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  1. Hey, aren't you that guy who lied about being a dermatologist to sell post-Accutane sufferers an ebook full of nonsense? The Rhein 24hr USP is a valid test used to detect doping in athletes and congenital abnormalities of enzyme function.
  2. Wanted to share my Rhein 24-HR USP results: (All units are micrograms/24hrs) TEST RESULT REFERENCE RANGE Estrone (E1) 9.0 3-12 Estradiol (E2) 3.5 0-7 Estriol (E3) 6.7 1-16 Total Estrogens 19 4-22 Testosterone 109 45-85 (H) Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) 28 0-13 (H) Androstanediol 182 48-578 Androstenedione 210 (no established range) DHEA 250 5-1476 Androstenetriol (5-AT) 1784 42-710 (H) Androsterone (AN) 6042 798-4705 (H) 11b-OH-Androsterone (OHAN) 744 461-1692 Etiocholanolone (ET) 8004 689-3252 (H) 11b-OH-Etiocholanolone (OHET) 285 134-1186 Pregnanediol (PD) 790 32-501 (H) (^ indicative of progesterone levels) 5-Pregnenetriol (5-PT) 109 28-1062 Cortisone (E) 189 92-366 THE 4943 1365-5788 THB 194 32-238 5a-THB 318 135-588 THA 155 52-277 Cortisol (F) 151 35-168 THF 1857 942-2800 5a-THF 787 796-2456 (L) 24hr Rheins urine analysis provides measurements of THF (tetrahydrocortisol) and 5a-THF (allo-tetrahydrocortisol), and the ratio of 5a-THF to THF ( ie: 5a-THF / THF ) follows the 5alpha reductase activity, ie: high ( 5a-THF / THF > 1.3 ) shows high 5 alpha reductase activity (above 90 percentile) mid ( 5a-THF / THF = 0.8 ) shows average 5 alpha reductase activity low ( 5a-THF / THF < 0.6) shows low 5 alpha reductase activity (below 10 percentile) My 5a-THF / THF ration is 0.4 Very far from normal.
  3. Other people considering Acutane might be interested in our experience with the drug: http://www.iodine.com/drug/accutane/reviews ^ It's only a couple minute process to leave a review on this site.
  4. If you have sexual or reproductive problems from taking Accutane please send an email to the office of the FDA ombudman briefly describing your symptoms and asking why the types of side effects you experienced are not listed in the drug info: http://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/OC/OfficeofScientificandMedicalPrograms/ucm197508.htm Here is a direct email link: [email protected] We might as well try calling for help while we're grasping at straws for a way out. I sent an email in August and actually recieved a reply, but it will take more than just one person. The post-finasteride community was able to get the risk of persistent sexual dysfunction added to the drug label of Propecia by prodding the FDA. Certainly we can do the same if we want our post-Accutane symptoms to be taken seriously. Thanks!
  5. I can't put my finger on what role the CFTR gene or protein would play in any typical post-Accutane side effects either. DO remember reading something about trans-membrane trafficking of vitamin A or other retinoids being affected to some degree when certain CFTR mutations are present, but I think that actually caused REDUCED absorbance of retinoids into the cell. Just FYI: The CFTR protein produced by the delta-F508 mutation would be misfolded regardless of chaperone proteins or conditions in the ER because an amino acid codon is missing in the underlying genetic code. This misfolded protein would also be produced regardless of availability of the missing amino acid (phenylalanine). The G551D mutation that YetAnotherAccutaneVicitm has doesn't produce a misfolded protein, but one which embeds into cell membrane as normal, but has a malfunctioning gating function.
  6. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    Merch appears to fabricate his own facts regarding mechanism of action of Accutane and possible effects. but let's ask some experts. An example of Accutane permanently altering the structure and function of a type of sebaceous gland, the meibomian gland: A. Moy, N. A. McNamara, and M. C. Lin, “Effects of Isotretinoin on Meibomian Glands,” Optom Vis Sci, vol. 92, no. 9, pp. 925–930, Sep. 2015. http://journals.lww.com/optvissci/Abstract/2015/09000/Effects_of_Isotretinoin_on_Meibomian_Glands.6.aspx Not so sure I would want to jump on a treatment for a cosmetic condition that requires "pallative care" to manage the side effects.
  7. We'll have that forum someday Macleod, just not as soon as planned. Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to the new post-Accutane sufferers forum that I had promised. There were some problems and time constraints in my personal life and I had to take a hiatus from working on it. Hate to say it, but the pathologies of our side effects and potential remedies will need to be sorted out in a lab. We need to do whatever it takes to get to that point.
  8. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    Well said! Accutane wasn't developed to treat acne, but long-term remission of acne was viewed by Roche as a very marketable side effect of a chemotherapy drug. To paraphrase Janet Woodcock, head of FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, "Any pharmacologically active substance will have side effects." ...It makes sense.
  9. Mind if I ask if either of you guys are carriers of a CFTR mutation (cystic fibrosis)? 4/4 post-Accutane sufferers I have spoken with who had the 23andme test done were reported as carriers of cystic fibrosis. 3 of us had the delta-F508 mutation specifically. The fourth I am unsure of, but he said he is a carrier of some form of CFTR mutation. ...The odds of 4/4 randomly selected people being carriers is slim but I'm not sure what the connection would be with Accutane side effects.
  10. The WAPF is largely funded by supplement companies. Take that to mean what you will. The generally accepted RDA for vitamin A is 3,500IU daily for men. This should be enough to prevent deficiency and to avoid even a remote chance of toxic effects. I despise the taste of liver, but eat a diet which is probably moderately high in retinol and take mutivitamins containing vitamin A. I never bothered to do the math on retinol intake, but don't experience any noticeable negative effects from it. Have most all of my lab reports posted here: http://www.allthingsmale.com/community/threads/dubya_b-blood-tests-and-lab-reports.21923/ The clomiphene (think it was 15 or 25mg every other day) was administered to see if there was a problem occurring at the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or testes. It wasn't really a treatment as much as a diagnostic tool. I tried many different types of TRT but they didn't help with libido or ED. My personal recommendation is to try TRT for a brief time, and if it doesn't improve your symptoms, then quit taking it before you shut down natural production.