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  1. Scarless Healing

    Sad to say, he's fucking right. If our grandchildren have a cure it'll be a miracle. Really sucks, we don't even know simple shit like baldness --NOTHING has changed in biological industries from 2000-2012 --absolutelfy fucking nothing --we still fill cavities in teeth the same way we did in the fucking 1940s, people still get bald, get grey hair, there's no cure for shit. We just have more streamlined capitalist economies to rob us of money and hope. I read a depressing report that even MOORE's law is slowing down so forget all that kurzweil singularity shit.
  2. Scarless Healing

    this sounds like it's fucking exciting but it's not. just to get skin, decades motherfuckers DECADES!!!! So like 30 fucking years from now. not 5, not 10. FUCK THIS SLOW ASS WORLD WITH SLOW ASS PROGRESS. THIS THREAD IS 10 years LONG!!! I WAS AT IT AT THE BEGINNING! I'VE WASTED 10 YEARS OF MY LIFE WAITING. I"M THROUGH. I'm GONNA SHAVE MY HEAD AND BECOME A BUDDHIST MONK. THIS WORLD IS BULLSHIT.
  3. Scarless Healing

    best example of how hopeless this is is that i've seen the papers of the latest cosmetic surgery/dermatology industry reports that predict what doctors need to invest in projecting for the next 20 years, they actually say, things like teeth or some sort of autologous tissue grafting made in a lab is not expected for the next 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what the industry is saying. So i mean all this is just stupid journalism and lab bullshit without any clinical use.
  4. Scarless Healing

    Guys we need to really up the game here a bit. I'm assuming the worst acne scar sufferers are on this thread, right? And in a few months it will be 10 years this thread began. Most of the FDA "studies" and products you guys are discussing are promising results 10 years from now. So really that means 20. Which means approximately 2030 when we'll see a product that will actually deal with the pitted scars. My bro has been getting laser, with fillers and microneedling and I gotta say it's done shit all and his scarring is minimal compared to mine. Just face it we're fucked. Grow a beard like i've done, it hinds most of my worst scars except the ones around the temple area are really bad. Thing is, the scars actually get way worse as you age and your face has less collagen in it. I mean I have no idea cause there are like three levels at which this would be needed to attacked. 1) there's just the unevenness of the skin 2) there's the huge build up of scar tissue which is why if you actually surgically lift the scar it still looks really bad cause that skin that's lifted is all scar tissue --trye of hypo scars as well and then 3) there's the huge loss of volume that scars creat (or the buildup of skin and hypo scar tissue) which I don't even know how it would be removed like with a scalpel but how does that then not leave a new scar? So 2030 is the date which interestingly coincides with when Dr. Ray Kurzweil argues the first true nano-technologies will be applied in medical practice. Fascinating because it would require just that sort of radical paradigm shift for something that even begins to address acne scars on a holistic level.