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  1. C0BRA added a post in a topic Anyone Else Reluctant To Use A Moisturizer...?   

    i stopped using a moisturizer after i stopped using my prescription cream, which was probably like 6 months ago. my skin hasn't gotten dry, but winter is coming so i might have to start researching some good ones, but i don't want any breakouts/shit that makes my red marks flare up.
    and that avy looks offly familiar, brah.
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  2. C0BRA added a post in a topic What should I try?   

    You should probably stop trying everything and stop worrying about your acne. It's not bad at all. Just wash your face in the morning and night with a gentle cleanser to get rid of the few active ones you have, and you'll be good.
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  3. C0BRA added a post in a topic Why Do I have acne?   

    and wtf was the point of this post?
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  4. C0BRA added a post in a topic Why Do I have acne?   

    It IS because of your genetics.
    We're all doing everything we can for our acne, but nothing's working so the best thing to do is to accept it. It's apart of your life and it will go away with time.
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