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  1. Salt Scrub

    You are probably over exfoliated. It looks irritated. Give it time to heal. Don't touch or mess with it. I had the same issue when I used a little home microdermabrasion machine. Everything was red and the scars I had looked very deep and pronounced. Much more than they normally were. It eventually went back to normal but it took awhile.
  2. Are your scars tethered or untethered? You can tell by stretching your skin. If your scars are still there, then they are tethered but if they disappear when stretched then they are untethered. Dermarolling will not work on tethered scars. You will need to get subcision done to release the scar tissue. There is no guarantee it will work. I have read that it helps some people but not others. 1.5 mm roller is safe to use at home but I would not recommend using a 2.0mm at home. You can risk scarring yourself badly. Please, Go to a professional. Your scars look like boxcar scars. Not sure if the others are enlarged pores or icepick. Hard to tell by looking at the photo.