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  1. AmaraG added a post in a topic The most upsetting thing a stranger has said about your acne?   

    learn the Spanish word for "Ignorant douchebag" and next time you see the guy, use it....
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  2. AmaraG added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    ^that is a nice story about the hair )
    I feel fine regaring my skin, but with me the problem is deeper...m skin is pretty clear has been for a few months but I always find other stuff to focus on like how I hate my hair, how Im getting older, or feeling sad for no reason, I can define.
    I guess Im just addicted to making myself feel like crap. Bad habit lol.
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  3. AmaraG added a post in a topic Spearmint tea has REDUCED my Oily skin/Pores.   

    hey Venus, OK am going to give this tea thing another try, it really is a good idea! Not sure why I didnt stick with it before I get easily bored lol.
    I like it so now that its getting colder Im going to drink it hot Ill start with 4 cups.

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  4. AmaraG added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I think that relaxing and being in the air can only do you good!That goes for all of us when I was at the beach i had no breakouts in the sun and sea air. Just to note, when I took antibiotics of any sort they worked very fast for me--within 5 days could see a definate improvement, and I never got an IB from them, but I had to stop taking them as I got candida infections more than once(not nice!). However not being a girl you guys dont have to worry about that. Id still take probiotics at the same time though, just a note.
    At the moment my skin is very good, no active pimples and very little red marks. I feel blessed...only I always fear it could all come back antime. Sigh, why cant I just enjoy the day?
    ;-P the Governator, shortly after the media found out about his secret love child? lol hope I got a smile...?
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  5. AmaraG added a post in a topic People who are resistant to acne   

    Unfortunately acne is just a genetic gamble. It is frustrating to see people with terrible habits with perfectly clear skin (especially if they are cluless and assume acne is somehow our fault!)
    I have a cousin who eats a terrible diet(Im talking cans of soda junk food and kitkats out the wazoo). She doesnt wash her face much and she can literally rub dollar store hand lotion on her face---and nothing!
    Me, I have to be careful fo what I eat, wash/treat/ect ad nauseum and I still get the occasional spot.
    Its not fair, but if it makes you feel better dont compare yourself to anybody else. He may have perfect skin but he does have some other problem, be it man-boobs, skinny arms, hairy knuckles...smiling yet? Nobody is perfect and we all have issues .
    Just do the best you can and if he ever says anything about your acne just explain matter of fact that you are treating it and he just doesnt understand because he doesnt have it. and its NOT from being dirty. I agree with the post that acne is about hormones, pore function and to some degree diet and bad digestion.But do the best you can to see what works for you )
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  6. AmaraG added a post in a topic Dairy causing acne?   

    oh boy you have a subject prone to strong opinions!
    A lot of people swear dairy is evil and I believe for many it is...especially if it is laden with chemicals hormones and all that. Some people from various ethnic backrounds seem to handle dairy better(northern europeans) as oposedto say, asians. Its thousands of years of conditioning.)
    The amount in Doritos is negligible...however youll be scolded by people saying "you shouldt eat that junk anyway!" For myself, I find no correlation to dairy and acne (really!But Im northern european) but sugar is the devil...soda and candy and especially chocolate break me out so much I usually avoid them at all costs. If you have a little junk here and there its OK as long as you mostly eat a good diet with vegetables good fats and proteine...are you?

    I believe that if you have an allergy to diary or wheat or what have you, it will cause acne. Some people seem more immune than others. But if you do have any real dairy products try to get the organice hormone free ones from cows who are not being abused! Its karma.
    Hope this helps it is only one womans opinion
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  7. AmaraG added a post in a topic Why Do I have acne?   

    is that a question which asks for a medical/logical reason? why do I have acne as in is there some imbalance?
    or is it existential" why did the universe give me acne?"
    Because there may be an answer to the first, but if you live a thousand years you will never figure out the second.
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  8. AmaraG added a post in a topic Would working in a kitchen break me out?   

    Yes it will especially if you are deep-frying things, or cooking with steam, or using those huge dishwashers. I know this from exerience!
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  9. AmaraG added a post in a topic STARING   

    hi, I know how you have felt but Im sure that guys are just checking you out because youre an attractive tall lady and men cant help themselves staring (lol the nature of the beast).
    Not that women dont stare too were just more discreet about it.

    If you feel unconfident, just try to act confident people dont know the difference.

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  10. AmaraG added a post in a topic I lost a job to acne.   

    Sorry you had that kind of attitude, of course its not very nice nor professional.
    I didnt exactly lose a job because of acne but I had a very similar experience..when I was around 18 I forst came to the US, a friend of mine was in an add agency and she set up a gig for me to do some photo shoots for an ad magazine. I went and had a lot of little creeps tell me, how they could just focus on my body, or how "it would take a lot of air brushing to cover up the redness and spots". They piled a lot of make up on my face which didnts eem to satisfy them at any point and I remember crying after it was over.As if, you know,I m not worth photographing because its too much trouble for them to fix my disgusting acne (which wasnt that bad at the time).
    One of them even said the old adage "have you tried washing your face more??'

    The only other time I tried a photoshoot when my skin was OK went almost as bad, I ended up feeling like some kind of object and I hated how the "agents" involved stared at my body and talked about me as if I werent there.
    SO all in all, I am not comfortable at all in that industry, not for me!
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  11. AmaraG added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    so are my husband an my good freind(males). I hear ya...
    to be fair thiers is mild but still..acne go jump of a fn bridge already!!!
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  12. AmaraG added a post in a topic How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.   

    It is better to drink V8 instead of nothing but it is much better to make your own juices...V8 and all store bought ones are very high in sodium. If you make your won juices you know exactly what goes into it and can tweak it as need be.
    believe me I took the original posters advice to a large degree and I am very pleased with the results. especially the part about cutting out most has taken my skin inflamation way down. I owe this gentleman in a big way )
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  13. AmaraG added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    what next paul?
    if you were a female Id say try spiro dont want to go there!
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  14. AmaraG added a post in a topic Adult Acne that came out of nowhere!   

    Sorry you are having this sudden problem. It sucks, I know.
    Youre doing well by ring to eat right, if you do eat meat/dairy/eggs try to get the ones without hormones and that 'free range' if you can.
    The only other things I can tell you are have you cut out sugar? for me it causes inflamation /acne, I have had great improvement since cutting way down on sugar.
    Also maybe try taking vitamin b5 and zinc they help with skin.
    Other than that, I believe that almost all acne in aduts IS hormonal(how can they say 'no' if they havent tested you?) ask your doctor about spironolactone. If you want to go the medication route.
    Hope this helps good luck
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  15. AmaraG added a post in a topic Adult Acne that came out of nowhere!   

    true sometimes just when you think youve hits you.
    Your friend did she start taking bc pills or anything new? or maybe, go off them? That could cause acne.
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