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  1. Just wondered why you did it. Noticed an increasing number of people taking other's words and using them as their own in recent years. Out of context too. Not a big deal, really
  2. Why are you quoting one of my statements from another forum verbatim and linking it to a totally unrelated page on naturalnews?
  3. @hatetane @john86 @accuity_drane Some more discussion regarding research on the lastingsides.org Accutane forum.
  4. Na. Terroristic threats are pushing the envelope a bit much for the lastingsides site and aren't welcome there either. It's a place to give hope to people who have lost hope in the general tone of this thread. Macleod, why don't you join? The site as a whole might be geared toward promoting scientific research, but the Accutane forum is still a forum meant for all Accutane sufferers.
  5. Not sure why it would be inappropriate to contact any parents who want to help or speak out. I think most of them just let it go after so long to save their sanity. Fighting against a company like Roche and a complacent FDA and not getting anywhere wears a person down. The fact that around a dozen parents showed at the UK anti-Roacctaune protest a few years ago shows that they are still looking for opportunities to make a move though. I'm certain Dr. Santmann is aware of our overlap in symptoms and the overlap in MOA of both drugs, but can't speak on his personal opinion. Dr, Santmann's hands are tied either way because his organization is receiving money from many people who don't understand or care about Accutane sufferers possibly having the same condition. Politics. Look at it from the viewpoint of a "post-Accutane Foundation" funding scientific studies and supporting medical and media outreach programs for ex-finasteride users without extremely solid evidence of a related syndrome. "And now they doubled the price....There's another test by a company called Genos, for example, that is far more comprehensive, though it's more expensive than 23andMe. I might end up getting the test by Genos myself." Nice. http://seqanswers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69776 Still not full genome sequencing but you are right about Genos being way more thorough than the 23andMe service provides.
  6. Not going to argue against the validity of your message, but do you realize that openly expressing these thoughts in a public forum might lead to federal cops banging on your door before you are prepared for a visit? ps- One of the discoverers of Accutane's utility in treating acne actually has apologized for it and wrote the FDA concerning its dangers. F. W. Yoder, “Isotretinoin: A Word of Caution,” JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 249, no. 3, p. 350, Jan. 1983.
  7. Thanks for Joining! Actually, it was a PFS guy who created the site. I only helped with some of the functional design and layout, debugging, and administration duties. Took_Accutane from the All Things Male Accutane forum provided much of the blog content and provided a ton of input into design. We had a few others from the PSSD and post-Lupron communities helping out along the way. Hopefully they will return once things get moving in the right direction. And yes, there was one group of scientists who showed interest in performing a pilot study on several post-Accutane patients if we could come up with the funding, (estimated to be only in the tens-of thousands of USD range, from what I heard) but that was over a year ago. We need to somehow show that there is still enough interest among us and the families of those affected to help to support and take part in research. The father of Jesse Jones, who committed suicide due to Accutane side effects, made the Dying for Clear Skin documentary but he is not a doctor. Perhaps you are thinking of Dr. John Santmann from the PFSF, whose son committed suicide after taking dutasteride? Unfortunately, 23andMe doesn't provide full genome analysis, they only provide information based on snps (common point mutations at certain locations) detected in a portion of deciphered human genes and match those snps to genotypes associated with certain diseases. Not impossible, but we would be hard-pressed to find the answer through their service and would need someone with knowhow to interpret the data collected from many many post-Acutane patients to even begin. Worth the ~$100 for the analysis IMO though.
  8. John, our side effects can absolutely be proven biologically by modern science. In fact, this could have been done with the level of biotechnology that existed ten years ago. The ultimate purpose of www.lastingsides.org is to establish initiative and funding for scientific research into our seemingly permanent side effects, whether it be through crowd funding or by joining-up with organizations like the PFSF. The site was built because there is no hope if we continue as is.
  9. No anonyy, what is discussed in the video are extremely unnatural reactions to unnatural exposures to chemicals, like Accutane, that persist for generations. These changes can last regardless of living in a clean environment after the fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4LezkjNwnY
  10. Science philanthropist describes Accutane as "EPIGENETICALLY HORRIFIC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=k4LezkjNwnY#t=2179 The entire video is a great watch.
  11. And in another 20 years, when Accutane suicides start making the news again and children are still being rendered impotent and sickly, we will know that it is still occurring because many of the people who post here chose to bury their heads in the sand, self treat with no direction, and not do anything about the problem at large. So yeah, thanks to Stephan. He might have had some strange ideas, but he did more to help than than some of us wannabe doctors ever did.
  12. Depending on who you ask around here, coffee can be damaging or curative depending on which end you stick it in.
  13. Over 17 years since I've taken Accutane. Point is that if you are early into this, there is a good chance of significant recovery. It's not only me saying this from personal experience but many others who have mentioned that they improved drastically in the first year after developing side effects.
  14. @macleod Nice story, but one who is honest won't rise to the top of marketing at a place like Roche/Genentech. Also, most of the major scumbags who were there telling lies about Accutane as their profession have moved on to other drug companies or luxurious retirement by now. @cnb I won't lie. Accutane trashed my life. Has it been worth living in the state that I am in? No. But you should know that I recovered quite a bit of my personality, emotions, and sexual function during the first 6 months after experiencing my crash. Give it some time before you make your final decision. @accuity_drane Thanks for the link. I was aware that Roche had lost the McCarrel case by some miracle, but this is the first time I have heard that the jury was presented with internal documents showing that Roche’s own scientists uncovered a causative link between Accutane and IBD.
  15. Amazing. Can you provide a source?
  16. @yetanotheraccutanevictim You don't have to go deep into unrelated conspiracy theory territory. We're prime examples of the result of corporate greed. .
  17. Many of us in your position have come and gone, some have committed suicide, and no one has uncovered any solid answers after many years of deliberation and self-treatment . Let's make one last push to find out through scientific discovery, rather than individual speculation, what has really happened to us and if there is some way to possibly reverse it. We can't fix what we don't understand, but if there is any chance to experience life the way it was before Accutane, it will be well worth any effort put into unveiling the adverse effects it created. There are more people who have come to the same conclusion than there are actively posting in this thread at the moment. They have nothing left to say, see no other way out of this hell, but haven't had the opportunity to take action. For this reason, a new website and multiple forums have been created for the purpose of fostering media attention, patient advocation toward the medical community, and scientific research into several drug classes that share an overlapping set of persistent side effects with Accutane: www.lastingsides.org We also have our own Accutane Forum after much talk and too much time spent waiting. The site will grow and evolve over time and there are more things planned than what you will see on the site from the launch date. We have had good people from the PFS, PSSD, and post-Lupron communities provide input, content, and help over the past couple years. You don't have to take part in discussion among the other groups if you do not wish to, but after speaking with so many people who have been left with long-term side effects from these other drugs, the similarities we share are astounding.
  18. Dr. Douglas Bremner discusses his fMRI study of Accutane patients, the death of Dr. David Cornbleet at the hands of Hans Peterson, and one of Roche's own scientists admitting a cover-up of Accutane-induced depression by Roche's marketing team. http://beforeyoutakethatpill.com/blog/2016/07/27/accutane-made-me-do-it/
  19. If its naturally occurring then what's with all the side effects? Not sure if that is a rhetorical question or if you are being serious. Toxic amounts of substances that are naturally produced by the body are still toxic. As is the case with alcohol, cortisol, adrenaline, insulin, GHB (yes, a small amount of GHB occurs naturally too). Too much of any of these substances can cause serious health problems or even kill. .
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear the saw palmetto didn't pan out. Might be for the best that you stopped though. Who knows.
  21. Hate to play the devil's advocate, but isotretinoin/13-cis-retinoic acid does occur naturally in very small concentrations. (around 1.5ng/dL) T. Gw and R. Rm, “13-cis-retinoic acid is an endogenous compound in human serum.,” J Lipid Res, vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 175–182, 1990 1990. It is produced as a by-product of retinoid metabolism. On a side-note, I tried leaving a comment refuting some of the one-sided misinformation about the safety profile of Accutane on that dermatologist's blog: http://www.reddingderm.com/dermblog/the-truth-about-acne-and-accutane and it was blocked.