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  1. Reeja added a post in a topic What Do You Suggest For This Type Of Scar?   

    overexposed pictures don't really help assess the condition of your skin. Take some pics with even lighting.

    Also, I'm not sure who "they" are, but if your skin can be photographed for modeling assignments and it is not a major problem, then I can't see why you would need to have "softer" skin for acting jobs. Your "type" for acting roles would most likely lean towards rugged anyway.
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  2. Reeja added a post in a topic Help is my Derm retarded? Please any advice please   

    advice: follow the instructions of your dermatologist. If you are not satisfied with your derm, seek out a new one.

    You're questioning whether your derm is providing you sound advice, yet you are willing to accept the suggestions of random people on the internet? That doesn't make sense to me.
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  3. Reeja added a post in a topic The Timehealsall Megathread   

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Clarisonic brush. I've never heard of the other products.
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  4. Reeja added a post in a topic Vasaline (petroleum jelly) a good moisturizer?   

    well, vaseline is just a brand name and they are certainly not the only manufacturer of petroleum jelly. It's usually listed as petrolatum on the ingredient list and is part of many, many products.

    The petrolatum molecule is actually too big to penetrate the skin, so I'm not sure how it would cause acne. I have yet to see any evidence that petrolatum can cause acne, and I've looked.

    Saying that a customer service agent at Vaseline told you that their product causes acne is just an "appeal to authority" (and not even a very good authority at that as this unidentified customer service agent isn't the most credible source when it comes to determining the comedogenicity of ingredients).

    Sorry, your answer just doesn't fly...
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  5. Reeja added a post in a topic Vasaline (petroleum jelly) a good moisturizer?   

    ^no, as others have mentioned years ago in this thread: it is considered non-comedogenic. It doesn't moisturize, though, as it is an occlusive and not an emolient or humectant.
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  6. Reeja added a post in a topic Exfoliating dramatically improved my scarring   

    Retin-A isn't an actual exfoliator. It just affects the way your skin behaves.
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  7. Reeja added a post in a topic 5 weeks on Retin A   

    I plan on using Retin-A for the rest of my life...well, at least until I completely give up on my looks (70s maybe).

    Time, you may not think people care about signs of aging, but just wait until you get older and you start getting treated differently because of your age (or your perceived age). It doesn't usually happen until 40s. I'm in a career where appearance and youthfulness is relatively important, so I plan on staying on it forever.
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  8. Reeja added a post in a topic Tca Cross In Montreal / My Tca Cross Journey   

    Thanks for all your detailed updates.

    You should get a discount for all the business you're going to be sending Dr. Billick with your positive reviews
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  9. Reeja added a post in a topic Chemical Peel with Salicylic Acid 20%   

    Alcohol will make things MUCH worse. I believe it also destroys healing skin.

    Your skin doesn't necessarily have to peel to see improvements. My skin has never peeled after using Salicylic Acid. Peeling can also be a sign of irritation, not necessarily improvement.

    Did your peel not come with a preparation solution? While I think alcohol is an acceptable skin prep, you could probably find a better one that won't create as much dryness.

    Did the peel come with any instructions? I believe you are performing your peel too often. I was under the impression that a BHA peel of that percentage should be performed every couple weeks, not every couple days. If you are only doing it every couple weeks then the alcohol prep wouldn't be so bad.

    It's important to do some serious research before putting anything that strong on your face. There are many people who are permanently scarred from strong peels, so you should be more cautious.
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  10. Reeja added a post in a topic Chemical Peel with Salicylic Acid 20%   

    your skin is not going to improve in 4 days, so anything you are seeing might be irritation.

    You need to treat your skin more gently. Why are you using isopropyl alcohol on your face everyday. That is why your skin feels so dry.
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  11. Reeja added a post in a topic The Timehealsall Megathread   

    sorry for late reply to your question- i was away for a couple of days.

    I think that moisturizer looks ok, but I would never use it. It is so simple to make ones own vitamin c serum and 10 times cheaper than that and fresh batches can be made often, which is important. Just buy L-ascorbic vitamin C crystals from a health store and combine with water (you could also add glycerin if you want it less liquidy). Also, I always just deal with ascorbic acid and not its derivatives (that moisturizer contains derivatives) because research on vitamin C is mostly concentrated on ascorbic acid and not the derivatives. Products use derivatives because they are more stable and have a longer shelf life, but those are not really concerns when one is making fresh batches every week from crystals.
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  12. Reeja added a post in a topic The Timehealsall Megathread   

    didn't give me much time to think there, did you? lol

    ok, well, I'm thinking that your derm is obviously more qualified to create a regimen for you, but I can at least tell you what products work for me or have worked in the past and my own opinions on the products you are using.

    Have you ever used salycilic acid in you regimen? I find that works really well for me. I like Paula's Choice 2%. I think you also have something called Stridex in the U.S. It's just important to get one without alcohol or menthol. Aspirin mask has also worked for me in the past. I just don't scrub it on my face due to the micro tears.

    What about AHA? It promotes collagen growth and I find it keeps breakouts at bay. I like Paula's Choice or neostrata. You also have Alpha Hydrox in the US (super jealous about that!). I used to really like the 12% one.

    A homemade vitamin C serum works super well imo. Just mix a 10-20% solution of L-ascorbic crystals with distilled water. Definitely no breakouts from that - it actually worked almost as well as tretinoin for improving my skin texture.

    I don't personally think your enzyme mist looks that great. Try looking up all the ingredients on Paula's Choice website. She discusses benefits or drawbacks of common ingredients. You could also look up the comedogenic and irritant index for ingredients.

    I've never used Cetaphil products, so I don't know about their cleanser, but I've heard it's ok. I have always used either Spectrol Jel (but I believe this is only sold in Canadian drugstores and online) or previously Alpha Hydrox AHA cleanser.

    I also like Spectro Jel's Hydra Care moisturizer line. It has a very simple ingredient list. My other moisturizer is from the Dormer 211 line (which again is only sold in Canadian drugstores and online). My favourite pure oil is Avocado (obviously just in small amounts) second would be almond oil. I also like honey masks but I find them drying.
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  13. Reeja added a post in a topic Psychologically trotured by acne   

    I'm in the same situation: I'm very critical of myself. I don't know what to do.
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  14. Reeja added a post in a topic Do I have mild to moderate acne?   

    source for this knowledge? Since pores do not open and close, I'm dubious as to the second part of the claim.

    OP you need to post your current regimen before we can really help you.
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  15. Reeja added a post in a topic The Timehealsall Megathread   

    imo moisturizer only prevents/treats dry skin, delivers active ingredients, in some cases creates ideal wound healing environment, and sometime can protect against environmental stresses like cold or pollution. When my skin isn't dry or sore (which it sometimes is from tretinoin) I don't use any moisturizer. I barely use it at all in the humid summers my city has (but use it quite a bit during the extremely cold winters).

    to answer your other question, I think a retinoid will benefit most people. My only concern with you is that your skin is much darker than mine. I'm not sure how tretinoin would work with your skin. I think it might make you slightly lighter if you are ok with that.

    I'm going to think about a regimen. What is this enzyme product you use? what's in it?
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