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  1. wow seriously i cannot wrap my head around how people can be so shitty to their own family member. im sorry i wish i could personally be there to slap them. you dont need their opinion on your acne, just tune them out. ^ like she said youll always have us  
  2. Birth Control for Acne?!?!

    i was on loryna for a year. its a generic form of yaz and it pretty much was my holy grail lol. before that i had pretty constant moderate acne, lots of comedones, papules/pustules and the rare cyst or nodule. i got mostly clear after about 2 or 3 months in. ive been off since mid october, i ran out and havent been to the doctor yet haha. i havent really broken out at all, i get maybe 1 or 2 zits every other week maybe but im probably going to go back to get more bcp anyway 
  3. Why is no one answering? (PIC)

    i second the manuka honey! ^ using a bandaid overnight might also help since manuka honey is so dang messy. it kind of looks like the scab you get from trying to pop a really deep zit or cyst and it goes horribly wrong. i think if you take really good care of it after a week it'll probably be healed.  as for scarring it depends.. if its just hyperpigmentation, like someone else said it goes away in a couple months. depending on how you got that scab if there was too much trauma to the skin you could have some pitting which would be years, but once the hyperpigmentation fades it'll be less noticable and i agree with chicanery accutane could be worth looking into. birth control pills are what really did it for me but im assuming youre a guy hah. for deep under the skin acne topicals arent very effective, whats important is what you put into your body so like geekgirl said i think cutting certain things out of your diet/lifestyle would make a difference, imo processed foods and dairy are the worst for you