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  1. Scarless Healing

    Yes, why are you even posting?
  2. Scarless Healing

    ...writes someone that can't even spell my nickname right. Class act as usual. Grow up will you. Your contribution to this message board reflects your intelligence.
  3. Scarless Healing

    Hear, hear. It would be interesting to hear what Dr. Sun has to say now. I will bet he has noticed the progression of PolarityTE, too. I wonder what influence PolarityTE will have on others that work hard to make skin regeneration a treatment.
  4. Scarless Healing

    At least stop posting negative comments all the time.
  5. Scarless Healing

    I agree 100%.
  6. Scarless Healing

    How can you even write this? Dont you read what science can do, like PolarityTE? Again, do not let your negative emotions affect others. I stand by what I already said: To wrongfully make others feel as bad as you is selfish. Act like a mature person.
  7. Scarless Healing

    To me this looks very promising. Their website looks so professional with the time-line, photos, information etc (in contrast to Gemstone). To be honest I havent been thinking much about the hydrogel or Gemstone since I started to follow PolarityTE earlier this winter. This is great news!
  8. Scarless Healing

    Then check this statement, dude: "Dr. Swanson (chief operating officer) noted that because the product uses patients' own skin, the results can be virtually seamless, making scarring a thing of the past."
  9. Scarless Healing

    Yes, do leave. Posts like that are so negative, so discouraging and so misleading. And based solely on how you feel, not on what science tells us. Again, there are sub-forums here if you feel down, are depressed, whatever. Be a man and dont bring others down in your misery. I dont know why you compare Polarity TE with stitching?! Of course wounds that need stitching can make you scar. Thats old school and old news. You write "...we need to manipulate the wounding response in human body". Isnt that what Polarity TE will do?
  10. Scarless Healing

    No, it is not. Your opinions based on your emotions are not the truth regarding skin regeneration. Look at what science tells us. There is a forum regarding acne and emotions. You should post your emotions there and not confuse others by posting here.
  11. Scarless Healing

    Take your depression to another forum, please. Your emotions may wrongfully affect others here.
  12. Scarless Healing

    Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. But still, we do not know how it will look in 5 years time. And people almost depend their lives on this. Another thing to consider; we dont need complete regeneration to be satisfied. I will say that nowadays the treatment for acne scars are very unpredictable and very bad. What if we get something that is about 80% close to scar free skin? Many here would be very happy with such results.
  13. Scarless Healing

    Pigs are not humans, but when you write animals it is misleading. It is well known that pigs are very close to human in biology. Which mean we are getting pretty close. I dont abuse anybody here, but when people here come with statements like yours (skin regeneration will not be here in 28 years, some write 50 years, others write never), it can bring people down. People here are sensitive after what they have been going through. And science is moving fast these days and a lot is happening regarding skin regeneration. Look back 28 years and you will be in the 80s. Big change isnt it? And life will change at a faster rate the next 28 years. Like I wrote, I dont know, you dont know, nobody here knows. Like an example, did you expect that this would happen today? ;-)
  14. Scarless Healing

    First of all, complete skin regeneration has been proven on pigs. There is a difference between mice and pigs. Second of all, SkinTE has a very impressive list of people that are involved and their website clearly state human skin regeneration. Soon. Third of all, you have absolutely no idea how this whole skin regeneration will look only a couple of years a head of us. Things are moving fast these days. So by stating here that it will take 28 years before skin regeneration takes place is just bullshit, to be honest. Dont be bombastic in your opinions, it will only make you look less informative.
  15. Scarless Healing

    In Seabs we trust. What hes telling makes most sense. I have absolutely no believe in that it will take 30 years to get scar free healing. I think that we, in no more than 5 years time, will have methods that are good enough for us. I know you disagree...but in Seabs we trust!
  16. Scarless Healing

    So you mean scar free healing will be able 28 years from now? Of course this is just speculation from your side. I believe it will be here in 5-10 years time. So lets agree about disagreeing.
  17. Scarless Healing

    They are going to produce the matrix outside ur body and then put it back to let ur body heal. As i explained in my past post, the body is the best incubator for any cell. But how exactly it will be applied we will see that at the end of this year. As they r looking into creating complete skin not only parts of it, it could be possible to remove small areas or even large area defects and get replaced with new skin. Since it's ur own skin cells, the new skin will resemble the surrounding. but again we will later this year how successful this approach will be. But remember Cotsarelis lab has also a possible cure with turning scar tissue into fat, regenerating complete skin. So by next year we will see more on both approaches Thanks for the reply! So the healing itself will be on your own body?
  18. Scarless Healing

    SunnyX wrote: "Besides medical discoveries are linked to electrical engineering because supercomputer, artificial intelligence and other devices can help us to understand cell communication and movement." Exactly. You cant think of medical discoveries without thinking of other scientific discoveries. Thats why it will go faster and faster. Artificial intelligence will help humans in this work. Medicine progress is today in the same stroke as working with computers. Its no longer about "blood & needles". This is important to understand. By the way, how is PolarityTE going to produce the skin? Will they produce it in a labratory and put in back on the body? Will that be precise enough for cosmetic procedures?
  19. Scarless Healing

    I agree, very little has happenened in 40-50 years. But that fact is telling me that we finally get some clear signs that something positive is happening. Just read the facts that others are telling you here. There have been breakthroughs, and I am very positive that something will happen within 10 years time, maybe even 5 years. It may sound like a very long time (in a way it is), but time goes by so fast. Look back 10 years and you will understand. Build your life in other areas; get some education, get a good job, work out, spend time on your family/friends/hobbies. At the same time we will get closer day by day. And you know what, the feeling we all will get the day we can get rid of our scars is a feeling most people never will be able to feel. I will be so happy. That is something.
  20. Scarless Healing

    I am getting on with my life, you have no clue how I live my life. If you make statements like: "I dont see anything getting rid of scars in the next 50 years or ever", you have to back it up. Again, it is just emotions speaking. What kind of scientific evidence do you have to make statements like that? It is just annoying to be honest.
  21. Scarless Healing

    Seabs has told you zillions of times. Why is it so hard to believe that regeneration of the skin is near? Look at how great science is, and what is possible to do today. Is skin regeneration more crazy than going to mars (near future) or teleporting (they have already managed to move a particle from a to b)? Dont think so.
  22. Scarless Healing

    Please dont let your emotions define what science can do or cant do. It gets very tiresome. Yes, acne scars sucks, but your negative emotions just clouds what in fact IS possible. And you might bring others here down on the same level that you are emotionally. To be honest I think your are selfish and lack control of your impulses.
  23. Scarless Healing

    I wish seabs could talk to him directly. So that we can clear this up once and for all. It is tiresome with all this information back and forth: Does it work or doesnt it?