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  1. This might be the product if anyone is still looking: 

    Just got another email "You are receiving this email because you are following tracy521." I haven't followed this user!!!
  3. I have posted thousands of topics and replied to thousands on this board. The new system is sending me emails every time someone posts, replies, likes, or whatever on anything that I've ever participated in. I've "unfollowed" numerous things but I cannot unfollow everything I've ever participated in!!!! Please give us a way to not have email me EVER. I don't want ANY emails. I want to click ONE link to unsubscribe from ALL EMAILS.  Right now my solution is to mark all emails as spam in gmail. Eventually enough spam marks go into gmail's central system, so all of your gmail users will have their emails marked as spam. I've been getting 10 emails a's ridiculous.
  4. Are you sure that it's acne? Rosacea bumps can look a lot like acne but is caused by weak blood vessels. Unlike common acne, which results from clogged pores, rosacea is caused by weak blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. When these blood vessels leak, the skin turns red. Larger leaks cause small, pimple-like red spots to break out on the face, and scar tissue can cause lumps and bumps to form under the skin. I have had both types of bumps most of my life. Even dermatologists have a hard time telling the difference between them without opening up the bumps with a scalpel. The acne is relatively easy to get rid of. The rosacea bumps (which often resemble deeper pimples or cysts) will stay until you strengthen the blood vessels.
  5. Retinoids never worked for me. They increase the rate of cellular turnover in the deeper layers of the skin, but since I get debris clogs in the deeper layers (cysts), well, retinoids are a recipe for disaster. Peels literally peel away from the top and don't add to the mess. I currently take 25,000 to 50,000 IU of Vitamin A. It seems to help lessen my oily areas (nose and chin).
  6. Spiro was wonderful for my active acne but it obviously can't force clogs out of your pores or even prevent blackheads. For existing clogged pores I do some pretty aggressive at-home exfoliation and dissolving. Gentler methods have not helped. Daily, at night 1. A full 2 minute manual exfoliation with tree hut shea sugar scrub. 2. 2 minute oil cleansing with botanical beauty grapeseed oil (need that linoleic acid!). For me this means massaging in for 2 minutes, rinsing all the way off with hot water.  3. Spritz face with water, than moisturize with juice beauty stem cellular moisturizer (expensive, but with aggressive exfoliation you need this step) 3x a week only on areas with clogged pores 1. 30 minutes leave-on elemis pumpkin enzyme peel. 2. For as long as you can stand (you have to work up to max time), dr. song 50% lactic acid gel peel. 3. Cold water rinse, wait 5 minutes. 3. For as long as you can stand, planet eden 30% salicyic acid peel. 4. Cold water rinse, leave it for an hour, then moisturize with the juice beauty. Please note this is VERY aggressive. Layering the peels helps clear the inter-pore debris I seem to accumulate, so the salicylic acid can actually get into the pore. I listen to my skin and back off if it starts drying out too much or getting too irritated.  To prevent future clogged pores I find that high doses of Vitamin A and fish oil help a lot. This cod liver oil has both.