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  1. elsky added a post in a topic How Often Do You Notice Acne On Someone?   

    We have acne so we know what others are going through. I have a friend who also has acne and I get along with her more cause we don't stare at each others faces.. we know we have that issue.... who cares? we don't cause we both are the same.

    Biggest pet peeve... when people don't look me in the eyes when speaking. Acne or no acne. Just plain annoying!
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  2. elsky added a blog entry in elsky's Blog   

    Day 1 Of Adding Zinc To Supplements
    Well, i took my first 30mg of optizinc and no stomach irritation whatsoever. Its only the first day but i heard good reviews on how it is less irritating.

    lets see how this goes....
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  3. elsky added a comment on a blog entry Day 26   

    hahha same experience here with putting no makeup on today and not answering the doorbell! Good luck to ya!
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  4. elsky added a blog entry in elsky's Blog   

    Opti Zinc
    Starting OPTI-ZINC tomorrow and *fingers crossed* i hope it really helps!

    Has anyone had good results with taking 30mg/ 2x daily? I've been on accutane when i was 18, and it completely cleared me, but with major side effects.. big no-no. Because of my relapse 2 years ago, Im still trying this holistic approach.
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  5. elsky added a comment on a blog entry Facial Steamer review   

    Do you still use a facial steamer? I was wanting to get one but Im not sure yet. I have cystic acne as well and I feel its getting worse.
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  6. elsky added a comment on a blog entry Saw Palmetto?   

    I want to start taking saw palmetto as well! I talked to my naturopath and she wondered why i was wanting something that was for men's prostate health. I explained why and she said as a biochemist and doctor, she wouldn't recommend it.

    On the other hand, I have read MANY reviews on women taking it, and I still want to try it. (I have found myself having a love-hate relationship with doctors). What about taking zinc.?? I am starting that on Monday this week, I heard that can really help balance hormones. Read up on zinc defiencies and see if you are..
    Good luck to ya!
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