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  1. Will retin A work on these scars?

    RetinA doesn't cure acne scars. I use it for many years, there are not a single cream in this world to erase acne scars.
  2. No way. I have about 20-30 treatments in about 4-5 years at home.
  3. 2.0 mm, the results will appear after 9-12 months. Use Vit A and C cream, colagen cream is useless.
  4. Right now I use and for Vitamin A a local cream made in Romania. I don't find a cream with both vitamin...maybe exist. The needles must penetrate the base of the scar, I use 2.0 mm at home and I'm alive.
  5. It worked for me and I'm glad I never gave up after the first year in which I don't see any improvment. The patience is the key !
  6. The top four photos are made with Xiaomi Redmi1S, don't know how good is camera, I have DSLR for photos. The forum save photos compressing very hard and artifacts may appear in the image, don't know why " big white circle" appear, maybe it's a reflexion ? What the hell nothing to hide, send friend request
  7. It's not edited :). I will give you in private my facebook profile to look at me :D. Unfortunately on facebook I don't have close up photo of the skin...
  8. Dermaroller Sanitizing Question

    It's too old, buy another dermaroller or dermastamp.
  9. I dit it alone, no big deal. Pay attention to disinfection. I use medicine alcohol.
  10. I start with 1.5 mm dermaroller (192 not 512 needles) in 2011 at approximate 2 months apart. I used RetinA every day except 3 days after dermarolling from 20011 to 2014 (in my country RetinA it's not longer import). After 1 year I bought 2.0 mm dermaroller and 2.0 dermastamp and I used them together at 2-3 months apart. In 2014 I bought an electric dermapen 2.0 mm from ebay but I used only three times because acne scars don't bother me anymore and I stop follow this forum. Evey day I use a cream with Vit C and Vit A. The first results appeared only after 1 year and improve in time.
  11. Here is the photos, FIRST FOUR ARE FROM 21 JULY 2016 The below are photos from 2011-2012
  12. I start dermarolling in 2011 for scars, the results are amazing, the scars doesn't bother me, I enter this forum in the last 2-3 years rarely because acne scars are not a concern for me anymore. The results will appear after 1 year of dermarolling, DON'T GIVE UP and use dermaroller 1.5 mm or dermapen at 8 weeks.