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  1. Scarless Healing

    When I watch this video I can not understand why there is not more progress regarding acne treatment. If I am right, they are now able to create and produce each persons own stem cells and fat. Why arent this now considered a breakthrough regarding acne treatment? They are able to re-create womens boobs, but can not fill in acne scars? I seriously think acne sufferers need their own organization, like patients of other illness have. An organization like that would have fought for our rights and helped getting some progress going on.
  2. Scarless Healing

    So what are the news on the hydragel? Nothing?
  3. I have been  using the suctioning tool from Owndoc. I was stupid enough to use the base of it, since it is smaller. I have suctioned one particular scar many, many times. Without any good results. It only gave me one big circular scar, because of the pressure to the skin. The new scar is worse than the one I tried to fix. This is so depressing. I hate myself for doing what I did. But please, dont be as stupid as I was. Be careful!!!!!
  4. Come With Me On My Subcision Expedition

    WARNING! I have used the one from Owndoc too. I was stupid enough to use the base circle since it is smaller. And I have suction one stubborn scar many, many times, without good results. It only gave me one ugly circular scar!! I am very depressed about it. I hate myself for doing that. But honestly I didnt knew it could give me another star.*The one the suction gave me, is far worse than the one I tried to fix. This sucks, no pun intended :p
  5. Congratulations! Where did you do it in Belgium? How much did it cost? I am from Norway and need to go abroad to get subscision.
  6. Scarless Healing

    How I wish that at least there is something good to wait for in the near future. I am going through a nightmare right now regarding my skin, so I wait for a miracle to happen. But it doesnt seem like it. I guess the timing is off - in the future acne and scars will be eliminated. But for me those two things have basically ruined my life. What happened to the tests we have been waiting for anyway??? No news, nothing. This is so depressing. Sorry if I am sounding negative, but right now my life is very, very difficult.  Fu***** scientists - how hard can it be to create something that help our skin grow without scars?!! We are on our way to Mars for Gods sake, the humans seem to be able to create crazy stuff. But not anything to help the biggest part of the human body - the skin. Seriously, I am not impressed with how the progress is going. I have been looking up this thread for years only to be disappointed. So why bother. 
  7. At home TCA cross

    Thanks a lot from me too!
  8. At home TCA cross

    How do apply the TCA? Do you push the toothpick into the skin (at just one point) or do you apply it just on the surface all over the scar?
  9. Scarless Healing

    "Within a generation". What does that mean? 30 years??