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  1. ...Please man. Don't give that asshole con-artist any money. Spend it on a vacation or something. You will look back in a few months and regret burning $10,000 for nothing. The doctors administering these energy treatments don't understand quantum physics either. Only the science of bullshit.
  2. Anyone have plans for what they are going to do with their lives after another 5 years of this circus?
  3. ^These are roughly my thoughts on our situation. 5 different Accutane forums over the years, and the PSSD and PFS communities. Thousands upon thousands of people with the same variety of drug-induced sexual dysfunction and emotional anhedonia claiming every health fad to come along is an avenue of recovery. This thread, and the PFS and PSSD forums should be enough evidence to convince any sane person that what we are doing is an inescapable cycle leading to nowhere. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm one of those people who has jumped on the bandwagon behind the scenes and tried many, many, different things after hearing one or two dubious recovery stories from a particular treatment. ...Still doing it to this day. I should have known better and it has never worked. I have only gotten worse since I began doing this 6 years ago. Even treatments with sound reasoning behind them don't work. So, everything went to Hell in 1999 and I never made the connection with my symptoms and Accutane until 2010. I thought I was the only human being in history who had to go through losing their energetic personality and sex drive nearly overnight at a young age for no apparent reason. I had hope and reassurance that a solution would come after finding out so many other people were looking for some way to escape. ...And here we are. I stay in contact with many fellow sufferers who once posted on these forums. People don't recover, they just go away after becoming exhausted. And we still don't know for sure how Accutane can cause permanent sexual side-effects or depression/anhedonia, let alone how to treat it. Maybe someday people with the will and the means to establish a legitimate and thorough scientific investigation into Accutane side effects will come along. We're just goofing off until then. I've also become close with a couple people with MS in the past few years. There is no cure, but scientific investigation into the disease has produced treatments that are specific to MS, which allow them to live relatively normal lives. Otherwise, they would be living out the remainder of their days crippled. i wonder what it would be like for them if their entire patient group spent the last 50 years as we have spent the last 20-30? I'm out of ideas, time and financial security, and the willpower to do what needs to be done to break-through. But I can guarantee nothing good will come from what is going on here. Peace .
  4. You should probably recommend that book to the families of those who have died from HIV/AIDS rather than contributing toward making post-Accutane sufferers appear to be fringe-theory wackjobs who don't believe in germs. ...We already have it bad enough. Hopefully the majority of newcomers know better than to refer their doctors to this thread when trying to gain legitimate acceptance of their side effects.
  5. ^This is horrifying. I have had ED and severe genital numbness since taking the Accutane 17 years ago, but no tissue damage as far as I'm aware. There have been a few post-Accutane guys who said they had penile shrinkage and peyronies disease from scar tissue though. This seems somewhat common among PFS guys too, and a few of them have been diagnosed with penile fibrosis and peyronies. Please try to coax your urologist into doing a case report if you can.
  6. Maybe an experiment to determine how much Accutane it takes to reach a sub-lethal, but debilitating, dose is a more fitting punishment than death for them.
  7. Someone with long-term ED after Accutane recently texted me to mention his success with bremelanotide a.k.a.: PT-141 . He said it didn't do anything to increase libido, but it had effects on ED that were similar to Viagra that lasted for about half a day after he injected it.