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  1. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I havent had a really BAD breakout in a while, but I think I just stopped caring about the little tihngs. I have light acne. But when I see a zit or two, Im like 'Ehh idgaf" Cuase really its no big deal. At all. I used to freak out and coat them with chemicals, but now, just no. Who cares. I get breakouts still some worse than others, my skin gets weird and does silly things, but Im also learning that my skin knows how to handle itself. I cannot tell you how well it does when I just leave some stuff alone, you know? And I dont have bad acne like I used to anymore. The girl with ginat papules bleedinng on her face and burnt cheeks is over a year behind me. As Ive gotten into highschool I see that everyone has acne. EVERYONE. And no one ever fricken notices. Honestly. I dont even notice it on others anymore. I sometiems dont see it on me. No one cares either. So I have stopped crazy regimening my epidermis to shreds and just washing when I can, sometimes Im out and dont use the same face wash and I SURVIVE. Haha. And using the one thing my Dermatoligis prescirbed. Duac since January. And it works. And thats it. I hopemy skin stays in such good fourtube for my teen years andtwenties. I am just a freshman and have only had acne for two ior a little more years. Maybe Ill be back here a next year crying about cysts, I sure hope not. But right now, I lvoe the skin Im in, even though it has three little zits on it right now. Whatever, im proud(:
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  3. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Been through a fair little share of breakouts over the past month or two. All chilled out. I had one zit that simply lasted for four weeks, but its gone. Skins not going to be perfect and I think I am embracing that a bit more. I dont wear makeup alot anymore...unless Im going out at night or to an event. Not out for lunchor the river and family things. And although I have scars and some llittle pimples I feel beautiful. And, also, when I do go out, with eye makeup, I usually wear little to one with skin makeup. Currently saying oodbye to a full fonudation face. Dont know how long this good fourtune will alst, but I am taking advantage of it.
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  4. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Had a little white head thing this weekbut it chilled out. Clear skin.
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  5. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    A week or two ago my face got pretty dry from over BP use, than it calmed down and went away. I got one pimple, that went away, now I have one small one emerging on ym cheek. Its NBD. Its just one pimple. Its pertty much flat. I also seem to get a prick on my forehead, but the dot is so tiny, its not even really veiwable in sunlight (you know how you can see the outline of bumps) like really small, hardly even pink, like hardly, coudlnt notice it. But somehow I notcie everything. Not to worry, Duac on them both, hopefully they cool out. I have ANOTHER show this Friday.
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  6. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Sooooo, ummmm. Yeah, that time on the mnoth brings breakouts -_-. Bahggg. There not big and inflamed at all. But yes, little pink pimples. About 4 on my cheeks. 3 samll, one medium. Ugh. I have a show Frida.y Hopefully theyll clear by than.
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  7. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Checks and jaw getting some bumps. Not zits, just lsgiht colorless bumps. Need to exfoliate....and that time of the mnoth brings breakouts -_- MEh. I have no breakouts, except for liek a white head in the crevice of my nose. My cheeks look a little meh. Not bad at all. No zits, acutally look fine. Just not optimally smooth. But still pretty much totally clear(:

    *Cheeks. Not checks. Ha. And not really any bumps, I stil lhave soft smooth skin, its just a little rough for my skins usual baby softness right now. Nose is irrtaited from cnostant tissue swiping from the flu. Ha. Whatever. My skin is still fricken great lately(: Knock on wood, no jinx, knock knock. Ha.
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  8. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I have been ill with the flu for a few days so my nose is red and acne on it though. Ha.
    I have a small small ;ink dot on my chin and one above my eyebrow. But you likely wouldnt notice them at all. Theyre not irritated and small. The one above my eyebrow is proabably cause ive been conditioning my brows with Vaseline the past week. One on the, idk, idc.
    My skin, far as acne, has been amazing.
    But I still have faint hyperpigmentation marks afterwards, and there not prominent or awful looking or like dark, but it makes my skin tone look pretty uneven and splotchy. Behhhhg. Well, I have a killer cold, and I need to get a bit of tan before I hit the the beach on a school trip June 5th.
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  9. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Skins good and clear. No worries. Eh, ahahaha. Had great Spring Break. Got to see the ocean, got to see friends. Im in a good mood. I dont want to go back to school tommorow becuase I wanted to be able to hang out with friends from others schools a little longer, but Im also excited to see everyone agian. Ah well. Everyone, eat a Peep or Bunny today. And oyure all beautiful.
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  10. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Still adore Duac, still pretty much clear. But ,yes I get the occasional zit or two. For some reason i get these really slight bumps on my cheeks, theyre never red or big or irriated or noticable, or even really zit. I guess its becuase I dont exfolaite much anymore to lower irriation. Anyways I have one on the corner of ym cheek, you cant see it, but its not a zit, idk. Whatever. Not a probelm(: So I had a small pinkish prick on my forehead last night, but my meds on it and its pretty much gone. Like a little colorless grain of sand at the most. Not evenreally counting either. My cheeks were odd a few days ago, but have totally calmed down and looking a wee thirsty (not burnt or super dry or chafing or flaking, jus dull and little dehydrated) I do have a small zit in the crease on my chin -_- Never get zits down there, but have been resting my hands on my face or vice versa lately. Ah well, its not inflamed, just a little zit, meds should tame it in a day or two. I found this bumpless pink spot aobve the side of my noostril. If Ive mentioned I dont care much about the occasional nose whiteheads since theyre around my nostril, no one sees, no one cares. So, I proabably have one document worthy zit total and it is on my chin. (: Rest of face is totally clear, pigmenation still fading. HOORAY

    Chin ones getting a wee rosy. Whatever, itis a small zit. I need to stop touching it. Aha. I dont pick my zits, and drive my nails in oranytihng. I do lightly run my fingersoverthem though.
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  11. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Skins currently 100% clear. Not a single zit. No irritation. Smooth, healthy, pretty mcuh even compelxion. And the little mild amount of pigmentation marks are fading. <3 Duac <3 I get the odd pimple now and than but nothing bad at all, and not severe ones.
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  12. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Well, okay. The one on my forehead started to go down later yesterday and is almost gone....but I got another pimple non cheek, its actually realtively flat, kinda red though, looks like it may be another one of those 3 day MAX ones. Lets hope. I am now using Duac all over my face. Its less irritating than TTO in most cases. What I mean by all voer is not I put it ecerywhere. Ita just where I have acne. I rub it in though.
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  13. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Cheeks clear! Face clear. Forehead WAS totally clear (and still rpetty much is) Except for one litlte stubborn red one in the middle. Just one. Two weeks ago it was thirty of them. Duac is a miracle. And I no longer experience flaking. So hopefully this one will tone down in a few days. Everyone gets the occasional zit still. Ive gone form liek 35 zits to one. I have some mild pigmentation left, which isnt visible in ALL lighting. But whatever, that'll heal up. Im growingo ut my bangs and ive been wearing my face hair free with some lgiht makeup. This one zit is like right in the middle so its annoying. But hooray! Acnes pretty much GONE. Duac, please give it a try.
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  14. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    So forehead stauts= 90% clear. Pretty much clear cept for a few tiny ones.
    But really dry.
    And flaky.
    Which does not look good with my makeup. And lotion doesnt relaly help me.
    But Ill rejoice.
    Im pretty
    Cheek status: Well, got 4 nice ones istting there, onyl ones really THAT noticeable. God, cheeks, you little craps. Theyve been clear since X-Mas and usddenly when i get rid of my forhead acne, they have to join thep arty. Theyre not that bad at all.
    But still.

    And my face is kinda dry.
    Overall: hpapy for forehead, sitl hlatin' the dryness. Cheeks are a mehbutt. Mediocre.
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  15. VitaminofLove333 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    For anyone who hasnt tried Duac and is adequate for it, I totally suggest it. If you can control some dryness.
    So its been a few days over a week since I started Duac and my forheads almost totally clear, only a fw tiny stubborn bumps left, barely noticeable. I had no SEVERE dryness, minimal flakiness, no redness or burning, no really ,peeling...unless you REALLLY get at those flakes.
    Right now, my skin is a bit crcked looking, and dry. But I mean skin will adjust in a few weeks. Its just week one. And its not too bad. Im starting to to ditch my bangs. And Im noot afriad of ym forehead anymore. I hope this dryness siubsides, its nt severe or anytihng, but as you may know, the first week with a BP product is....flaky.
    My cheeks are starting to get these potentials. They dnt bother me since this is what they usually do.
    Ill get a dot on ym cheek about:o: That will be red, its pretty much flat ecept for a slgiht bump that you cant evn feel unless you relaly try and barely see in sidelight. Than as TTO goes on it gets a literally like micrspic little prick of a wihtehead thats smaller than the head of a pin, and the bump is still flat though. Than after a day or tow it vanishes. This is why, altough they are annoying, I do nt wrry about those knid of acne of my cheeks. I wonder why its starting to attck my cheeks all of the sudden now though. Its not bad. Theres like three ptentials irght now, barley noticeable, wont be once I finish my makeup this morning. And that will be lovely(: Aha, I was hoping t deter from face makeup, but since the little dtos are red, but flat, its another thing I deal with. Im gonna try not to put UDac no ym cheeks, I cant handle dryness on those areas. And TTO wrks for my cheeks well.(:
    Well, voerall: Happy! My foreheads almost clear, jsut a bit of flakiness, and my cheek drama is minimal and wil lbe gone by Friday(:
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