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  1. image.jpg

    Seemly, I'd recommend a solution called Zineryt. It's prescribed by a nurse/GP and it was wonderful. Cleared up everything and my face was flawless. It wasn't harsh so I had no sore burning face. It smelt like vodka, not gonna lie. It's a topical antibiotic with zinc. Your skin will become immune to it eventually but it's a 50/50 chance whether your acne will come back. I'd just say to have a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream ready to use after about 9 months, gradually switch over. The Zineryt will get rid of the acne, and the BP cream will keep it gone. I wish I done that after I noticed spots creeping back through, I just abruptly stopped using Zineryt and didn't use anything else! Silly me. There are so many treatments available to you, maybe try an over the counter treatment first, mild ones to not irritate your skin and after a couple of months with no change, see your GP Everyone is different but there will definitely be something out there for you!
  2. Acnecide and Cetaphil gentle cleanser

    Hi Betsy, Wow, snap! I'm on Yasmin and using both Acnecide and Cetaphil cleanser haha. Acnecide has always been a good shout, been on it twice in 3 years, had a break for 5 months but the acne fought back. The cream is a simple thing to do, I will happily use it for the rest of my life if need be haha. The cleanser hasn't made things better or worse really. I just feel refreshed when I use it. Yasmin... I haven't noticed anything in particular, maybe I'd have more flare ups if I wasn't on it but I honestly can't tell with Acnecide doing all the work. It's good for stopping the dreaded contraceptive cravings though so it's good for other reasons haha. I hope you get on well with them all
  3. Meya, I'm so sorry you're feeling so low at the moment, I've been there so many times and it honestly feels like life isn't worth living. This is not true, and nor are you ugly! Acne doesn't change who you are as a person, and don't you let it. Enjoy the good things in your life and put acne behind you. Be patient and it'll be sorted out In terms of the Acnecide, it will leave a white residue if you don't rub it in properly, but you shouldn't rub it in fully for it to work best. The sore skin will come soon, unless you are incredibly lucky and have awesome skin. The bad news is, it'll get worse before it gets better. You may see more spots for a week to a month and I'm so sorry about that, it's very common with BP. BUT make it past that and it works lovely. you may get days when you have a sore face, especially if you use more than you should. I recommend Cetaphil moisturiser after you put the cream on to soothe mainly. There are many many people with acne, don't let it destroy you. You are so much more than it. Good luck with it all, keep smiling.
  4. good results against acne redness...

    Definitely going to try the soap, thanks I've recently gone back to Acnecide. I went 5 month without it but the acne fights back. Ole reliable, glad you're finding it good too!
  5. Quickest Way To Clear These Spots?

    I second Acnecide 5% gel. Use a little very evening and they'll soon disappear. Your skin may get sore at first and itch but your skin will adjust