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  1. Accutane Part Deux

    DAY 27 IB seems to be subsiding finally, yay! I am still getting little pimples here and there but the vast majority of my face (including The Great Blackhead Exodus) is clear! Lips are still chapped, they're cracking and painful. I have the rash on the backs of my hands which sucks especially because I'm a germ-phobe and wash my hands about a zillion times a day, and this makes doing so painful/irritates the rash even more. Eyes are getting drier, too...I'm noticing they're irritated if I have to focus on something for a long period of time, and if I have the heat on in my car, they get irritated. Also, vision is affected a bit more - night driving is a little scary, I can't see as well. This all happened during my first course and all symptoms went away after I was done with my course, so I'm happy knowing these symptoms are temporary! My skin isn't horribly dry - I'm honestly super impressed with the products I'm using (check link below for list!!)...they've helped keep my skin hydrated and supple. It hasn't been flaky at all yet, which I'm very thankful about! This may also be due to the fact that I've been diligent about drinking lots of water throughout the day. Anyway, that's all for now - I'll update again in the next few days!