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  1. Your age bracket

    Just wondering if you ever did take roaccutane? Im 32 next month and could have gone on roaccutane when I was 17 but with all the negative stories you heard about depression and suicide, I never went on it. really wish I had now as I've been miserable through my 20s. I'm back on antibiotics now but they don't do much
  2. Contemplating a third course of Roaccutane, age 34

    Good to know I'm not the only man in my 30s with bad acne. I see some women with it but literally never see men my age or know anyone with acne. I'm so sick of it, I have a decent job but acne holds me back so much at work and in general life im on lymecycline but it's not doing much...think accutane is the only answer for me
  3. Good luck with the accutane mate. I'm nearly 32 and still have bad acne. It really affects my confidence at work (like you said, I'm just thinking about what people think of my face the whole time). I had a talk with a derm about accutane when I was 16 but you heard all sorts of bad stories years ago so never took it. I'm sick of being ashamed and embarrassed by my skin all the time so I'm pushing my doctor to prescribe me accutane now matt