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  1. Best laser treatment for my scars?

    While I agree dermarolling isn't the best form of microneedling (instead favouring the dermastamp) why do you exclude it entirely?
  2. Is my skin regime good?

    You have boxcar type scars, and unfortunately glycolic isn't going to help them improve, since that only helps superficial, ie epidermal skin issues. Look into fractional Co2 laser or if you're short on cash, micro/dermaneedling - keep with the vitamin C serum, that's just good skincare practice, as is the sunscreen. To a lesser extent glycolic is too - just don't go nuts with it. please don't chat shit.
  3. Good Hydrogel for Healing Post Laser / TCA

    Dextran, lol.
  4. Can somebody explain dermarolling?

    You're taking the piss, right? & Awh jesus fuck, dude, atleast do Fraxel repairs. Restores are going to do absolutely nothing of note.
  5. MSM: The verdict? Nothin'
  6. Can somebody explain dermarolling?

    That's unfortunate - it is an effective and cheap treatment. Please have a look at some of the evidence behind it before being so dismissive.
  7. Can somebody explain dermarolling? Read through those dermaroller instructions. They're extremely informative.
  8. Water helps??

    It didn't help you. You just think it did. You placebo'd yourself. This stuff has been proven not to work, so stop passing it on. Some products are too harsh, for some, but thats for the user to decide. They should know their own skin by now.
  9. Steady on there, buddy. PI Hyperpigmentation and PI Erythema are two different things. If it’s PIE, then it disappears if you apply pressure to it, like putting a glass on your face.Else, it’s PIH, in which case the topicals mentioned will in fact help them fade. Retin-A is primarily for acne, yes, but it speeds up skin cell turnover and does some other neat stuff like increase collagen production, which is making it a popular anti-aging product. Your link contains hydroquinone, a skin bleacher, as well as tretinoin, so it would be described that way. A Ret all over the face, hydroquinone only on the PIH.
  10. Holy shit, brosis, thats $23 a tube! Try here: a $25 flat rate shipping though (bearing in mind, it is coming from India), so make it worth it. I use them myself for A-ret and another meds. *Note this is the strongest available, lower strengths are available on the site. eg Generic medications, for all intents and purposes, are equal to other brands. dont be fooled. They also sell hydroquinone, which that one is paired with, but PLEASE use high spf sunscreen every day, as if not HQ can have a paradoxical effect of making the spot darker. When I say A-ret, I mean tretinoin, which is its chemical name.
  11. What percent glycolic peel would you suggest starting with? I steered away from that because some peoples skin is more sensitive than others. buy a higher strength peel and dilute as necessary (You can google a guide, its really all about ratios, a child could do it) but I started with a 20% myself. Take from that what you will.
  12. Bad scar from Trauma - Please Help!

    Do you have a photo of this? Would help evaluation Also:How are you so sure you've lost muscle? It's less likely (and more hopeful, if you're into that) to think otherwise.
  13. Benzoyl Peroxide Causing Scarring!?

    Okay, for now, I'll concede that you are right, and I'm relying on anecdotes when I shouldn't be. I do believe I've read this in a study before and will update if and when I find it. Til then, keep up asking for citations - it is a good thing that this forum needs more of. Nope
  14. Benzoyl Peroxide Causing Scarring!?

    PIH/Red Marks: Inhibition of healing (and thus an increased tendency to scar) falls down to the fact that is is extremely drying to the skin. Studies haven't been performed so this is evidence from anecdotes. (Whoops!)
  15. Hi Generally the issue is L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) oxidises very quickly in the presence of light, oxygen and temperature. A tell-tale sign it's oxidised and thus useless is it's turned a brown-ish or redish colour, rather than being clear or.. like champagne. Your product contains a Vitamin C derivative (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) which is more stable than L-A A, however, and I cannot be bothered to dig up the journals right now L-Ascorbic Acid is the most effective form of vitamin C in skincare. But due to its instability it must be made at home in small batches and refrigerated in an opaque container. It just cannot be transported across the globe once i ts prepared. (Though some still do, and sell it. Read the label, kids!)
  16. I'm gonna have to backpedal, I'm afraid *shame* Your skins vitamin A concentration from the adapelene w/ BP will be fine. Citation: The point about BP making PIH last longer still stands, though. I don't have any recommendations for peel brands because I make my own, but anything you get should be pretty standardised. But while you still have active acne, Salicylic peels are a good move as they dissolve oil (unclogging pores) and speed up cell turnover. Two birds with one stone. *For the benefit of anyone reading, retinoids are vimaters of VitA or are chemically related. Oral Vitamin A is not a substitute for topical retinoids, nor vice versa
  17. Depends. Some brands contain alcohol, which will inhibit healing, others don't. Applying after needling (And the week leading up to your session) ihs a good idea if it doesn't contain alcohol. There are gentler compounds to apply after like Infadolan (and im shilling again) which is retinyl acetate, not acid, the tretinoin (Retinoic acid) in Retin A which you might want to consider if Retin-A is too irritating for you. As an aside, application of a homemade vitamin C serum (5-20%) leading up to, and after your needling, will improve your results, owing to increased VitC concentration in the skin * *:Citation here
  18. The study mentioned Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which glycolic helps, and would therefore factor into, and improve the results of that group. Which is what it actually concludes: "There was also improvement in skin texture, reduction in postacne pigmentation in the second group." The improvement of scar results came from needling alone, and they paired both groups to give this conclusion:Based on the objective scoring and its statistical analysis, there was significant improvement in superficial and moderately deep scars (grade 1-3). It doesnt say the needling and peel group had them done on the same day either. Kudos for actually looking at studies though. n.b. Don't do needling and glycolic peels on the same day.
  19. Scar Treatment Recommendation pictures!!

    Needling yes, peels no your other option is Fractional Co2 laser. See for needling information and follow their instructions. I always say this and I look like a shill but there is simply too much misinformation elsewhere.
  20. How do I get rid of these scars

    Cut the Aloe you big thilly goose and get to microneedling use for all your information as it is simply the best site out there and i know I sound like a shill. Best of luck
  21. Benzoyl Peroxide Causing Scarring!?

    Benzoyl peroxide is well documented to do this it is very drying on the skin and inhibitory to the healing process, ergo, scarring. Further noting itmake PIH (red marks) last longer.
  22. He was asking for a an opinion 'how bad are these scars?' and I gave one. What's it got to do with you if I genuinely felt that his scars aren't too bad at all? Go fuck your mum silly while your dad watches on. Or is your mum a goon? Fuck away, anyway.
  23. hey you, you need to chill, just trying to help! my acne was inflamed and I used this mixture and it worked, just offering my opinion And your opinion is wrong. You're ill informed and unfit to give information about the subject. Fuck. Off. OP: Drop the apple cider vinegar in favour of A-ret and a HIGH spf sunscreen which you will wear every day, without exception. Do occasional Glycolic peels (do your own research on this and start low) Hydroquinone is a good one if you can get your hands on it, the carcinogenic studies on it are flawed but you'll have to make up your own mind. Get Azelaic acid from where ever you can source it, a doctor, online pharmacy, etc. It inhibits the production of melanin, which is what PIH is. Concentrated melanin. Unless you have the coin for a pulse dye laser (not too expensive, honestly) It should go without saying but keep moisturised. Ignore the Tea tree oil and Vit E suggestion.
  24. Your options are limited. Fractional Co2 and or Dermastamping. See for Dermastamping because most of the advice posted here is awfully inaccurate. Please also steer away from negative reviews about Fractional Co2, they're quite skewed. You're more likely to leave a negative review of something than a positive one. Plus the majority of people who seek out these procedures have a degree of body dysmorphic disorder. Read: They're fucking mental and examine their skin under magnifying glasses in harsh light as a fucking hobby. Good luck! Cut this shit out. It's not your place to say, you minimising little fuck. Piss off.
  25. Still Lumps Three Months After Subcision

    This is a less common side effect of subcision, and it sucks. But you've now got nodules of scar tissue under your skin, and they will need to be excised (Cut out surgically) contact a plastic surgeon for this, NOT a dermatologist.