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  1. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Well i suppose it's good that you've got a diagnosis now. Did you have blood in your stool or any obvious signs before you got checked out? because i have poor digestion myself and was wondering about getting that checked out myself.
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  2. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    I understand why you do it accutanereallysucks, but i find it in poor taste. Lots of the people on this site have spent thousands upon thousands in the hope that they can get a handle on the side effects caused by this drug, yourself included. Charging people that have suffered enough is not fair game as far as i'm concerned. Your a dermatologist, you don't need the money. Any information that can help those suffering with these debilitating side effects should be out in the public domain, especially seeing as the plight of said people is wholly ignored by the medical establishment. The same establishment that caused the problem in the first place.
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  3. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    This is the main enzyme responsible for metabolising accutane, is there any way to induce it?
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  4. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Copper is needed to turn Iron from ferric into ferrous and back again. It's pretty important to Iron metabolism. Also superoxide dismutase needs Manganese, Copper and Iron to function properly. B12 and Folate are linked to DNA methylation but they are also partly responsible for Iron metabolism. Zinc increases SOD as well but it's antagonistic to Copper.
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  5. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Accutazed just type in hair mineral test UK in google and you'll get what your looking for.
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  6. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    I personally wouldn't use the denatured whey because of the retinol content. Rather use n-acetylcysteine, liposomal Vitamin C or alpha lipoic acid...... but fascinating post chung*pao non the less. Also i've read that milk thistle is a potent CYP3A4 enzyme inhibitor, likewise grapefruit juice so it'd be best to stay away from them. Why the use of T4, whats the theory behind that?
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  7. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Modeaa's post on the other page is brilliant. CYP3A4 is the main enzyme used to remove excess retinol and it's involved in the metabolism of All trans retinol and retinoic acid. It a heme enzyme which means it needs iron to be created. Iron also needs copper to metabolise. Vitamin C increases iron uptake as does folate and B12. But the most important thing is iron itself.
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  8. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    It mixes with bile in the small intestine, that's what gives the stones the green colour. Bile gets released to absorb the fat (olive oil), the reaction between the bile, epsom salt and the olive oil lemon drink causes the stones. It's not going into your liver ducts and removing cholesterol stones, the stones are not calcified or hard enough.

    In regards to your question i can only presume you mean my many failed attempts at the liver flush. I got stones out when i was younger, but nowadays i don't have any bile flow so i can do it by the letter every time and not get stones out. The liver flush working for you shows you've got good bile flow, not that your liver is filled with tonnes of stones because it's not.
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  9. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    I've done all of them, the standard apple juice every day for one week then the epsom salt olive oil / lemon juice flush (Moritz flush). I've done them with apple cider vinegar instead of apple juice. I've done the coke liver flush, the parasite cleanse before liver flush with products like humaworm. I've done 1-2 week juice fasts leading up to a liver flush. I can honestly say categorically it's a scam. You'd be better off investing your time and money into other areas.
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  10. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Colon cleansing doesn't work, it's bogus. The concept of mucoid plaque is also bogus. It's just the Psylium in the product mixed with the charcoal and other bulking ingredients that form those muciod looking things. Actually the whole thing is potentially harmful. It's just a money making scam. The whole idea behind parasite cleanses is also bogus.

    Hulda Clarke believed that parasites were the cause of cancer, she thought intestinal flukes made there way to the liver and caused liver cancer, again utter rubbish and 100% scientifically wrong. Same with Moritz and the liver flush.... the stones are olive oil and lemon / grapefruit juice mixed with the epsom salts and a little bit of the apple juice you've been ingesting for days. It's totally fake.

    Theres nothing wrong with colon hydrotherapy, it'll remove a lot waste from the colon and make you feel better. But it's not long lasting. It may help active crohns or colitis if you do a colon hydrotherapy session then replenish the gut with aloe and probiotic rich foods, but it's not going to cure you. If it's intestinal and you know that 100% then you'd be better off adding raw sauerkraut and other healthy plant based probiotics to your diet. Eating a very clean diet, looking at raw foods, blending smoothies and so forth. But if i was you i'd pay for the dance classes.
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  11. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Feel free to ask me any questions you have Deebo, my communication lines are always open and that goes for everyone on the forum. Anything you want to ask just send me a PM or ask me on here, i'll be more than happy to oblige.

    As far as liver flushes go i've done about 20 of them and i only got stones out once, years ago. I think it's a bogus scam to be honest, a lot of alternative things are rubbish. Not diets and such i'm more talking about the liver flush, zapping, miracle mineral supplement. I remember when Matt Monarch was trying to sell this supplement Adya Clarity to everyone, it was like some bogus thing you put in water and it would purify it. They even had ads with algae growing on water and saying when they put it in streams it would clean up all the algae on the surface.

    Anyway it was full of Aluminum and Iron. It was basically toxic metals in a base of Sulfuric acid and people were taking super shots of this and saying how they feel so much better. Monarch took all his youtube vids off youtube complementing the product. Liver flushing i think is bogus and whoever said curezone is a dangerous site i agree.
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  12. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    There is no real way of testing fat cells that i know of, maybe hair analysis but it usually only picks up minerals. There is a liver biopsy if your really far along, that may show signs of a damaged liver but it's not without it's risks and can be quite a dangerous procedure. Radioactive dye can be pumped into your bile ducts to deduce whether there is a blockage. But liver enzyme and liver function tests don't tell you whether you produce bile or not. The best way is by looking at your stool, if it's light coloured you can usually deduce a biliary problem from that.

    Alot of people with accutane sides have low glutathione and low glucuronidation that may be to do with the bile it may be the chemical drain on the body taxing the bodys main antioxidant, i don't know. You hit the nail on the head, it sounds crazy but i'd actually be happy if the doctor told me i had primary biliary cirrhosis or something dreadful like that because at least it would give me a conclusive diagnosis to focus on and get better from. It's the not knowing that kills me, also the fact that the medical industry have completely discarded us, that i find most unsettling.

    As far as the last question i like to explain it akin to steroid toxicity. Oral Steroids have a very similar liver toxicity to accutane, they also get removed in exactly the same way (glucuronidation). In fact it's steroid hormones and fat soluble vitamins that take up the majority of this pathway. This is an explanation of how steroids stop the bile from flowing -

    "As the steroid enters the liver it forms what are known as 17-glucouronide metabolites(6). These metabolites will accumulate in the liver where they are believed to cause a down regulation of bile acid transporters(1,6). Basically, the bile acid transporters become clogged, bile can no longer flow in the liver, and THAT is when big trouble starts. How big? BIGGER than big."

    "There are three main types of liver toxicity you may encounter; intrahepatic cholestasis, peliosis hepatis, and hepatic adenoma. Cholestasis is the most common side effect seen, and interestingly, all three of these toxicities are believed to be related and stem from cholestasis. Cholestasis occurs when bile flow through the liver is impaired. When this happens, products that are normally carried in the bile to the gut and excreted begin to build up within the liver. Not good! These products can in fact reach toxic levels and cause cell damage and death."

    Basically when you ingest accutane your body makes a glucouronide molecule to in theory make the accutane more water soluble so it can be excreted. So it'll be 13-cis retiinoic acid glucuronide or all-trans-retinoyl-glucuronide. These glucuronides in large amounts signal the bile acid transporters to switch off, ie stop producing bile and they accumulate in the liver causing intra hepatic cholestasis. From then on the bile flow is blocked and the removal of the chemical all-trans-retinoyl-glucuronide can not occur so the body stores it in the fat cells or in the liver or wherever it can to protect itself.

    Thats why stopping eating Vitamin A will not stop the chronic side effects (because the chemicals are still in your body) but it will stop the chronic side effects from getting any worse.
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  13. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Well if you developed the psoriasis after ceasing accutane and didn't have it beforehand yes, that's where the accutane is stored. I've tried niacin high dose to flush the skin and then i'd get into a FIR sauna. I bought my own sauna in my house a few years ago (still have it) and i used it for months on end. I'd go in the sauna for 2-3 hours at a time, even bought one of those sweat suits a boxer wears so i could run around the block to build up a sweat beforehand, after i took the niacin.

    I'm afraid it doesn't work, or to be more succinct, it didn't work in my experience. I'm the same the areas i have the skin condition are the areas i had the acne, mainly my face unfortunately which has destroyed what little self confidence i had. But it's a bile problem.
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  14. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    What happens in my opinion is that during some point during the treatment the bile stops flowing and thats when the problems start. You'd still be taking accutane at this point but the body wouldn't be able to get rid of it. After ceasing treatment the body is incapable of removing the accutane and stores it in the body. Thats were the methylation argument comes from. The genes aren't switched on and off without something to stimulate it, so this idea that accutane just switches genes on and off and then leaves the body i believe to be false. I think the accutane is still there triggering the epigenetic changes.

    Thats why when some of us eat retinol we react so badly to it. Our body is telling us not to consume that substance because we've already got too much of it. What starts as maybe a skin condition starts to get worse and eventually you end up with testicular or ovarian damage due to the Vitamin A toxicity amongst other things like liver damage, hair loss, joint cracking and other manifestations of Vitamin A toxicity. The skin conditions some people develop after ceasing the drug are conditions were the skin grows abnormally quickly like psoriasis. Accutane is stored were you have skin that grows too quickly, so hypothetically if you've developed sebborheic dermatitis after ceasing accutane, that is were the accutane is stored in your body. I'll explain, retinoic acid causes skin cell differentiation, so were it's stored in high volumes will cause the skin to shed or grow at an abnormal rate in that area.

    It's complex but it basically starts with the bile flow being affected and then the problems get worse due to the continual consumption of retinol in food. It's a case of adamantly staying away from retinol in food if you have a bad reaction to it, not to make you better but simply to stop making you any worse.
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  15. Chico Esposito added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Possible role of endogenous retinoid (Vitamin A) toxicity in the pathophysiology of primary biliary cirrhosis.
    Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a chronic, cholestatic disease of unknown etiology commonly affecting women. It is characterized by progressive destruction of the small intrahepatic bile ducts and portal inflammation, leading to fibrosis and cirrhosis. The major signs and symptoms of PBC, which include pruritus, lethargy, the sicca syndrome, and osteoporosis, closely resemble the manifestations of hypervitaminosis A. Based on a review of the literature and other observations connecting PBC with retinoid metabolism (vitamin A and its derivatives), the hypothesis is proposed that exposure to excess endogenous retinoids contributes to the pathogenesis of PBC and may be to the cause of some of the signs and symptoms associated with the disease.

    Primary biliary cirrhosis can be caused by vitamin A toxicity, it down regulates bile acid transporters. The pruritus is skin itching associated with the skin conditions that some have developed post (ro)accutane. Sicca syndrome is Sjogren's syndrome and some people on here have said they've been diagnosed with that. The osteoporosis is the joint cracking and aching. I've had light stools for a very long time and i know Vitamin A toxicity has stopped my bile from flowing. It could be that the accutane caused cholestasis due to an over abundance of glucuronides in the liver. The cholestasis continues to get worse and the condition itself continues to get worse because the bile isn't flowing, so any retinol you eat will be stored, thus the reason why some people react to retinol so badly after accutane and why they get worse and worse over the years.
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