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  1. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    If it only helps by inhibiting dht/test then it's definitely not going to be a cure. I hope it works for another reason.
  2. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I'm shedding a lot right now, would be great if it helps but can't see it. Only taking 2 x 500mg inositol per day. No sexual sides, and I have tried saw palmetto before which was terrible in terms of brain fog, watery semen etc...
  3. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Been on inositol for around a week and nothing really to report. Hope it helps but not holding my breath.
  4. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    That's what they said about b5... didn't we learn anything?
  5. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Beemm, it's great to see a new development. The whole B5 hair loss thing is quite strange that it mostly effects men and in a MPB style fashion, why would it also induce hair loss in women? I guess women do also have thinning hair as they age too though. I'm pretty skeptical about whether this is going to hep everybody, especially men but it would be awesome if that's the case. If it does indeed just lower DHT though, that could explain the results. Nevertheless I'll give it a try too.