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  1. Reealgood added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Im feeling so rubbish!!!! I don't want to go out and meet my friends because of my skin,and im just counting the days until 18th August, the day of my roaccutane derm appointment. It's also results day for my A-Levels. 3 months wait for a derm is awful, i cant afford to go private. So, my IB from roaccutane will probably coincide with when I start Uni near end of September and thats depressing. I cant afford to go to holiday this summer due to saving for uni, i have nothing to look forward to and im counting the days till my derm appointment, 3 weeks to go now.I cry a lot over acne these days too
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  2. Reealgood added a post in a topic ACNE why me? it makes no sense! PICTURES!   

    A good diet may work, but may not, the thing with acne is that different things work for different people. But like I said earlier, the best thing to do is see a doctor, they will give you something that can't be bought over the counter, that's stronger, especially if you don't want such a bid diet change.
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  3. Reealgood added a post in a topic ACNE why me? it makes no sense! PICTURES!   

    I'd say see a G.P/doctor/dermatologist if it's persistent and as over the counter products haven't worked, and it's persistent. this is assuming you haven't seen one, it would be the best thing to do.
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  4. Reealgood added a post in a topic Best tinted moisturizer?   

    clinique superbalanced foundation is brilliant, very, very light, almost like tinted moisuriser! Have fun at your camp!
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