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  1. Scarless Healing

    FUCK LITERALLY NO PROGRESS ON THIS ENTIRE FRONT FROM 2007 when this thread began 10 years ago!!!! TEN [censored] YEARS!!!! ZERO [censored] GIVEN!!!!!! ZERO PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!! [censored] SCIENCE!!!!!!
  2. Scarless Healing

    I know like literally WTF!!!??? Honestly guys the future is approaching WAY slower than we think. 2001 expected us to have interplanetary travel and Bladerunner assumed we'd have humanoid androids and flying cars. We don't have a tenth a hundredth of that shit. I talked to a top scientist and he said we may and he was saying this is highly imporbably but we MAY have tissue regnerative capcities that could help scars by the early 2030s. None of this dextran hydrogel shit does anything. Hydrogel may be useful as a scaffold for some tisue regeneration once we figure out how to do it but that's at least a decade away. I would just try lasers followed by fat for now. oh and dermabrasion
  3. Scarless Healing

    I totally agree with this. Great advice. I think it will be closer to 10 years that we'll have a "no anxiety" solution, but yes prepare for life.
  4. Scarless Healing

    And guys I want to believe like you guys do but no one is even talking about regeneration in the actual dermatological circles. And clinical practice is even further 20 years behind. Look at all these latest "results" of all these doctors doing multiple modality treatments and remember the pics are all doctored with light angling and such and they still look like absolute shit. I am so depressed over this. One they figure out how to solve acne scarring they will figure out the fountain of youth. You think that's gonna happen in our lifetimes? This is probably the best they can do right now. And it's with the MOST ANCIENT of the technologies. I'm so friggin depressed.
  5. Scarless Healing

    Guys I'd love to join you in the optimism but the above story right here demonstrates what an impossibility (or possibility in our lifetime ) this is. Look at how at the very same university they're discussing gene regulators and the possibility of these or proteins functioning in scar healing. There are literally infinite combinations of these genes involved. This is just at this stage totally hypothetical research that will take decades. Don't you think they'd mention the hydrogel that has already supposedly solved the friggin problem according to you guys at the very same university. These sorts of stories were around in 2007. Science functions at literally glacial time horizons. I'm depressed latest dermatological conference on acne scarring doesn't even mention anything to do with regeneration --so the best there is is the same old shit which doesn't do shit.
  6. Scarless Healing

    Oh my god guys, you have to get with the program. GO to something like futuretimeline they post all sorts of crap --for example, they have posted and this is based on the scientific studies by real researchers that we will have "stem cell regeneration of teeth" in 2017 which is a month away by the way lol. Now yes there ARE labs working on trying to figure this stuff out. And they may say "human trials will begin blah blah" but it's all just to keep them funded!!!!! FUNDED!!!!! THIS THREAD STARTED in 2007!!!! THERE HAS BEEN ZERO. COUNT IT ZERO progress in the past 10 years even though we had labs back then predicting revolutionary advancement in this stuff in terms of stem cells, gene editing, 3D printing blah blah blah. NONE OF THAT IS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE. There's a thread on reddit where scientists discuss tissue regeneration. By their most conservative estimates actually engineering or producing basic human tisses for actual use is 50 YEARS AWAY!!!! FIFTY YEARS. FIVE. ZERO. I wonder when this thread will die out, cause it really should. You guys are wasting your life here. And I was one of the originals reading this thread back in 2007!!! 10 YEARS AGO. MIC DROP.
  7. Scarless Healing

    just so you dingbats realize how slow medicine works look at this newclip from 2007.
  8. Scarless Healing

    3 years away from human trials. The technology is not realizable yet though either which they don't directly say in this article. I would say clinical application at your local cosmetic surgeon maybe 10-15 years? Maybe.... lol I guess that's the optimism of youth as you are truly a college kid. 10-15 years before clinical application (clinical as in at your doctor's office)