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  1. Scarless Healing

    It is easy to get frustrated about this. 17 years (!) have gone by since 2000, and still "nothing" has happened regarding acne scar treatments. At the same time science has made major steps in other areas. I find it difficult to understand. Still, I hope that something will happen the next 5-10 years. Something that will make a difference.
  2. Nokor 19G Needles, Where To Order?

    Does anyone have any experience regarding buying nokor needles online? I asked this question back in 2015, and I am still wondering about where I can order.
  3. I think basically everyone here knows how you feel, 91baby. But please, stay strong. We cant give in - not yet. We can not let acne scars bring us down. I also agree with you - i seriously can not understand why there is no great treatment for acne scars. I mean, it shouldnt be that difficult to treat your skin in 2017. I find it strange. I really do.
  4. Scarless Healing

    So, Rick, what are your hopes for the hydrogel regarding acne scars? You surely described it well, but I´ll guess I am not smart enough to understand the scientific terms
  5. Frequent Microneedling - new from Dr Fernandes

    It would have been interesting to hear about steVen1988's experience with needling that frequently. Hopefully he will answer. Fernandes should know what he is talking about I assume.
  6. Thanks for your education, effort and advice, beutifulambition!!
  7. Beatifulambition, how can you be so sure about microneedling wont do anything for her? Havent several people here had good results from that?
  8. Scarless Healing

    Well, I am no genius when it comes to skin research, but skin regeneration wouldnt mean the fountain of youth as I see it. You will still regenerate the skin of your age. We are talking about skin scars etc. And honestly I dont think we are decades away. There is a lot of focus on skin regeneration now, and it is like computer science. Its a technology - so it is like a snowball running. It will get faster and faster. I think there will be a good enough solution in about 5-10 years. Good enough = no more anxiety because of acne scars. Until then try some needling, subscision etc., and stay in shape - mentally and physically. Finish your education, get an apartment, and prepare for an even better life. Be a champion.