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  1. Swollen nose and blackheads - Rosacea?

    Yes, go see the link in my signature for reccomendations
  2. Quitting the Regimen?

    I would avoid BP like the plague. Not permanent damage, it can be reversed.. but it will significantly blunt the skin's natural protective power. I highly suggest staying away from it, it's a noxious chemical that you are gambling with, hoping and praying it will work.. but for most people it doesn't. And if it does work you must use it everyday and not stop, and if you stop you are screwed especially if you don't use ANY moisturizer.
  3. Not Moisturizing?

    It's for face, body, and hands. But I use it for my face. It's non-comedogenic, oil-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, hypoallergenic.. basically everything you want in a moisturizer.. no stinging BP, AHA that will irritate the skin, it has nutrient packed Aloe Vera which I found is a fantastic skin healer next to cucumber. Very good stuff. I got clear not using ANY products on my face besides Skin MD Natural... I use no cleaning products, just my hands and cool/tepid/warm water.. the maximum i would clean my face was twice everyday, one in the morning, and one after work. I havent had a breakout as long as i can remember. I used to have extremely oily skin due to a bad reaction to BP, I had cracking, flaky, red skin... but haven't had any issues with irritation or acne in as long as I can remember.

    Id put neosporin on it.. soften it up, and pop it with a clean, sterile needle.. sterilize the needle with Isoproyl Alcohol, and lance the thing and squeeze gently. Baby it, dab it constantly until it is dried up, next day put neosporin or a mixture of moisturizer and neosporin.. I highly recommend skin md natural + neosporin mix, mix it with a Q-tip and dab it on before bed. Continue process until completely healed.
  5. Not Moisturizing?

    You must moisturize especially on drugs because you will start to crack and lose the protective barrier to keep bacteria out. Do not use oily moisturizers that contain oil! Oil free moisturizer is the way to go, like Skin MD natural is what I use everyday before bed.
  6. For the past 8-9 years I have been fighting the good fight, trying to control acne. I finally believe that I've come up with a solution. A lot of people here think the more your clean and the harsher you scrub that your acne will get better, you probably tend to use everything under the sun when it comes to skincare, like; toners, cleansers, exfoliators, soaps etc. and you probably use acne treatment like BP and acids etc. Well I'm here to tell you all of these things destroy the skin! I'm here to tell you to stop using acne products altogether, cleansing is important but the use of damaging skin products with chemicals is doing more harm than good to your skin. Our skin requires moisture, and the more we abuse our skin with HOT WATER, soaps, chemical acne treatments the more that we find acne! Think of acne as an irritation bump rather than a cause of bacteria, they are usually red rather than flesh toned like a clogged whitehead. When we continually attack our skin, we slow down the cymboitic cell generation that occours on a daily basis. When we effect the surface (stratum corneum) the more we prevent the productivity of protection and wound healing on the surface. When are skin is compromized and is irritated, the more it will begin to show on the surface with poor complexion, shiny surface and red and irritated acne. If our skin is at this point the more you need to focus on replacing the moisture back into the skin. Clean: Constant use of water on the face more than twice a day will severely compromize and irritate your skin! Many acne sufferers tend to overwash their skin because they think they are not clean but in actuality they are causing their skin to overreact and start to break out and over-produce oil. The more this occours the more likely pores will begin to enlarge and clog and look terrible. I only reccomend that people clean their face once a day with plain tepid-warm water, the hotter the water is the more you will dry out and cause problems! DO NOT use any face cleansers, all you need is your palms and your fingertips. Rub your face in the shower with warm tepid water (NOT HOT - if you're backroom mirrors are fogging up you are using too hot of water, you must stop using hot water when cleaning your skin this is very important) and after your done, pat dry with a clean towel, softer the better and be sure to use white cotton towels that were treated with bleach you do not want to use a towel that has bacteria on your face. I will repeat this over again, NEVER use any acne topicals, products, rubbing alcohol-based toners, or anything else. All you need to do is use water and your hands, I highly suggest only cleaning your face in the shower. If you use make up, take off your make up with baby wipes or Daily Facial Towelettes that are paraben-free (I highly recommend Costco Kirkland brand). So take off your make up before you go into the shower, and clean your face with just your hands in the shower with warm-tepid water.. you are done cleaning your face for the day! Moisturize: Now to the good stuff, after you cleaned your face you can go on with your daily routine. If your face hurts from acne at this point and you feel dry.. put on the moisturizer immediately before getting out of the shower (read below for my recommended moisturizer, use no other moisturizer but the one I suggest!). But if you're not hurting after the shower, I always recommend putting on moisturizer right before bed. Apply at night about 30 mins before bed, make sure your skin soaks it all up before going to bed, you will notice a difference in your skin the next morning. Scar and Acne Healing: If you have hyperpigmentation acne scars, unfortunately I have no solution but time, time heals your scars. I do not recommend lazers! Lazers will destroy your skin!!! I recommend bioptron light therapy, there are great home solution light therapy products that I find work fantastic for hyperpigmentation scars, I suggest any Bioptron from Lumia Science. Light therapy and time is the only solution, if you have deep pitted scars I recommend needling (there are a ton of threads and information on rollers and needles that will help your skin recover from pitted scarring). Ultimately; taking care of your skin, moisturizing, and not destroying your skin with harsh regimens will heal your hyperpigmented acne scars.. as your skin will flow like water, new skin cells will rise and replace the dark cells and your complexion will start to improve. (note: see "spot treating acne" section for a possible solution) Skin Destroyers: Stay Away From These At All Costs: Benzoyl Peroxide (may be good for blackheads but NEVER use it on the entire face) AHA/BHA (may be good for blackheads but NEVER use it on the entire face) Petrolatum Oil (made from petrol oil, never use EVER!) Lanolin (made from itchy sheep wool, no thanks!) Parabens (not horrible but try to stay away from if possible) Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol is seriously overydrying and damaging the skin! Your pores will enlarge!) and so much more, just remember that 99 percent of all "acne products" will cause more acne. How else do you think these companies stay in business? Stay away from acne products, anything with alcohol, and stay away from anything with oil in it, I don't care if it's natural or organic oil.. stay away from oil. Skin Healers: STABILIZED Aloe Vera Gel Sorbitol Allantoin Hyaluronic Acid Cucumber Gel The Best Moisturizer: In my many years of research, trying different types of moisturizer, I have come to the conclusion that Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion is the absolute best moisturizer for my facial skin. I use this everyday before I go to bed, I pour a liberal amount into my palm and I rub it in until it completely absorbs into the skin.. The result is plush, even, relaxed, acne-free skin by the morning. I like it because it's oil-free and has nutrient-packed Aloe Vera. Spot Treating Acne: By far the best solution to spot treating acne is using a combination of Skin MD Natural mixed with Cucumber Gel or Stabilized Aloe Vera gel. The Cucumber Gel I use comes from a company called RootsHerbal, it's by far the purest Cucumber Gel I have come across. As far as the Stabilized Aloe Vera gel I go with the company called L'BRI, if you're going to get Aloe Vera gel from somewhere else; make sure that it's STABILIZED, if it's not stabilized you will find that it will sting your skin which is never a good thing. If you're going to get anything for spot treating acne, definitely pick up Skin MD natural and Cucumber Gel from Roots Herbal... mix them together with a Q-tip and dab the solution onto the acne.. let it sit for 15 minutes and leave it on all night while you're asleep. It's almost magic how the acne shrinks down to size in one night it is quite impressive. You can also try spot treating hyperpigmented scars with this solution, I have not really tried it, but it can possibly speed up skin healing like it does with acne. Exfoliating: Exfoliating is important! But exfoliating with chemicals and acids? NO NO NO NO!!!! I HIGHLY recommend L'BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel, it has natural fruit enzymes like green papaya and pineapple, the enzymes gently break down a fine thin layer of dead skin cells that are clogging pores and causing your face to become red and irritated. Allow the product to sit for 20 to 30 seconds. Continue working the peel into the skin with circular motions and you will begin to see and feel the dead skin cells being lifted away. Once sloughing stops, rinse with warm water, pat dry. I like to use this product before going into the shower and cleaning my face, you will feel your skin cool and rejuvenated right after. I recommend using this product once every 2-4 weeks, especially if you find your skin is breaking out or see that your skin is red and flaky. Conclusion: Our skin only responds positively to the natural world, we are an organic being, when we put chemicals on our skin it not only damages you externally, but it damages you internally. If you put a chemical on your skin, your skin absorbs the chemical which then harms your body like your liver! So just forget everything you know about skincare, about the toners, cleansers, BP, Acids, Tallow Soaps, Chemicals etc.! Get rid of it all and never use it again, keep it simple, keep it natural and you will see results in no time. Peace
  7. Swollen nose and blackheads - Rosacea?

    Could be an internal cyst deep inside under the dermis. I suggest moisturizing your nose... skin tends to be oily because it's dry and overcompensating its protective abilities by releasing more oil than normal.