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  1. You should probably recommend that book to the families of those who have died from HIV/AIDS rather than contributing toward making post-Accutane sufferers appear to be fringe-theory wackjobs who don't believe in germs. ...We already have it bad enough. Hopefully the majority of newcomers know better than to refer their doctors to this thread when trying to gain legitimate acceptance of their side effects.
  2. ^This is horrifying. I have had ED and severe genital numbness since taking the Accutane 17 years ago, but no tissue damage as far as I'm aware. There have been a few post-Accutane guys who said they had penile shrinkage and peyronies disease from scar tissue though. This seems somewhat common among PFS guys too, and a few of them have been diagnosed with penile fibrosis and peyronies. Please try to coax your urologist into doing a case report if you can.
  3. Maybe an experiment to determine how much Accutane it takes to reach a sub-lethal, but debilitating, dose is a more fitting punishment than death for them.
  4. Someone with long-term ED after Accutane recently texted me to mention his success with bremelanotide a.k.a.: PT-141 . He said it didn't do anything to increase libido, but it had effects on ED that were similar to Viagra that lasted for about half a day after he injected it.
  5. Meet The Doctor Who Says Prescription Drugs Are Killing Us – And He’s Not The Only One
  6. -I tried 30g oil derived from high CBD strains over 3 months time. No benefits. In fact, I noticed was a bit worse after the treatment than before starting it. -tanedout tried oil. He is still here and looking for solutions. -You may be getting Doneat16 and Crank92 confused. Crank92 stated that he seemed to have some initial benefit from vaping, but the oil didn't work well for him. He has been ignoring this site lately, not because he is better, but because he is more interested in getting an education than getting involved in the foolishness that goes on here. All things considered, he is doing okay, but still has problems. -Doneat16 never posted in this thread. He was a post Accutane person who posted on propeciahelp years ago. I was the one who personally emailed him to ask how he was doing to be told he spontaneously recovered within the first year after developing side effects by doing "nothing in particular" as a treatment. He casually stated that he was having fun and doing quite a bit of partying, including drinking and smoking weed. The possibility that marijuana usage may have played a role in his recovery became contorted through the grapevine as the reason he thought he recovered. He did not make a full recovery either. Only said he regained enough function to not have to worry about ED constantly. -Not sure Maynerd had sexual side effects or depression. If you can find where he said he recovered from these, that would be great to know. -A man who goes by Dave22k on many forums did a 14 day and 21 day water fast. They didn't do anything for him. "Here in France we have a guy who took accutane in 2010 and have recovered only last year in 2015, he is claiming free of all symptoms at 95% , and he even feel better in certain point than before taking accutane. And he had really awfull side effects." Could you share what his treatment method was? I've followed around 20 different purported cures to the letter. I'm talking same brand, same dose, same duration, etc... " I tried "....." for X days/months to treat "..." caused by Accutane, and noticed a miraculous change for the better after X days/months" This is usually followed by 1 or 2 corroborating success stories and who knows how many people with similar symptoms as the OP who try the treatment and never bother to mention that it didn't work for them. Not calling everyone claiming a recovery a liar. You are putting words into my mouth. Moral is that people generally don't bother telling their failure stories after following one of these supposed cures.
  7. I disagree. The effects can be overcome. Not enough people on this forum focusing on the diet and lifestyle side in my opinion thus no getting better. I have spoken to ex accutane people who fixed there side effects after years and years sooo.... if they listened to you they wouldn't have. Moral of the story there is always hope. You don't have the right to be telling people they can never get better. That's fucked up and inaccurate. Can you name these folks, or give examples of these people's side effects and the specific diet/lifestyle changes? In the past few years I have been in contact with ~50 people who suffer sexual and reproductive side effects from Accutane. This is counting only people I have regularly PM'd, phoned, or emailed, not those who just randomly show up and post that they got better after many years because of treatment X-Y-Z. Basically, these are friends from the forums who were stuck in the same situation as me. Only 2 of those I am in contact with said they had significant improvement to the point where they considered themselves back to normal , or even close to normal, function. One recovered in the first year and attributed it to a water fast, and the other said he did nothing in particular as a treatment and just naturally recovered in the first year. You have to account for all of the people who tried the paleo-diet, cannabis oil, water-fasting, ect, without success. It may be wrong say that a full or nearly full recovery is impossible, but you have to consider the grossly overwhelming number of failed treatment attempts compared to the few recovery stories. This is counting people such as myself who have made years-long attempts at cleaning up their diet and improving physical condition, without the slightest long-term improvement in certain symptoms.
  8. Thanks for sharing this. Many of the PFS doctors have high credibility in the medical community and it would be great if one or more of them began speaking out on behalf of those of us with sexual side effects and depression from Accutane. Even the neurologist coming forward about muscle wasting among former Accutane users would be a great stride. I will PM you some information. Hope it helps.
  9. No Macleod, this isn't how research is done. You don't make definitive statements (e.g.: "we all have persistently upregulated FOXO1" or "we all have excess intracellular copper," or even "we all have persistent gene dysregulation") without a way to test the hypothesis. None of us has access to proper equipment or the knowledge to perform the tests required for validation of these types of statements. This amateur "hypothesis spamming" has been going on for over 20 years across several forums and it has led to absolutely nothing. It is a shame that all of this mental energy isn't going toward contacting researchers, opening dialogue with doctors who may not be so dismissive, or increasing media exposure regarding what has happened to us. People still log on and discuss side effects ad-nauseam without bothering to report their side effects. People still post saying they've figured it all out and that a treatment is right around the corner without having an understanding of core concepts of biology. Discussing the flavor of the month fabricated pathology and corresponding cure is always more appealing than doing the real footwork. I don't want to die stuck this way while the next generation of Accutane sufferers continues to play the same games, but I think that is how this will end.
  10. "post your "mechanisms underlying cellular differentation" " D. A. Khavari, G. L. Sen, and J. L. Rinn, “DNA methylation and epigenetic control of cellular differentiation,” Cell Cycle, vol. 9, no. 19, pp. 3880–3883, Oct. 2010. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.4161/cc.9.19.13385 "or simply give one example of a gene being switched off by something no longer in the body that didnt cause an ongoing deficiency?" A. B. Csoka and M. Szyf, “Epigenetic side-effects of common pharmaceuticals: A potential new field in medicine and pharmacology,” Medcal Hypotheses, vol. 73, no. 5, pp. 770–780, Nov. 2009. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306987709002916 J. Lötsch, G. Schneider, D. Reker, M. J. Parnham, P. Schneider, G. Geisslinger, and A. Doehring, “Common non-epigenetic drugs as epigenetic modulators,” Trends Mol Med, vol. 19, no. 12, pp. 742–753, Dec. 2013. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Joern_Loetsch/publication/256928642_Common_non-epigenetic_drugs_as_epigenetic_modulators/links/5591691b08ae47a34910a2ba.pdf ^ These articles discuss permanent changes in gene regulation caused by substances which are no longer present, and in the case of the cancer drug tamoxifen, reversal of the suppression of ER-responsive genes by the hypomethylating agent azacitidine. "our kids skin wont be dry from us taking accutane. they wont have one of our side effects" The articles posted above also identify potential dangers of these epigenetic alterations being passed from parents to children via effects on germ cells.
  11. Don't say such things. It may be considered heresy to point to the fact that Accutane has a relatively short half-life and that even metabolites such as 4-oxo-isotretinoin and excess ATRA have long since been eliminated in those of us who have had side effects for years. Some people can't grasp that the house being burnt to a husk doesn't mean there is still fire. Please feel free to PM me if you really do have a background in genetics or a related field. I also strongly believe the drug induces long-term changes in the mechanisms underlying cellular differentiation. Maybe we can start mainlining 5-azacytidine as a last resort. lol