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    Seems like we started Epiduo on the same day. I too was prescribed on June 27th. I used too much the first day and noticed burning. Read online to use just a pea size amount and have been doing that since. It still itches/stings at night (which is when i apply) but it's manageable. I think the key to any successful treatment is consistency. I have had acne for 15 years and have NEVER stayed on a topical for more than 1 month, due to various reasons: burning, itching, no results, etc. This time will be different. I will let the medicine run its course. If it doesn't work, then at least I will know I fully tried it instead of 3 weeks and quitting.

    I have had some new breakouts since i started. However, I'm also on my cycle so I can't really blame it on Epiduo. I read online that acne gets worse before it gets better on this Epiduo. I will wait and see.

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