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  1. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    over six months on accutane
    so ive been on accutane for over six months now, and im taking 80mgs as of yesterday. my skin was looking pretty good for a while (at least a couple of weeks) and i was starting to think 'yes this is it'! and here i am again; i have two pimples above my lip one really hurts and is red, where as the other is still white but hurts. other than this my skin looks ok. Buuuut this one spot is sooosoooosooooo noticeable ! it is in the worst spot ever. :'( not to mention im going out tomorrow with a lot of people and dont want them to see my bad skin.

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  2. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    i am so obsessed with my skin i literally think about it every minute of the day. i really hope that i wont have to deal with this the rest of my life it is such torture!!!!

    still on accutane, month 6, not much changes. but im gonna keep taking it and praaaaaay for the best.
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  3. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    Accutane month 6
    feeling soo depressed because i touched my skin. it was doing completely fine and actually looking better than usual but for some dumb reason i decided to pick at it. Ugh i am so saddddddddddd. so it is month 6 now and im on 70 mg a day until i finish my pack of 10 mg. and then my doctor said to start taking 80mg. i went for my blood test the other day and i got a huge bruise on the spot that she took my blood and it stayed there for about a week and a 1/2. but i guess that probably happens a lot.

    Anyways i talked to my doctor and he said that i can be on accutane for as long as i want as long as i keep going for my blood tests every month. so that is the only good thing.

    :'( ugh please dont pick ppl it makes you feel horrible afterwards.
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  4. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    end of month 5
    hey everyone it has been soooooo long since i last posted at least a couple of weeks. and that is because i was away and didnt have any internet. also i didnt have much to post about cause AGAIN THERE IS STILL HARDLY ANY CHANGES. ugh so the first week that i was away my face was totally fine and not bothering me at all. week two i get a spot above my lip (so annoying) and one on my forehead. and both of them hurt! and are red. :'( they are going away now, but i see im getting another spot under my mouth. i think it is because of this huge heatwave right now it is soo humid all the time. Also i got a couple of nosebleeds which is common. i got a couple at the beginning of my treatment too i think i may have forgotten to mention them before. :/ so anyhow my appointment with my doc is in 1 week! i cant wait to speak to him and ask him WHY oh why i am STILL breaking out. i stopped my depression meds so long ago and still havent told my doctor about it. :S :S anywayssss.... i only have one more week left of month five !! is it true that you can only be on accutane for 6 months???? please answer..

    i only have one more refill.. so i suppose after 1 month i wont be able to take accutane anymore.?

    signing out, mythai05
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  5. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    how do u make your pores smaller?
    Today i was just looking in the mirror after washing my face and i noticed that the pores on my cheeks look bigger than usual? i dont know ive just never really thought about the size of my pores. they are beginning to bother me, on top of everything else. ugh. anyone know how to decrease the size of your pores. if that is even possible.

    also, how to get rid of shine on ur face. and my face isnt even oily atm.?? so weird.....
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  6. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    so tired of my skin:(.... accutane
    Hey guys, im on accutane month FIVE now. and my skin is not clear it actually looks the same as month 4 except my forehead broke out again. I am so depressed i can't even begin to tell you. at this point i don't see how accutane can help me, im so sad because i thought accutane would be the end of my acne. Im going to stick to it for another 2 months and pray that it starts to help. my doc went on holiday so my appointment is delayed:(

    Has anyone been on accutane and their skin didnt start clearing til month 5 or 6? atm i am on month 5 and day 6.


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  7. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    accutane! Month 4: check.
    Okay so i just finished month four! but my skin is still broken out on my forehead/ cheeks a little bit. i have a doctors appointment coming up in a little bit so im excited to see what he has to say. honestly my skin doesnt even look different at all since the last time i saw him. its still in almost the same state. anyhow hopefully he has some helpful advice. or maybe he will even further up my dosage since there really has been no changes!!!! other than the odd break out.

    However, im trying to focus on other things and less on my skin. i have stopped taking my antidepressants cause i hate being on a lot of meds. and face it i dont think they were rele making me feel all that great. however, on the up side im going to start working out more and putting all of my energies towards being positive rather then dwelling on the fact that my skin still sucks. LOL. anyhow.... i hope everyone else is doing good.

    side note; no new side effects.

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  8. mythai05 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    ^agreed, i feel the exactttttt same way
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  9. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    whhhhhy. accutane
    major depression, nothing seems to be going right in my life right now in terms of my skin and other things. ugh honestly can't handle all of this.......................................................

    probably not going to do another post for a week or so. gonna c if my skin starts to clear up, so its worth writing a post....
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  10. mythai05 added a comment on a blog entry accutane/mnth 4/depressing:(   

    Thanks KC31 ! i woke up feeling bummed cause my skin still looks broken out, but i read your message and its making me feel more positive:) so im trying not to think about my skin and just hang in there,like you said. thanks again. and congratulations your skin really looks good!
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  11. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    accutane/mnth 4/depressing:(
    So i've been on accutane for almost four whole months i think ihave about 6 more pills in this pack. just a reminder i am on 60 mg. im so depressed today because my face is just looking worse, honestly. about four days ago my forehead broke out again. (that is my worst section) and now i have three pimples that hurt and are very red on my forehead. i look so ugly and feel just horrible i work everyday and i feel embarrassed about my face. its just not fair! why cant everyone have nice clear skinnnnnnn! fghdkghdihgirdg

    im really scared that im gonna be the only person that doesn't benefit from accutane. im nervous that even once im done month 6 my acne will still be there/ maybe even worse. and all this worrying is not even helping my skin. today just succcccks.

    anyone else dealing with similar issuesssssss.?
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  12. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    HALLELUJAH!!!!! My sunburn & rash are GONE!! yaaaayyy

    so anyhow my rash has gone away on its own; its taken about a week. and my sunburn originally went away and then i went out in the sun again for about 20 mins one day and it came back... with a vengeance... and i was basically super tomato red ALLLL over again. thankfully i look normal again and just have a few spots to worry about. Also i have to get a new sunscreen cause the one i have is no good. so i will update you about the kind i get! im gonna be looking for one with no PABA and nothing bad in it that will irritate my skin, make me break out, or get a rash from; considering i have super sensitive skin. My forehead is looking a lot better there is much less spots now. I am three months and 1/2 in to my accutane treatment as of today ! WAHOO. honestly, my experience so far really hasn't been that negative.(other than the catastrophe of having a rash and a sunburn at the same time.. that sucked) despite that; my experience sooo far has been pretty positive because i haven't had to deal with a lot of the bad side effects. And the side effects i did get were pretty easy to handle. I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) from this time on my skin will only clear up & i won't get any more breakouts!! because my doc told me that after 2 months my skin would defs begin to clear up... but i feel it has taken my skin waaaaay longer to get used to the medicine. any ways....

    good luck to everyone, hope your skin is looking gorgeous.

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  13. mythai05 added a comment on a blog entry RASH!?!   

    kay, im going to go to the walk-in clinic tomorrowthanks
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  14. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    Do rashes just go away on their own? or do you have to go to your doctor when you get a rash?

    ugh, apparently i have a heat rash i think....i havent been out in the sun but it has been very very hot for the past few days. ive got little bimps on my cheeks and face, and on my arms, some on chest. :( its definitely a rash because i remember a long time ago in the past getting something like this before. anyways how can i clear it up FAST. first a sunburn and now this!??! please help..

    feelin' desperate :'(

    please comment if you know what will do the trick/ or have any suggestions
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  15. mythai05 added a blog entry in mythai05's Blog   

    ACCUTANE. cont'd
    Hey yaaaaaaall, so im still in my first week of month four and currently on 60 mg pills. My sunburn is gone there is just a tiny bit of redness at my hairline but its not really bothering me cause its not too noticeable. anyways the spots on my forehead are getting a lot smaller (yes!) and ive got some spots around my mouth but they are teeny tiny. ive still got pimples under the skin on my forehead in random spots but they are skin colour and not raised at all. still crossing my fingers/ things are definitely looking better so im feeling a lot happier atm.

    also went into the drug store looking for some good sunscreen. i found one i forget the brand name (?) anyways its a spray kind and it is SPF 45. you can use it all over your body as well as on your face. so im going to pick it up this week and start using it ASAP. to avoid another baaaaaaad sunburn. yiiiiikes.

    honestly nothing much is new, the face is pretty much looking the same, except there is some improvements. atm i have zero rashes, which is awesome! no dry skin, no dry lips (yes to lip chap and lots of vaseline!)

    one thing i forgot to mention a long time ago, was in my first month of accutane i got about three nose bleeds. my doctor never mentioned this would happen but i googled it and apparently accutane does cause nose bleeds. also, i mentioned last time that i was going to get my blood test! (I DIDNT) i just got way too busy and had to work that day so i didnt get a chance to go. BUT definitely this week!!! for sure.

    alright, any questions/ comments:) are welcome

    peace out, ttys
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