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  1. XXYY added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment   

    low dose as in you'll be on it indefinitely or until you reach the cumulative dose? i was sort of under the impression NHS derms wouldnt do that kind of non conventional dosing

    **my bad, just noticed you went private!!
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  2. XXYY added a post in a topic Extremely Dehydrated And Oily Skin   

    two products have recently came onto the market that are PERFECT for this type of skin (i happen to be cursed with it too)

    "Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Adjunctive Hydrating Care provides the skin with extra moisture and counteracts the drying out effect often associtaed with medicinal acne therapy.
    Provides intense hydration Protects against UV rays with SPF 30 Prevents hyperpigmentation (dark marks) after an inflammed spot Effectively reduces skin blemishes Minimizes oil shine with mattifying particles Provides an ideal base for make-up"


    "La Roche Posay EFFACLAR H moisturizes oily skin weakened by drying skin care products.
    New ultra-fine texture with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish that compensates for the side effects, either
    visible or experienced, of over-drying treatments.
    MP-LIPIDS INNOVATION: New generation of lipids to reconstruct skin’s protective barrier in its different dimensions, associated with anti-irritant NIACINAMIDE."

    alongside these i'd suggest using a really gentle cleanser too like Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser which is also described as

    "• Daily skincare routine to relieve the dryness caused by prescription skincare products"

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  3. XXYY added a post in a topic Johnsons Top To Toe...blistering Skin   

    Assuming youre in the UK so id like to reccomend the best regimen alternatives you can get here which are Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and Cetaphil lotion. You can get them in boots/asda. A tad pricey but they last a long time and are well worth the price considering how much they reduce irritation.
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  4. XXYY added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    this is exciting!!!!!! i have both of these products and i loved them when i tried them on my face but i wasnt sure if they broke me out at all. will definitely dust the old puppies off and give them another go
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  5. XXYY added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    whats your skin care routine right now? and what was it on roaccutane? intrigued about the bio oil/cocoa butter. Could start clogging your pores as your oil production returns back to normal hence the small spots around your nose/hairline
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  6. XXYY added a post in a topic My Story (Not Ended, Not Even Halfway Through)   

    your face improved when you stopped everything and just used soap - it didnt last because the soap eventually dried out and irritated your skin, so it all adds up that your skin just does better without any products at all.
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  7. XXYY added a post in a topic My Story (Not Ended, Not Even Halfway Through)   

    uh, have you tried using nothing again since it worked before?
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  8. XXYY added a post in a topic Working At Taco Bell?   

    Airborne bacteria? thats not how acne works - the bacteria involved is p.acnes which is naturally present in all human skin. Increase in sebum production allows and overgrowth of the normally harmless bacteria.
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  9. XXYY added a post in a topic When Can I Stop   

    I can not tell you how reassuring that is to hear!

    Speaking from experience, if the regimen works for you, STICK TO IT!!! ive tried stopping or cutting down a few times and I just break out and regret it. People with less oily skin can get away with using the regimen only once a day - i only use it at night on my back acne (non existent now might i add) because my back doesnt get greasy like my face does. My face I have to use it twice a day or ill start to break out within the next few days.
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  10. XXYY added a post in a topic The Face Wash I Normally Use Is Out Of Stock For 3 Weeks? Help!:(   

    It does take some getting used to, to put it bluntly it feels like you havent washed your face properly but if you gently massage it in to dry skin for about a minute it does remove any face makeup (not sure about eye makeup). When it starts to dry up add a little water, and then rinse
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  11. XXYY added a post in a topic The Face Wash I Normally Use Is Out Of Stock For 3 Weeks? Help!:(   

    BP is also as effective as BP - lets stick to what we know, because there is a study saying Tea Tree Oil is also as effective as BP but im yet to hear about someone who actually cleared their acne using it. My skin broke out really bad when I tried TTO - I'm not a huge fan of these home remedy type things because they just never work.

    @sxdness Your skin will get really really dry when youre on roaccutane so really you shouldnt be using any kind of topical stuff that dries your skin out even more, just let the roaccutane do its thing. Try cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. you can get it in boots or asda and the moisturizer that goes with it is really good too. Its totally non comedogenic and my skin cleared up using that alongside BP so I know it doesnt contribute to acne.
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  12. XXYY added a post in a topic Just Been Prescribed Zineryt   

    I used that and i hated the stuff. Applicator was unhygienic and irritating and it didnt do anything to my acne. Might work for you but its just a basic topical antibiotic.
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  13. XXYY added a post in a topic Caveman Regimen   

    I'm yet to see someone actually clear their acne doing this regimen other than that love vitamin chick (who actually cleared most of her acne before starting it anyway) so ill remain skeptical.

    All I read on the caveman regimen logs is "my skin has a healthy glow "it feels so soft and moisturized" but never "my acne is 100% clear or under control".

    What I do read, time and time again, is "my skin is covered in clogged pores" which they somehow reason by assuming its their skin "repairing" itself. Then they stop posting in that log and start a new skincare regimen and wish they'd never done it.

    Just saying, it sounds like the perfect regimen but its really not all its cracked up to be.
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  14. XXYY added a post in a topic Purple Marks   

    Using a chemical exfoliant in the form of a leave-on lotion such as the Acne.org AHA or Alpha Hydrox Enhance will help you with any hyperpigmentation issues, but in the form of a exfoliating cleanser it isnt on your skin for long enough to have any effect other than irritating the skin.
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  15. XXYY added a post in a topic Coal Tar Soap   

    Is it that Wrights stuff? Its not actually coal tar, that was banned in the UK a while ago (think its prescription only now). The wrights soap is actually tea tree oil based, which is said to help with acne, but the soap itself leaves a waxy residue on your skin and clogs pores.
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