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  1. Not really any side effects to speak of, except for vivid dreams for the first week or two...not a bother because the dreams are pleasant or neutral for me, considering that I have had nightmares and unpleasant dreams for years before (if I could remember them at all) with an occasional pleasant dream. I think this may be due to general anxiety reduction with LDN use. Here is some information on LDN.
  2. I stopped getting sick with flu often once I quit eating gluten. However, the low-dose Naltrexone therapy has almost completely resolved the following issues for me, which have plagued me for many years: Waking up with a sore throat daily (from GERD which may be resolving), waking up stiff and sore muscles every morning, loose stools and irregular bowel movements, low energy, brain fog, generalized anxiety and depression. Oh, and and erections are rock hard for the first time in years (sorry for the graphic information). It's not necessarily a cure-all, but I think it helps normalize immune function, and to boost the body's functioning and overall health. You can obtain it online, through various international pharmacies, however the advantage of having a doctor prescribe for me was so he could monitor my success. Also it is free with my insurance. As I said before, I think getting the 50 mg pills of naltrexone, and then making your own LDN by dissolving them is the way to fillers, no going back to the pharmacy every month, and you can adjust the doseage as you need. My doctor was not going to prescribe it, except that I joked that I would start shooting heroin and drinking alchohol like a fish and then come back to him for Naltrexone. I guess he realized that it was easy enough for him to prescribe Naltrexone for "alcohol use" (not abuse, because that can effect your life insurance down the line, etc.) and if I use it off label then he is absolved from responsibility. Here is how to make your own LDN: If you must obtain it online because your doctor won't prescribe, etc. here you go: I should mention that I have been getting these great benefits by taking the lowest of the low dose recommendation (1.5 mg). At that rate, a 30 day supply of Naltrexone will last me almost 3 years (or 1000 days) of low-dose Naltrexone. The immune system seems to be implicated in the overall dynamic of post-Accutane damage. Other glandular cells beyond sebaceous may also be vulnerable to "shrinkage" from Accutane. Just a thought.
  3. Most of my side effects (ie digestive problems, low energy, depression) have disappeared since starting low-dose Naltrexone therapy. I finally found a doctor who would prescribe me Naltrexone (for alcohol use technically) and let me make my own doseage by disolving the pills in distilled water. I cant tell you guys how wonderful it is to feel generally "normal" again after so many tears of suffering after Accutane. For those who dont know about LDN, it is an opiate blocker that at low doses tricks tbe body into producing more endorphins, thereby normallizing and boosting the immune system. Our immune systems must be damaged by Accutane, evidenced by the many cases of autoimmune diseases that show up post-'tane such as Colitis, crohns, food allergies, fibromyalgia, etc.