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  1. Kayleah added a post in a topic No Soy = No Acne!!!! :D   

    I agree, you have to eliminate the soy completely, and not only from the diet, but also from the environment. That is what worked for me. It took a long time for me to realize how much soy I was getting into. Even once I stopped eating soy I realized it was in my lip balm (as vitamin E). Another thing that often contains soy is shampoo and conditioner. I bought some from the health food store thinking it wouldn't have as many bad chemicals, but it broke me out around the hairline.

    I don't have any problems with dairy, flax, peppermint, or anything else. Most flax oils do contain vitamin E, which is usually soy derived, so I can't have those. Flora makes a flax oil that does not contain vitamin E.

    Not all vitamin E is derived from soy though. I often call manufacturers to find out.

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  2. Kayleah added a post in a topic No Soy = No Acne!!!! :D   

    I have been wanting to get the word out on this for a long time. Eliminating soy from my life was like a miracle cure for me. Seriously, I went from nasty cystic acne to being 100% clear. It wasn't like it just 'helped', it seriously vanished. Now I've been 100% clear for over 5 years. The hard part is eliminating soy completely, because it is hidden in everything! Eliminating the obvious helped a little (soy milk, tofu), but once I eliminated it completely, I also eliminated the acne completely.

    Here are some of the things to stay away from, besides the obvious. I had to eliminate all of this. If I get into a little soy now, I just get a small pimple, but I'm sure if I ate a large amount of soy it would cause a cyst.

    • Vitamin E /tocopherols: (I find that more often than not it's derived from soy, unless it specifies that it's not. Watch out for this not only in food, but also in body care products and makeup/lip balm)
    • Glycerin: Another item that can be in food and body care that is often derived from soy
    • Lecithin: this stuff is the worst and is in everything! I've found it in bagged tea!
    • Candles: make sure they don't contain soy.
    • Eating at restaurants: I rarely eat in restaurants. Even restaurants that claim to use other oils are not informed on all the products that contain soy. Most restaurants use some sort of soy oil blend for most of their cooking (which is why french fries will make you break out). Often they'll claim they use canola oil, but if you look at the ingredients, it is usually a blend of soy oil and canola oil. If I have to eat at a restaurant, I tell them I am allergic to soy.
    • DMAE: this is a skin care product that is often derived from soy
    • A lot of foods are processed with soy. I find that I can eat these now, but when I first eliminated soy from my diet, they did bother me.

    I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting!

    Eliminating soy, vitamin E and Lecithin from your diet is difficult, and eliminates a lot of food products that most people are used to eating. I've only ever been able to find one dry cereal that doesn't have vitaminE/tocopherols added! But, my diet is much healthier since I eliminated soy, because I can't eat most processed foods!

    I've helped several of my friends eliminate soy and it has helped them too.

    I hope that the word gets out on this and that soy stops being so common. Unfortunately, it's a subsidized crop and is therefore an extremely cheap product.

    Oh, and if you love chocolate, there are a few brands that don't have soy. Michael Cluizel is one of them.
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