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  1. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic How Bad Do You Want Clear Skin   

    I'd take the first option because I've already lived with terrible acne for going on 10 years. It's totally sucked ass, but if i was guaranteed clear skin in another 10, I know I'd survive. I'm most afraid that I'll never ever grow out of it.
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  2. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Mandy's Infamous Accutane Log   

    I can't wait to hear about when you start seeing results!

    good luck!
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  3. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Zinc research and talk   

    I wanted to look up some studies on this, and I found most of the ones Romeo quoted, but I also found this:
    "Orris L, Shalita AR, Sibulkin D, London SJ, Gans EH.
    In a double-blind controlled comparison that lasted eight weeks, tablets of zinc sulfate monohydrate, 411 mg total daily dosage, and a lactose placebo were administered orally to 22 male subjects with moderate acne. At the same time, levels of zinc were determined in serum and urine. There were no statistically significant differences in the lesion counts (papules, pustules, open comedones, and closed comedones) in the zinc-treated and lactose-treated cases, despite evidence in serum and urine of absorption of zinc. The data from this study indicate that oral zinc therapy has no early clinical effect on male patients with moderate acne.

    PMID: 150813 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]"

    Zinc is such a mystery
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  4. kittenkaboodle added a blog entry in Va-va-valerie's blog   

    My Face
    I'll give a short facial update, because I haven't mentioned it in a while.

    After 8 months of Accutane which ended about 4 months ago now, my face is much improved. My breakouts are much milder than before, but I still have a very bumpy texture. When I saw my derm a week ago, she commented again on how I should be a model, but I probably couldn't do close-ups . I'm planning on getting some more drastic treatments done after I've been off Accutane longer, and I might have to wait until I graduate and am a pharmacist so I actually have money to pay the derm haha.

    Current happy thought: Seeing Bright Eyes yesterday <3
    Current sad thought: Never getting listed on popularity threads in the lounge boo-hoo
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  5. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic I am afraid.   

    It doesn't matter if people have more problems than you. Your satisfaction with your life is determined by how you perceive your life, not necessarily how it really is or comparing it to someone else's's all about you. You're not insignificant and owe it to yourself to try to be happy and satisfied.
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  6. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic The newest moisturizer sample...   

    I wish I knew. I don't know if anyone here knows for sure.

    Brandy??? Anyone else know??

    EDIT: read Dan's blog.
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  7. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic The newest moisturizer sample...   

    I've been using the moisturizer sample for two days now and love it! It's really hard for me to find a moisturizer that hydrates well, yet is not too greasy. This definitely hit the absorbs well, and my skin felt velvety-smooth after applying it. I wore Revlon Colorstay over it yesterday and was excited that my makeup didn't clump up and stayed put throughout the day. I also really like the fact that there an anti-inflammatory in it, so I feel that I am doing one more thing to fight the battle against acne.
    Right before I used it for the first time, I had a major breakout appear. I think it's too soon to say if the moisturizer helped, but it improved more rapidly than it usually seems too, and the swelling is almost all gone. Usually my skin takes weeks to recover from a serious breakout.
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  8. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Elevated cholestrol/triglycerides while on Accutane   

    Hey newstart
    So is your main concern the elevated cholesterol and triglycerides because you are considering Accutane again? It sounds that with your medication history that you are a candidate for Accutane...but you'll have to let us know how your blood tests turn out. Have you considered making diet/lifestyle adjustments to keep your cholesterol lowered for your Accutane course?
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  9. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Food   

    Moved out of diet logs to the diet forum
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  10. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Even after the worst of Acne and having clear(ish) skin   

    I really hope you've given this some thought while you were in a better state of mind.

    I also still hate my face although it's looked much much worse with breakouts all over it. It's the scars and surface imperfections that bother me.
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  11. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Freaking out! PLEASE help!!   

    I would say it is possible, but I don't know of any study that documents this combination in particular. I would speak to the derm about what happened just to be safe. You don't happen to know what your liver function test results were, do you?

    The eye pain could have even been caused from the pressure from the sinus infection itself...I really suggest you take advice from a professional!!
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  12. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic everyday.   

    I remember as a kid, there were so many things that seemed foreign and magical, but now, everything I see is boring to me as well. Everyone wants convenience... drive-thru restaurants, way more banks than we'd ever need, big siding box houses, gas-hog SUVs. I hate all of these things.
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  13. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic What does 'non-comedogenic/non-acnegenic' mean?   

    Sounds like a good choice for acne from the label.

    It means it does not clog the pores or cause acne.
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  14. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic I hit an ULTIMATE low today   

    All problems are relative. It doesn't matter how severe the problem is but how it affects you. We don't get upset over the problem itself, but it's the effect that bothers us. Acne can make some people feel worse than having no roof over your head and not enough to eat.
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  15. kittenkaboodle added a post in a topic Freaking out! PLEASE help!!   

    I'm a pharmacy student, and I just looked up the z-pak:

    "Since it is primarily eliminated via the liver, azithromycin should be used with caution in patients who have hepatic disease. In addition, hepatotoxicity can result, so liver-function tests should be monitored in patients receiving azithromycin."

    The antibiotic may have contributed to the elevated liver enzymes.
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