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  1. megh added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis - FAQ   

    Have this on my chest and treat it with 50/50 propylene glycol. It never fully goes away but i can manage with spraying my chest 2x a week. I started by spraying 2x a day. I wear tank tops and everything! Hope i don't get cancer from all the chemicals I use in the name of clear skin!
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  2. megh added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?   

    Well, it turns out I've had P.F. for over 10 years and it hasn't been properly identified! Tiny little bumps that come and go throughout the day all over my chest and back, which haven't responded to the Regimen like my facial acne has.

    I'm going to try the Propylene Glycol, got it at a tractor supply store (they use it to treat infections in cows, apparently). Got a big jug for only $20. Going to mix it in 50% water like the Australian guy said to do, and spray it on twice a day. If it works I'll let you all know, because it could be a very easy, cheap cure without nasty side affects.
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