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  1. hang in there! it's going to get worse before it gets better. retinoids take a lot of time to work. I wrote a detailed chronicle of my experience on my blog. you can find the link in my 'about' section if you're interested. - CR
  2. it took me 16 weeks to stop breaking out. check out my blog, link is in my bio! good luck & hang in there!
  3. From the album retin-a micro: worth the wait? I took a picture of my face every week for 4 months

    When I first started writing this post at the beginning of the summer, I was in the throes of the initial breakout caused by starting topical retinoids. Hyper-keratinized plugs and god-knows-what-else built up in my pores, and now the retinoid was forcing it out. My face erupted in multiple places with huge, swollen bumps. As each lesion resolved, 2or 3 new ones would begin forming on skin still red and tender from the previous weeks breakout. The only thing keeping me sane was this: I have a pretty good understanding of how retinoids work, and I knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. [ read my whole story & see my whole acne diary on my blog • link in bio or simply search 'creation despite retina-a micro' ]