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on 28/08/2011
I have been using this item for 3.5 months now. I am not happy with the results. I still have acne. I have been using it inconjunction with Tetralysal antibiotics. The areas affected by acne has changed, before I started is was my t-zone, but now it has moved to my cheeks. Now, I have to start all over again and try a new product and hope that it works :(
on 28/08/2011
I have been using this antibiotic for 3 months. I haven't seen any improvement with my acne. I use it in conjunction with Skinoren topical cream. I feel that by now, after 3 months, this antibiotic should have worked to some degree, and there should be an improvement, but I regret that there is not. My acne has definately changed though. I used to get spots on my t-zone; forehead, chin and nose area, and now those areas are relatively clear, but I am suffering really badly on my cheeks. I don't know what the reason for this is. I am not happy with the results of this product, and I am going to stop taking this antibiotic. Now I have to start all over again and try to find another product that will hopefully clear my acne :(
on 11/08/2011
I took dianette for 13 years. Whilst taking it, I thought it was amazing! I never had to worry about acne, I didn't have any, it cleared it up within weeks. Although I was on it for a long time, my doctor told me it was safe, so I continued taking it, as it worked so well.<br/>I decided to come off it to give my body a break.<br/>Within a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin and hair became extremely oily! My skin would be oily within a couple of hours of cleansing, and same for my hair after shampooing. I started getting some blackheads but nothing major for the first 4 to 5 months. Then after approximately 4 to 5 months my acne started to come back with avengance!<br/>In addition to the extreme oiliness, I have moderately severe acne all over my face. I also have gotten really hairy with increased facial hair around the moustache, chin and cheek areas, and also body hair particularly around my nipples. It took 13 months before I started to get periods again after coming off it. I have been tested for PCOS and all came back clear. I am at my wits end.<br/>I have tried other things like Zineryt, Duac, Tetralysal, Skinoren since coming off Dianette but nothing has worked.<br/>My advice is not to go on it in the first place. While everything might seem ok whilst your taking it, when you come off it, your acne will come back worse than before.