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  1. You can't keep a girlfriend if Accutane destroyed your sexual ability and you can't enjoy hobbies when the part of your mind that produces sensations of pleasure has been destroyed.
  2. AcneScience, that is totally incorrect about the manufacturer going out of business. They made tens, or possibly hundreds, of billions on the drug and only lost tens of millions in lawsuits. They changed their company name to Genentech in the US and their US patent simply expired, so they discontinued Accutane in the US under pressure from generics sales (whose manufacturers are not liable under US law). It is still sold in Europe under the name roaccutane. They ruined our lives and got away with it. And the side effect warnings can get shoved up the dermatologist’s asses for all it matters. The list of adverse events associated with Accutane is incomplete and does not warn of the permanency of the damage done. Many dermatologists will flat-out deny certain side effects are possible and give you the swift kick out of their office. They are tools with prescription pads. Ps: Patients are absolutely not entitled to make a decision based on side effect warnings. This is the doctor's job. Total gray area, but don't place the blame on us. Q: How do you stump a dermatologist? A: Ask them how Accutane works. They will either tell you its mechanism of action is not understood, or they will make up some bullshit that sounds plausible in their minds and to the ears of a common patient. All of the ill effects of Accutane simply cannot be measured in blood tests.
  3. Putting the fear of death into them is probably the only thing that would have an impact at this point. The pharmaceutical companies are untouchable by the letter of the law. Anyone who had their hands in doing this to us deserves to die.
  4. Hi Soldier. Just wondered if you have continued the saw palmetto treatment and still seeing benefits?
  5. Oversimplified Summary of 5-ari-W theory: Before 5ari use: Intracellular DHT levels in affected tissues -> Normal Androgen Receptor concentration in affected tissues -> Normal Unknown factor contributing to androgen sensitivity/signalling -> Normal *You feel normal. During 5ari use: Intracellular DHT levels in affected tissues -> Low Androgen Receptor concentration in affected tissues -> Very High (in response to low androgen levels) Unknown factor contributing to androgen sensitivity/signalling -> Normal or High (in response to low androgen levels) *You feel normal or mild side effects When DHT-suppressing effect of 5ari subsides: Intracellular DHT levels in affected tissues -> Normal Androgen Receptor concentration in affected tissues -> Still Very High Unknown factor contributing to androgen sensitivity/signalling -> Still Normal or High *You feel a recovery or even hyper-androgenic for a short time. Unknown factor is down-regulated, possibly through persistent DNA methylation. This happens in response to a perceived excess of androgens when DHT levels return to normal in the presence of very high concentration of AR. After development of symptoms: Intracellular DHT levels in affected tissues -> Normal or low Androgen Receptor concentration in affected tissues -> Very High Unknown factor contributing to androgen sensitivity/signalling -> Very Low *AR is persistently over-expressed to compensate for a weak androgen signal. This over-expresion of AR has been observed in studies of PFS patients. The idea behind taking another 5-ARI is to induce the low-androgen environment again in hopes that the unknown factor will be increased to normal levels again to compensate, restoring androgen sensitivity. The second intention is for DHT to return to normal levels this time without triggering the same mechanism that caused the problem in the first place.
  6. Could you please share the brand and dosage you have been taking?
  7. Cannabis actually contains quite a bit of beta-sitosterol. It is believed to be the pharmacologically active phytochemical in saw palmetto responsible for DHT-lowering effects. One of the guys who used to post on here, Crank92, mentioned going through a worsening of PFS-like symptoms after vaporizing cannabis, followed by a noticeable improvement in symptoms a few days later. He said he did this repeatedly and believes it lead to lasting improvements.
  8. I tried contacting him recently. No response yet. Remember those few stories from propeciahelp of temporary recovery from guys going back on finasteride? Interesting isn't it? Sort of falls in line with the theory of both silenced and over-expressed androgen receptor. Think there have been a couple other folks comment in this thread that they cured Accutane-induced sexual dysfunction by taking fin. The guy you quoted didn't actually follow Kevin Pezzi's recommendation from the sound of it though. Kevin Pezzi's method of treatment is to cycle finasteride. DImmer says he stayed on it for months. Dr. Pezzi's idea is to induce AR overexpression by reducing DHT, then stopping finasteride after a noticeable drop in libido. After stopping, DHT returns to baseline in an environment of overexpressed AR, causing a heightened androgenic signal leading to increased sexual function ...This same return of baseline DHT levels in an environment of overexpressed ARs is also the basis of the temporary recovery followed by a crash, according to the silenced androgen signal theory (awor's theory) of PFS. I felt that same incredibly heightened libido, erectile function, and limitless energy after stopping during the couple weeks leading up to my crash after stopping Accutane. Seems too much like rolling the dice again for me to try it. Getting almost desperate enough to try anything though.
  9. This isn't a safe place for people who don't believe in magic.
  10. Never forget that Roaccutane is still sold in Europe. Roche absolutely has an interest in keeping our stories out of the public eye.
  11. Had nocturnal and morning erections the first 4 nights I took tamoxifen. Almost felt like being back to normal sexually after so many years, After the first 4 nights, everything went back to baseline and I quit taking it after a month.
  12. A couple of them committed suicide and most of the others I am in contact with realized there is currently no reliable way out and are just moving on with their lives as best they can, given their situation. Maybe this just isn't a healthy discussion thread for people with sexual and mental side effects.
  13. I hear that. This place isn't for people who got hit with side effects like we did. Total bizzaro land when you are perfectly fine physically , but your mind and sex life are ruined and you have people telling you it is all because your liver has been clogged for over a decade. Get real, freaks!
  14. ...Please man. Don't give that asshole con-artist any money. Spend it on a vacation or something. You will look back in a few months and regret burning $10,000 for nothing. The doctors administering these energy treatments don't understand quantum physics either. Only the science of bullshit.
  15. Anyone have plans for what they are going to do with their lives after another 5 years of this circus?
  16. ^These are roughly my thoughts on our situation. 5 different Accutane forums over the years, and the PSSD and PFS communities. Thousands upon thousands of people with the same variety of drug-induced sexual dysfunction and emotional anhedonia claiming every health fad to come along is an avenue of recovery. This thread, and the PFS and PSSD forums should be enough evidence to convince any sane person that what we are doing is an inescapable cycle leading to nowhere. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm one of those people who has jumped on the bandwagon behind the scenes and tried many, many, different things after hearing one or two dubious recovery stories from a particular treatment. ...Still doing it to this day. I should have known better and it has never worked. I have only gotten worse since I began doing this 6 years ago. Even treatments with sound reasoning behind them don't work. So, everything went to Hell in 1999 and I never made the connection with my symptoms and Accutane until 2010. I thought I was the only human being in history who had to go through losing their energetic personality and sex drive nearly overnight at a young age for no apparent reason. I had hope and reassurance that a solution would come after finding out so many other people were looking for some way to escape. ...And here we are. I stay in contact with many fellow sufferers who once posted on these forums. People don't recover, they just go away after becoming exhausted. And we still don't know for sure how Accutane can cause permanent sexual side-effects or depression/anhedonia, let alone how to treat it. Maybe someday people with the will and the means to establish a legitimate and thorough scientific investigation into Accutane side effects will come along. We're just goofing off until then. I've also become close with a couple people with MS in the past few years. There is no cure, but scientific investigation into the disease has produced treatments that are specific to MS, which allow them to live relatively normal lives. Otherwise, they would be living out the remainder of their days crippled. i wonder what it would be like for them if their entire patient group spent the last 50 years as we have spent the last 20-30? I'm out of ideas, time and financial security, and the willpower to do what needs to be done to break-through. But I can guarantee nothing good will come from what is going on here. Peace .
  17. You should probably recommend that book to the families of those who have died from HIV/AIDS rather than contributing toward making post-Accutane sufferers appear to be fringe-theory wackjobs who don't believe in germs. ...We already have it bad enough. Hopefully the majority of newcomers know better than to refer their doctors to this thread when trying to gain legitimate acceptance of their side effects.