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  1. Jessner Peel?

    I don't think peels will get rid of indented scars just red spots. I have had a sensi peel (it was very strong) . It got rid of a sunspot I had, freckles and red spots. Did nothing for indented scars. Also did a 12.5% TCA on my face and didn't nothing for indented scars. Don't think it will cause more scarring since it is a very light peel.
  2. Micro-Needle Peel

    First off, I've seen those last two sets of photos are all over the internet so they could be rip offs. Just saying. Be careful. If they really got good results then why aren't they using pics of their own patients? Maybe people stole them from their site but if you are going to see these people, ask for real proof. Here's one that I found: I've seen the wrinkle one around too.   I've never used both together (too chicken) but I've heard about some people on here who have used other types of peels while rolling/stamping and they seem to be happy with the results.     Oh just read that you said you want to do it at home. What % of TCA are you planning on using?
  3. Nutrition and Topicals After Dermarolling

    Can't say much about foods...I eat healthy so never changed my diet.   I use Vitamin A and Organic coconut oil after rolling (and before too). Vit. C is supposed to be really good for your skin too but I break out when I use it do had to stop.
  4. What has happened this forum1?

    I know from experience that some scars won't show up on camera. So, what you are seeing on the screen isn't the same as what these people have to live with in real life. My skin looks flawless on camera so I would be one of those people you THINK is overreacting. Because we are human not robots, we will all react differently to the same thing. So, Joe Blow will have a near heart attack over a small scar while someone else wouldn't even think twice about it. If I had scars on my cheeks or forehead, it wouldn't be a huge deal for me.Seriously. But mine are in my smile line (so it looks like a big wrinkle)so I feel like they make me look old so hell yeah I freak out and I focus on every single new scar in that area no matter how small.   I totally agree with you about people making recommendations about things they have never tried. I TRY to stay away from that and if I do recommend something I make sure to let the person know I've never tried it or that I am new to it and still learning, etc.    
  5. Seeking Advice

    Your scars aren't bad at all! Seriously! BUT I understand how you feel.  Scars take up to a year to fully heal so if those are new, give them time to heal on their own. When I first started scarring (before I discovered dermarolling), I had a few indented scar that I thought were going to stay forever. They eventually filled in on their own. Unfortunately, the older I got, the longer it took my skin to heal so I have been left with some scarring. I started off dermarolling which was great but I only have a small area to roll so I stamp now. So...if you want to work on a large area, use a dermaroller.  If it's just a few spots, then use the stamp. Use vit. a and vit c (vit. c causes me to break out so I don't use it anymore) for about 2-3 weeks before you roll or stamp. Studies show results are better. If you are using the roller make sure the needles are staggered so that way you're not hitting the same spot over and over. As you get to the end of the roll, lift the roller then roll down, lift then roll horizonal. lift then roll vertical. Repeat 4-5x's.You HAVE to lift the roller everytime you change directions for 2 reasons. 1. lifting prevents trackmarks 2. you won't hit the same spots over and over again. Stamping is great because you can position the needles where you want them. I aim them for the center of the scar.   If you're using numbing cream, make sure you have completely wiped it off before rolling. You don't want to roll that stuff inside of your skin!   OH and make sure you are using a 1.5mm roller/stamp. Anything smaller won't work on scars and anything big (2.0mm-3) could scar you. Something people don't do is rolling inbetween sessions. I read Dr. Fernandez work and his patients rolled between sessions BUT they used smaller needle for product penetration! Use .5mm. It will not interfere with collagen production. Keep applying Vit a and Vit. C between sessions and right after you roll/stamp with .5mm. If you're scars are tethered, rolling won't work. Stretch your skin. If your scars disappear, they are untethered so rolling/stamp will most likely work on them but if they DON"T disappear, they are tethered and no amount of rolling/stamping will help. You'll need subcision to untether your scars and that's not a guarantee.   I don't know if this works because I just started this but they say suctioning helps untether scars. WE will see...I've got a few that I am working on!  
  6. Has your dermatologist approved of home rolling?

    I use 1.5mm stamp. It's recommended to use Vitamin A and Vit. C. Right now I am using vitamin A(skincare cosmetics: Retinol Cream) and Coconut oil. I used to use Vit C. but it makes my skin break out so I don't use it anymore.   If you decide to roll/stamp, do not roll/stamp your nose! The skin on the nose doesn't heal the same as the rest of the skin so you risk scarring that area! By the way, I was on minocycline for awhile but decided not to roll until I was off the meds. Didn't know if it would affect my skin and didn't want to risk more scarring. I think retina would be fine. People on here use it all the time while rolling. Not sure about your meds though.
  7. Subcision for acne scars

    Sorry I can't help but just wanted to say it's the same here! I can't find anybody who does it!
  8. Has your dermatologist approved of home rolling?

    My dermatologist wasn't familiar with it (I asked years ago) but I asked a facialist who works in a spa and she was totally against home rolling. She wanted me to purchase sessions with her (total cost $1000). If they are offering it at their office, they most likely will say home rolling is a bad idea. I've been doing it for years and have never had any issues. I have recently started stamping because I want to focus on one area and I think it works better because you can get those needles exactly where you want them.
  9. Acne scar near mouth

    I was thinking subcision too but I hear it works best if you suction the area too. I'm not familiar with the process so not going to give advice on that. Do a search on here...lots of info on here about subcision and suctioning.
  10. Topical For Cystic Acne?

    My esthetician would take mine out! I used to squeeze them so I scarred my skin but once I started going to her, I didn't scar anymore.
  11. How To Heal This?

    Put neosporin on it and don't be touching or poking at it. It'll scar. Just leave it alone and keep it clean.
  12. The Famous "single Needling"

    Don't needle the nose!!! The skin in that area is very sensitive and doesn't heal like the rest of the skin so more prone to scaring! Be careful!
  13. What Can I Do?

    If you want results from needling, you need to get a 1.5 mm. The 1mm needles are too short and are only good for product penetration and very very shallow scaring. Yours are deeper so you need 1.5 or higher (I do not recommend 2mm or higher unless a professional is doing it). If your scars are tethered, rolling won't help. I know because it did nothing for my tethered scars but got rid of the untethered ones (after about a year or so of rolling-it's a long, long long process but totally worth it).
  14. Subcision Expectations

    Lookup Mr. Matt (on this site). He has had great success with subcision and you can learn a lot from his posts. His results are AMAZING. From what I understand, he had 3 or 4 rounds of subcision. The first few rounds didn't work (or there wasn't much progress) until the final round when he had subcision + suctioning (which he did on his own). I'm not too familiar with subcision (just started studying it) but the reason for doing it is to break up the fibers that are holding down the skin. This happens (skin is held down) when the scar is tethered. If it's not tethered, then there's no point in doing subcision (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong). Also, Mr. Matt doesn't think fillers are a good idea. I don't remember why...I think he said you can see the indents or something. If you stretch your skin and scars disappear, then they aren't tethered. If scars are still visible when you stretch your skin, scars are tethered.
  15. Using Pmd For Suctioning

    Thank you for responding! I actually have small scars but they are in a line and form a linear scar in my smile line. I'll give it a try and it doesn't work I'll get the one from Owndoc. I think it's only $13!
  16. Using Pmd For Suctioning

    I just read somewhere (online) that someone uses the PMD to suction his skin after he uses the dermastamp. He doesn't put the discs on it and places the PMD on his skin for a bit. Has anybody done this with the PMD? I have one and would like to give it a try but I'm a little nervous. I'm wondering if it would be too strong to use...this other person said he had no problem with it and that it works great.
  17. Dermastamp Vs. Dermal Filler

    Try the dermastamp first (you can find them really cheap online) and if it doesn't work go for the fillers. I honestly wouldn't do fillers. They only work for a little while then you have to get more. I have dermarolled in the past and it helped most of my scars but not all. I think the ones that stuck behind are tethered so I am thinking of adding suctioning to help release the tethered scars. I am not familiar with suctioning so can't say much about it. In case you don't know (I didn't when I first heard of tethered scars), if you stretch your skin and the scars don't disappear that means they are tethered. In order to get rid of tethered scars, the fibers that are holding the scar down need to be broken. You do that by subcision (I wouldn't do it myself but people do single needling to break those fibers) or suction (or so I"ve heard...not sure if it really works) If scars disappear when your skin is stretched, then they aren't tethered and you'll be able to improve the scars. I've never had an issue with dermarolling. never broke out from that but that's just me. My skin is different than yours. I used to get cystic acne too but I haven't gotten anymore since I had my baby 7 months ago. I also stopped drinking milk so that may have been my trigger. Never had fillers so don't know if they would cause you to break out.