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  1. Used the derminator for the first time and....

    I want it to work as advertised. I am red like ive been beaten after using it but I used it on 2.25mm for 90 minutes-2 hours and I pressed down hard. maybe theres a way to extend the magnet to make it come out farther. SLIGHTLY FARTHER. Im not gonna try it but....someone else can and tell me how it goes I also noticed I had much less bleeding on fast which lead me to believe that it might be missing or not hitting the skin with as much force as slow to get maximum penetrating force. Im going to do a fingernail test in slow motion once I get my cameras back from having their sensors cleaned friday. Also I read about how it is claimed that people dont press the needles in hard enough before locking it. I cant make it anymore flush against the device without breaking it. Is there some special technique thats an ancient chinese secret as to how to put in the needle cartridge?
  2. Used the derminator for the first time and....

    This video was shot at 120fps and then slowed down to 12fps at 1/4000th of a second. It appears to be "missing" sometimes and not coming all the way out or possibly 120fps isnt fast enough to capture it every time it pops out. Tell me if that looks like 2.25mm to you. I'll try to get something to measure it with next time and put behind it. Speed is set to fast. Im also curious if it has enough power behind it to drive into the skin at 1.5mm or if the skin pushes back on it and limits it even more. If the embedded video doesnt show a link is below. https://vimeo.com/213883776
  3. Used the derminator for the first time and....

    @beautifulambitionYou say small details but if im not getting at least 1.5mm of penetration then I feel like Im making my face red for 4 or 5 days for no reason. I feel like 2.25mm on the readout isnt even 1.5mm in reality. I hope Im wrong though. I want this machine to work as said bc of how much less pain I feel. I feel like Im getting 1.0mm or slightly more but I hope I am fooled by the machine's speed and needle diameter. Sorry I didnt get to do the video. It was tax day.
  4. Used the derminator for the first time and....

    I took pics and video. Im gonna redo the video tomorrow outside where I have more light so the quality isnt so bad. But in saying that I did not see the needles penetrating outword to the full extent its capable of doing. here are some pics but I'll do more tomorrow.
  5. Used the derminator for the first time and....

    I also did not use the timer and just set it to 2.25mm after I noticed 1.5mm was doing so little. One of my cameras can do 120fps slow motion and Im gonna try to make a video today or tomorrow to see how much of the needle comes out of the device. I do know however that when I put it on the peak (I guess you could call it) of my cheek bone that it was bottoming out on muscle or bone and pushing back at me which I guess is a good sign that its penetrating. I was stopping and washing mine every 10 minutes or so. it lookes perfectly clean to me after 90 minutes of straight needling. I used very very hot water and a water pick on the needles. I pressed hard and held it on the visable scars but I really wish there was a 15 or 18 needle cartridge so I could just left and press...lift and press to get better coverage. I'll see if my dad will hold it for me now and I'll get my camera.
  6. Im curious if the depth on the digital readout is accurate. First of all the pain is much....much less than using a dermastamp or roller. Could be bc it penetrates and gets out of the skin so quickly...maybe the needles are smaller. However when I put my nail close to the needling end of the device I had to get a lot closer for it to hit my nail than what I think the length on the digital readout indicates. Im saying its only coming out half as far as the digital readout is claiming. Also I did 1.5mm on my neck for 20 minutes straight with NO BLEEDING!!!! It left my neck red but there was no blood. I know Im not suppose to use 1.5mm on my neck but 1.0mm was doing nothing. Yes I have locked in the 9 needle thing by pressing it in and turning it clockwise. I had to use 2.25mm on my entire face to get bleeding. I would love for this thing to be penetrating as it says on the readout bc the pain is SOOOOOOOO much less than with my stamp and roller but Im just not sure of its accuracy. Anyone else feel this way?
  7. @ChildhoodDreams What % worse would you say your scarring is compared to mine
  8. @Noa27Why do you think when you are in the hospital after an injury or surgery they want you to do nothing but lay in a bed? Its to rest so your body will focus on healing. If you want to talk about madness then everyone who does chemical peels or dermarolls should go around telling people without scars what they do to their face....and you will be called crazy yourself......or show them a video of your face having subcision being performed on it. I take something called Wal-Som thats on the shelf at wal-greens. Its 25mg Doxylamine and I MIGHT take the entire pill once if my face is really bothering me from peeling. I normally take half a pill and maybe an entire pill once per peel. Taking 3 complete sleeping pills every 2 months absolutely is not going to hurt me at all and if I dont take the sleeping pills I will only sleep 4 hours per night bc the itching and the aquaphor on my face bothers me so much. I take them with a benedryl once my face starts itching from peeling. I think I may have slept over 12 hours once while taking the pills. I sleep around 10 or so hours then I wake up and eat as much as I can in a meal and then I go back to sleep. Im not going to spend 10-17 days peeling if I can avoid it. I have a life to live.
  9. @beautifulambitionI slept around 15 hours or so a day by taking half a sleeping pill the 1st 3 sleeping sessions and I think that really speeds up how quickly I healed. I believe the peeling is so extreme on day 3, 4 and 5 that there is no way to hide it. Maybe since I heal so fast though it just makes the peeling harder to hide. In the past when it took longer to peel if I even went an hour without vasoline or something on my face my face would be so tight that I couldnt open my mouth wide enough to eat anything with a spoon. I think it depends on what your job is as to how comfy someone would feel going to work while peeling. I use to work in a warehouse years ago and I was only around other employees while peeling. The 1st time I peeled people would ask me what I did to my face and then the next time I peeled they all already knew what was going on and would just ask me how it was going. Some were mean to me about it and told me I was wasting my time and my face was never going to change. I dont think a female would have to worry about anything like this being said to them bc saying something like that to a woman would probably get the man fired lol. People are just going to be more comforting to women in that situation. I think Id be less comfy if I had to be in front of the public while peeling. I had to video an alumni basketball event on day 3 so I was pretty mad and uncomfy about having to be around people I havent seen in a decade and them having to see me with my face falling off. No one said anything about it but I looked like the guy at the end of Robocop that got hit by the car and exploded. When people stopped to talk to me I told them what I had done to my face and then they were willing to ask me about it. I think its best to talk to other people about what they see than pretend no one sees it bc then they will make up their own conclusions about whats going on. I would actually feel scared to put makeup on areas that had just freshly peeled bc for me they can be somewhat sensitive and Id be more worried about healing correctly than hiding it. I think if you live decades of your life having to be seen with facial scarring that you shouldnt worry about people seeing you a few days with your skin peeling. People see your scars everywhere you go and they rarely say anything about it but none the less they are still there. I would take off work and see how you heal the 1st time you do a peel then plan your next peel around that. If I cared about trying to hide my peeling Id do a peel on tuesday or wednesday night then avoid helping my skin peel in any way until after work friday. By monday morning Id look a little better than I did in the pics I posted. You have to have your life together to heal the way I healed though. You have to live every day dedicated to healing or its going to take longer. @dazzedI think the peels have helped discoloration in my skin. I dont regret doing them and I always look forward to doing anything to try to improve my scarring. My only regrets about past procedures are that I wasnt living a life that would have maximized the effects of my scar treatments. I didnt sleep enough, I didnt drink enough water(living off soft drinks), I wasnt eating enough fruits and vegetables and I wasnt taking in enough protein. I can live with how my skin looks now but theres no reason I shouldnt keep trying to look better. I just do it to see if its possible.
  10. to be honest i think it helped but there is a huge risk for the donut effect. They use the syringe to do a little subcision then inject it under the scar. They have a belief that what you see is what you get based on how the initial injection lifted or filled the scar but theres no way thats true. They have no way of knowing how much of your own collagen will form around the microbeads or how quickly. Also I think that the scar has a better chance of retethering before the collagen starts to significantly form around the microbeads and lift the scar so maybe its like when people use to stamp wax. The tethering pushes the bellafil away from the scar area and more around the scar causing collagen to form around it and possibly giving it a deeper appearance and the so called donut effect. In saying all of that it did help but I do have lumps and I have a thickness feeling around scars thats different than the firmness of the skin surrounding it. I have lumps that I can feel to the touch but not really notice in pics or the mirror. I had 6 or 7 syringes injected into me. It worked on certain parts of my face but some scars they injected every single time I got an injection and its like it just ate the stuff. No life or fill at all. I would only use bellafil at the end of your scar revision process. When the only other option is expensive temporary fillers. I did pressure the doctor to be very aggressive with me bc my sister had a wedding coming up in 6 months so I dont blame them for any of the lumps. We both knew the possible consequences and I made it clear that i was fine with the risk. Id like to do 3 subcisions next year. This is my last peel until November and Im going to derminate myself every month or 4 weeks for the rest of the year. Temporary filler was my fav bc I walked out of the office looking like a new person but you better be rich to live that life. The subcision I believe helped me the most but the numbing process was absolutely brutal. They told me some women compared it to giving birth. I would not do any laser treatment or at least I wouldnt do the fractional laser resurfacing. Id just do some very responsible peeling. 1 fractional laser resurfacing cost me 3500 and that was without being put to sleep....that would have been an extra 1700.00. I'll go through a lot of pain to save 1700.00.
  11. I have peeled. These pics are from 5 days (120 hours) after applying the 35% peel at 7am wednesday. Im glad I only did 1 layer bc theres redness and some scabbing where I had overlapped how I apply it in sections but its nothing I dont see going away in 1-2 weeks. I previously got this type of scabbing or redness from 3 layer 25% TCA. Right below my chin and along some spots of my jawline is where 3 layers of 25% TCA overlapped with 35% TCA bc I applied 25% to my neck. I will take pics again in 2 weeks. I did really well with sleeping and dieting the 1st 2 days and 3 sleep sessions but then i had video and photography jobs pop up on day 3 and 4 so I only slept 3 hours those nights and ate 1 meal each of those 2 days. None of these pics are duplicates. The focus points have simply been moved to make sure all of the skin is in great focus. For example the 1st 2 pics have focus under each eye and the final pic has focus between my eyes to get the forehead area better. Please blow them up bc the detail is quite extreme.
  12. I have to figure out how to take pics that show off the scarring instead of it hiding it. I think the light has to come from straight down so it creates a harsh shadow. I took pics again with a dry face before I put on the aquaphor a few hours ago. Im gonna take them again once I am peeled and then again once my skin has healed. its been almost 48 hours since the peel and Im starting to itch. Im curious how long this is gonna take compared to the previous peels.
  13. Here are some pics 24 hours after applying the peel. I should have wiped off the polysporin but I had just put it on and didnt wanna waste it. I may take more when i wakeup without it on my face. This can let people know what to expect their face to look like during the process and maybe the coloration can tell a story on how strong the peel was in certain areas. None of the pics are duplicates. The focus point is just different in pics that look alike. These are 50mp so hit full size and enjoy
  14. Sure you can use anything I post....but we dont know if this really went well until I peel lol. For some reason when I apply it to my forehead Ive always had issues with it frosting. I applied 1 layer and it didnt frost so then I ran back over my forehead lines with it and thats where you see the frosting. Also I have had problems with my skin being a little sensitive for weeks after only using 25% TCA in the past so I decided to just hit the creases in my forehead a 2nd time instead of trying to make the entire thing frost. I have scar in the middle of my head from a football injury and I dont dermastamp it or put tca on it bc I thought I had read that it could make it grow. I used a q-tip. I first create a box or parameter with the tca. I let it frost for like 10 seconds so I can see where it is and then I fill in the box. I take a pic of where I just applied it with my phone in case the color fades so I dont accidentally go over it again. Judging from how quickly I frosted, the pain and the depth of the tingling I believe the TCA 35% from Erlenmeyer's Laboratory was stronger. I of course only applied 1 layer so i dont know what result I will get. I was applying 3 layers of the 25% tca. This is my 3rd peel since late november after thanksgiving. I had previously done 20% and 25% peels. Maybe 5 of the total before the last 3. I did those between 2011 and 2015 so they were randomly done. Nothing like ive done now where I have alternated dermastamping and peeling 3 rounds each. I am also much healthier now than i was then. No sodas and I make sure I get plenty of sleep. I do see a difference in my skin now compared to the picture I posted from 2013. The scarring just looks softer to me in my chin area but Im not sure if its the tca or dermastamping. I do like how my skin looks in certain lighting now. 5 years ago it looked horrible in any lighting. I have had 2 subcisions, 1 fractional laser and 6 or 7 syringes of bellafill injected into my face. I can live with how my face is now. I really only do this bc Im still semi young and I just wanna see what I can fix before I get old and start going down hill. It just gives me something to work for and look forward to. My face has changed but I cant put a percentage on it. In November and January when I did my 2 previous peels I healed in 6 days. I did double and then triple layer 25%. In my 5 previous peels over the years it took 10-17 days. the 17 day peel was when I got in the hot tub and I peeled again. In those peels that took longer I never did over a double layer and only spot treated with a 3rd layer. I now take half a sleeping pill from walgreens so I can sleep at night or a whole one if I want to sleep until I decide to get up and see what day it is. I also drink a lot more water, eat potatoes(sweet and purple) and watermelon, oranges and seeded red globe grapes. Im also getting between 150 and 200 grams of protein a day. Tell me what you mean by crusting. Ive seen in people's horror stories that their skin looks like its oozes or leaks puss. Mine has never done that. In my 5 peels before my last 3 however my skin felt rough, dry and bumpy after I would peel which is surprising to me since the peeling took longer. It also took about another 2 weeks for the roughness and small bumps to go away. When I say bumps I dont mean little whiteheads or anything. It feels like tiny pieces of dry skin everywhere. The last 2 peels have felt very soft and smooth immediately after peeling. No dryness and no bumps. I dont shower unless I have to. I dont want to go in a shower and get my face hot. The heat and moisture make my face itch very badly and i feel like it has a negative effect on it healing. I dont sweat unless its 100 degrees and Im moving around so I can get away with not showering 5 days. If I have to go anywhere I just wash my hair over the side of the bathtub in cool water. I have put polysporin on my face immediately after the peel. Before I lay down to go to sleep i wipe it off gently with a wet rag. I can get away with this bc my face has not tightend yet or started to peel. I try to go the 1st 2 nights without anything on my face so I can make sure I sleep well. Even if I sleep on a towel it bothers me to have goo on my face and touch the towel with my face so I try to avoid it until my face has tightened and changed colors. I do put polysporin back on my face when I wake up. I wont wash my face until day 2 or 3. I dont want to push it to get dry any faster than it wants to. I wash it right before I start putting aquaphor on my face. I wash it with Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash. Once I start putting the Aquaphor on my face I never wash it off or remove it. I think i can get away with this bc I dont ooze or appear to have any open wounds. In the past I did the vinegar soaks and replaced the aquaphor after each soaking. I COULD NOT avoid prematurely pulling off skin around my mouth and chin area. Its as if its like a torn piece of paper. Once a tear has been started its very easy to keep it going and it would tear into or off skin that was not ready to come off no matter how gently I rubbed. Also I have to rub pretty firmly to actually remove the aquaphor which is a dangerous thing to do when skin is so easily torn. Now I basically just always add aquaphor. Starting on nights 2 or 3 I just sleep beside the aquaphor and if I wake up I put it on my face where sleeping on my face has wiped it off. When I apply it I always rub it on toward my mouth bc thats where tears and peeling always starts. If I rub toward my mouth its as if Im rubbing peeling or torn skin back down. if I were to rub away from my mouth I risk pulling torn or peeling skin off before its ready. Sometimes I sleep with cling wrap on my face to keep the aquaphor from rubbng off on the towel i sleep on at night. Once I start to peel if I see skin just hanging there I cut it off with scissors and apply polysporin to the peeled area instead of aquaphor. I dont wash my face again until I am completely peeled. I wash it with Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash for 2 weeks after peeling. I use Emu Oil to moisturize if Im going somewhere. I take a benadryl before bed if I have started itching and also with half a sleeping pill. if Im not itching I just take half or a whole sleeping pill. It depends on if I have time to sleep 18 hours or not. One of the main reasons I wanted to get the derminator was for my neck. its just too hard for me to mentally make myself roll or stamp my neck bc it hurts so much and Im extremely drained after doing my face. I spend 3 hours or so stamping. The redness goes away within a week on my face and maybe 2 weeks on my neck. The redness is mainly at the level of my adam's apple that persists on my neck. I believe my pores are smaller now than in my pics I had taken years ago. I completely avoid the space between my upper lip and nose with it now. It made that area very sensitive. It also makes the corners of my forehead sensitive. I only do 15% on my nose. This will be my last peel until november bc I do videography and photography for a living. I have lots of weddings coming up almost every weekend. I can get away with dermastamping bc the redness fades in 4 days but with the peels I cant avoid not being outside for hours at a time.
  15. I think I got some nice frosting from 1 layer. If there were any small patches that didnt frost I applied 15% until it frosted. Since Ive never used this brand or this high of a potency I didnt want to risk double layering anywhere. I decided to just use multiple layers on my neck of 25% since IDK what the true strength of this 35% is on my skin. I can definitely tell this penetrated deeper and was stronger. The tingle felt deeper, the burn occurred faster along with the frosting.
  16. @DandyTsunamiScars are often all about the harshness and angle of the lighting. I wasnt trying to hide them in my previous post. Its just what it looked like in my bathroom at the time. These are pics before I had ever had the 2 subcisions, the 1 fractional laser and lots of bellafill. September 12, 2013. I have seen them look worse in different lighting than in the 2 pics below. It actually puts me at a great disadvantage when Im trying to dermastamp in the bathroom bc the harder it is to see the scars the more difficult it is to treat them. @beautifulambition Thank you, I will check it out. Im curious about whether or not I should do the 35% under my eyes and on my neck.
  17. yes I have. I feel like I can see a difference in the scars' appearance in certain areas in my face. Mainly in the area of my chin. Id only use the 1.0mm in areas that dont have enough fat to use the 1.5mm. I might start with 15% just to see what happens and to go through your trial and error. Id make sure you did enough layers to at least frost with it. Be prepared for pain under your eyes and neck even with the 15%. Everywhere else on your face should be very tolerable. I started putting 5% lidocane on my face 30 minutes before I apply the TCA and it made even under my eyes and on my neck very tolerable. I wipe off the lidocane before using the tca and then apply rubbing alcohol all over my face. Some might say the lidocane may keep the tca from penetrating as deeply so you decide if you want pain or want to apply more layers to get a frosting. Here are things I have learned not to do before I started using tca again. I had done maybe 5 or so previous peels before I started again in november. So many more things can go wrong with the peel than dermastamping in my opinion. When using TCA do not take a hot shower or a shower very long for that matter...especially without anything on your face to keep it moisturized. You might be able to make it 24-36 hours with nothing on your face. I do this so I can actually sleep at night without the need of sleeping pills the 1st 2 nights. For me having my face covered in aquaphor makes sleeping extremely uncomfortable. I firmly believe the less you sleep the longer it takes you to heal. You will not crack around your mouth in the first 24-36 hours but after that it becomes a risk. I now take a sleeping pill or benadryl so I can sleep as much as possible. I try to save the benadryl until the peeling begins bc you will itch like crazy. I try to sleep 12-18 hours a day. Now I peel in 5-6 days. Before I peeled in 10-14. DO NOT PUT YOUR FACE UNDER A HOT SHOWER TO WASH OFF THE AQUAPHOR. It can pull away the skin before you are ready. In the past this made me repeal. I am actually against cleaning the aquaphor or vasoline or whatever off your face until day 4 or 5. In my experience no matter how careful I am I accidentally rub skin off b4 its ready to peel and it can cause a red mark in the area that lasts a few weeks or pain, more itching and your skin to repeal in that area. Do not get in a hot tub or take a hot shower for at least a week after you peel. 2 chicks ask me to get in the hot tub with them on the same day I had just completely peeled. How could I resist...HOW COULD I SAY NO!!!! It made me repeal and left my face red in spots for weeks. The repeal took 7-10 days. I was honestly scared I had permanently damaged my face. I use I guess what might be called a prepeeling agent for a week before I apply the TCA. This is suppose to remove dead skin and it dries and tightens my face. I guess it helps the TCA penetrate deeper and more evenly. I eat 4 scrambled eggs, pork tenderloin, salmon, oysters and 1 protein shake every day. I guess this helps me get plenty or protein and zinc to heal. I also eat watermelon and seeded red grapes(blended together), oranges, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes every day. I also take 1 5000 IU Vitamin D pill a day. MAKE SURE YOU SLEEP ABOVE ALL AND LET YOURSELF PEEL ON YOUR OWN!!!! A lot of what I have said goes against normal procedure so maybe Id advice you to try what the norm is 1st but this is what works for me.
  18. I have done 3 dermastamps of 1.5mm since november. I plan on getting the derminator in April. I have been dermastamping 2-3 weeks after completely peeling from the TCA each time. I plan on stamping again the 2nd week of April. I'll look into Makeup Artists Choice. I believe 35% is the highest I would go unless I get a doctor to do it and even then Im not sure if they know what might happen with a higher %. Im going to see how 2.0mm works on certain parts of my face when I get the derminator. Is there a way to tell or are there certain areas that I should go deeper. I think I might try stamping at the slowest speed to see if it completely penetrates then gradually going deeper. I know there are parts of my face that cant handle the 1.5mm but its when I get closer to my jawline and slightly above my cheeks.