 also gave me weird side effects like spiro so that's not an option), Inositol, Zinc, Vit A, Vit D3, and Cranberry pills for unrelated issue that contain some Vit E and C. I can't take multivitamin because it always makes me sick not to mention it usually has iodine or other things I don't want. I try to stick with diet rich on Omega 3 and generally low fat, low GI diet, and I think it makes some difference. I haven't tried the regimen but from my understanding it seems to have the same old ingredients I'm already using so honestly I don't really see a point to it. I like to use dove soap or some simple cleanser to calm my skin from all the topical treatments. I also use St Ives scrub almost every day otherwise I get even more comedones. Thank you for the info! I suppose getting on antibiotics and tretinoin would be worth a shot. I'll ask my derm. How much would tretinoin be without insurance?
  10. Not sure what to do now. Healthy diet, lifestyle, inositol, yaz, vitamins. Every time I find something new that helps, it only works for a few months at best, then acne starts to slowly come back. Mine has been getting worse and worse every single month since May. I wonder why it ever clears up at all. It seems any cure works for 8 months tops. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like this forum is better than a derms office that's why I've always been reluctant to go to one, but at this point I think I'm gonna have to start looking for one. I don't know if it will do anything but I can't think of anything else honestly.
  11. Loryna (Yaz) Log

    Day 1-28 update: So last cycle was pretty bad. I got 3 large breakouts and too many mediums to count. I lowered my Inositol dosage back to 1.8g. I'm one week and 2 days into current cycle and I already have 1 large and 1 medium breakout.
  12. Anybody had success with saw palmetto for female acne?

    Hey just wanted to mention that Saw Palmetto actually made my skin worse, I had to stop immediately. I think my problem has always been the free testosterone, and while Saw Palmetto prevents DHT conversion that apparently leads to more free testosterone, which at least in short term can hurt your skin. At least that's the info I found. I know it has helped some, and it may help you, but researching can't hurt good luck!
  13. Loryna (Yaz) Log

    Day 1-28 update: last cycle I had 1 medium and 1 large breakouts. I started using 10% glycolic acid lotion and it seems to really work well, though weirdly my forehead gets a rash from it, while cheeks and jaw get no reaction lol. I like how it makes my skin smooth and the exfoliation seems to be reducing the closed comedones. I started it about a week ago. I didn't expect to get a large breakout again, perhaps upping Inositol dosage just means diminishing returns. I received my vitamin b3 serum today as I've heard it can be good for acne as well as marks/discoloration. I also got b3 supplements (niacin) but researching further I'm hesitant to take them seeing how they seem to boost HGH (human growth hormone) and that in its turn may stimulate more testosterone production, which seems to be the culprit of my acne. I'm trying to get back into healthy diet routine but I do have cheat days way too often
  14. Niacin and hormonal acne

    Has anyone with hormonal acne tried niacin? I keep hearing good things about vitamin b3 when it comes to skin, but apparently it boosts HGH (human growth hormone) which may or may not increase acne. Thoughts?
  15. What can i even eat anymore!!? Please read :(

    Probably. Cutting out dairy helped me sooo much! But i wonder if gut issues cause acne It seems there are a million reasons, it's so frustrating. If your acne is around jaw/chin/lower cheeks, it's most likely hormonal. Inositol can help a lot with hormonal acne. But make sure it is what you have before trying.
  16. Confidence Shattered, Body Will You Heal?

    I'm so sorry. I know very well how hard it is battling with bad acne when you cry yourself to sleep, and even have dreams about getting more acne because it's on your mind 24/7. I started getting acne in middle school and that on top of being very pale and having light blonde hair, it stood out on my face a lot. I'm sure I was a laughing stock to some throughout middle school, to others I was simply invisible. I'm sure some just felt sorry for me as well. I remember feeling afraid to lift my chin up and look people in the eye because I was so embarrassed. I haven't told a lot of people about this period in my life because it was the harshest of all. I then began wearing makeup which did not blend well with my skin, and it being oily by the end of school day it just turned into an ugly, gross mess. One day as it was getting better I thought I could pull off not wearing makeup to school, only to have the girl sitting in front of me comment immediately as she saw me in the morning, asking rhetorically whether she also looked "that ugly" when she didn't get enough sleep, as she covered her face with her hands. Anyway, I can see how DIM especially would do this. I certainly never had the courage to try it because the mechanism of it just doesn't make sense to me. It seems it can create more testosterone which is THE REASON most of us get acne in the first place. Which is by the way the same way Saw Palmetto seems to work, which I immediately stopped bc it was definitely making things worse. I take birth control with Inositol and also try to stick to low GI diet and some exercise in my overall sitting on a chair all day. That seems to have cleared me up after my skin was no longer cleared by bc alone. You can check out my "Yaz (Loryna) Log)" or the new thread I just posted which is just a compilation of things that literally saved me. I hope it helps. Stay strong <3
  17. What can i even eat anymore!!? Please read :(

    Do you know the cause of your acne? Could it be hormonal?
  18. - Inositol. I'm taking 2.4g right now. Start out with 0.6g and see what dosage is right for you. I noticed improvement in just two weeks on just the 0.6g dosage. - Exercise. Don't have to go crazy, 20 min every other day is fine. - Diet. Limit fat, calories, sugar, high GI food. Low GI diet works for hormonal acne. Salmon/Turkey/Chicken with a side of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, lentils) + sweet potatoes (bc who wants to give up fries right?). - Craving sweets? Eat pre ripened bananas, apples, cherries, red grapes, oranges, blueberries, strawberries. It really helps. - Drink lots of water. You can eat a serving of bread, especially whole grain. It's fine. You can also eat a sugary snack once a day (up to approximately 15g of sugar), really, no big deal. Disclaimer: please be aware what works for one may not work for another. I only have my own experience to go off of and this is only a list of things that have gotten me mostly clear after a miserable 1.5 year long breakout because birth control simply lost its effectiveness against acne. I hope this helps someone out there.
  19. What can i even eat anymore!!? Please read :(

    I agree, this is bullshit. Whenever I see any recipe or delicious food video someone shared on fb, it's like oh hey look, another dish I can never enjoy if I don't want to look like pizza face the next day and get marks and holes in my skin that will last for years. Ever wonder what it's like to be one of the "normal" people that can eat a fucking cupcake and not panic afterwards? Yeah, I know. Anyway, I have found that low GI diet works for me personally (hormonal acne). I usually eat baked/smoked salmon with a side of frozen veggies. They sell those mixed veggies in bags sometimes the bag is microwavable so easy to make. Usually broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, sometimes with beans or peppers. That's pretty much as good as it gets imo health wise. It doesn't taste very good but try adding some salt/spices. I let myself eat 2-4 slices of bread a day as long as rest of the meal is healthy that seems to be fine. I eat plenty of fruit to stay full none of it ever causes acne for me. Also I got sweet potato fries and I make that as a side as well. I buy chicken strips that are white meat and whole grain breaded, chickens raised without antibiotics. Add the veggies or sweet potatoes you got a good tasting meal. Again easy to make just pop meat in oven and veggies in microwave. I'm also thinking of getting some whole grain pasta next time. Hope this helps.
  20. Why sugar causes breakouts? (Even fruit)

    Sugar causes insulin spikes. But fruit shouldn't be as bad as it has fiber that slows down absorption of the food so your insulin raises more slowly, not to mention all the vitamins it has. Personally in my case, I can eat a lot of fruit every day and my skin will still be good if the rest of my meals are good. But it doesn't work the same way with sweets.