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  1. Hi, yeah essentially I am. I would love if there was another option but with having persistent cystic acne at my age particularly being a male I feel like accutance is my best shot. Was it quite easy to get your GP to agree to the blood tests? did you just go for an appointment and ask them? I actually saw a private derm when I was around 16, he mentioned accutane then but all you heard were scare stories which meant my parents didn't even consider it. Wish I'd given it a go then instead of constant acne through my teens, 20s & now 30s
  2. Hi, I am 33 yr old male with acne since I was around 14. I am not getting anywhere with the NHS and anitbiotics, creams, BP etc so I want to find a private dermatologist. Could anyone give me advice on the best way to find one? I always think got straight to BUPA but are there many other options that are not as expensive? Thanks in advance