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  1. My greatest obstacle of life is myself. I can't blame anyone but myself for where I am today in life. Yea, some bad shit happened on the way but I'm still here alive and well. I want to overcome my fears. Most importantly, I want to be confident in myself enough to not give a second thought about what other people think about me. I think that's what true self love looks like. I envy those who don't have a care in the world about how people perceive them. I've let acne deprive me of my most valuable years as a youth. I'm not gonna let it rob me of my young adult hood. I shall overcome my anxieties and fears one day at a time. Who says I can't be all that I'm called to be. Who says you can't be all that you've been called to be! Be you! Because that's when the best you comes out. I shall take this acne journey one day at a time. I'm not gonna worry about what tomorrow has to offer for tomorrow has its own worries. I plead y'all to take this journey with me. I would greatly appreciate some positive motivation or anecdotes about your battle with acne. You're all special despite your so called flaws. I mean every word of that sentence. How will you conquer this day? Or will you be conquered by the day? It's your decision.  Sincerely, Juanito