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  1. Accutane Part Deux

    DAY 27 IB seems to be subsiding finally, yay!  I am still getting little pimples here and there but the vast majority of my face (including The Great Blackhead Exodus) is clear!  Lips are still chapped, they're cracking and painful.  I have the rash on the backs of my hands which sucks especially because I'm a germ-phobe and wash my hands about a zillion times a day, and this makes doing so painful/irritates the rash even more.  Eyes are getting drier, too...I'm noticing they're irritated if I have to focus on something for a long period of time, and if I have the heat on in my car, they get irritated.  Also, vision is affected a bit more - night driving is a little scary, I can't see as well.  This all happened during my first course and all symptoms went away after I was done with my course, so I'm happy knowing these symptoms are temporary!  My skin isn't horribly dry - I'm honestly super impressed with the products I'm using (check link below for list!!)...they've helped keep my skin hydrated and supple.  It hasn't been flaky at all yet, which I'm very thankful about!  This may also be due to the fact that I've been diligent about drinking lots of water throughout the day.  Anyway, that's all for now - I'll update again in the next few days! 
  2. Accutane Part Deux

    Hey @CNA7!    Thanks so much for reading the first log and for following along on this course!  I'm sorry to hear you're having to put your plans to have a baby on hold because of your acne - it really sucks that it seems to take over/ruin our lives, doesn't it?  I think your plan to go on 10mg 2x/day is good, but I think one thing to consider is that accutane is a drug that works long-term (for most people) based on a cumulative dosage.  I think it's equivalent to 120-150 mg/kg total, which equates to 0.5-1 mg/kg on a daily basis.  If you take a lower dose on a daily basis, you may have to do a longer course to meet the target cumulative dosage.  Also, there have been some studies recently that seem to indicate that a higher dose course is most beneficial for preventing patient relapse.  Ultimately, it's up to you and your derm to determine the best course of action for you!  As far as your IB is concerned, I'd imagine the bulk of the acne would be concentrated in your trouble zones, but I'm seeing breakouts in areas I don't typically breakout, currently.  All in all, best of luck to you and I hope you do a log if you do go on a course!   DAY 21 Soooo I'm in the middle of the dreaded IB.  I have to say I'm somewhat surprised about *where* I'm breaking out - before my first course of accutane, my breakouts were everywhere.  But since then, they've been mostly concentrated on my cheeks and on the sides of my face.  The breakout I'm experiencing right now is sporadic - some on my jawline, some on my forehead, some on my cheeks, and some on my nose.  I even have one on my upper arm and one on the back of my neck.  With the exception of my body acne, the spots seem to be healing relatively quickly, but they are painful cysts and don't seem to be getting everything out...I'm sure y'all know those zits that pop up and you KNOW they didn't really fully drain, but they decided to say "fuck it" and just heal anyway.  That's been the case with the majority of the pimples I'm seeing right now.  Also, seemingly every blackhead on my face is slowly but surely coming out.  My skin texture is rough.  I'm using the OCM to assist with them coming out and it's working well but is still a slow process.  (For those that aren't aware of OCM, I am basically applying mineral oil to clean skin and using moderate pressure to massage the skin, and when doing so, I can feel grit/blackhead plugs coming out of my pores - this is BEYOND satisfying, haha!)  Symptom wise, I'm noticing a bit more muscle soreness lately - we got a foot of snow last weekend during Winter Storm Jonas so needless to say, shoveling snow left me quite sore the next day!  The itchiness on my scalp has seemed to completely subside over the past few days.  My lips are still chapped.  Eyes are a bit dry but not unmanageable.  Had a derm appt today, he's going to be bumping me up to 60 mg/day starting next month. That's all for now, I will catch up with y'all again soon   Oh yeah @CNA7... I am very anti hormone medication, for personal reasons...I am on the copper IUD for birth control (copper is naturally toxic to sperm).  There are so many reasons I don't like hormone treatments ranging from picking the right boyfriend to major medical issues experienced by immediate family members, and I won't get into all of them.  But just realized I didn't answer that part of your question!   
  3. Accutane Part Deux

    DAY 11 Things are going pretty well right now.  Lips are still dry, scalp is in the phase where it seems to be adjusting to the reduction in oil - it's still a bit itchy but not as bad as it was a few days ago, and I don't have to use dry shampoo anymore on 2nd day hair - yay!!  Eyes are still feeling dry and admittedly I am not using eyedrops as well as I probably should be (on that note...hold please...gonna put some in right meow! haha).    The brand I'm using is Systane and I really like it so far.  I used to use the gel eyedrops but those are weird bc I feel like it makes my eyes a little crusty and gross.  So yeah, don't recommend those.  I've been trying to drink more water (which I'm normally TERRIBLE about) and I'm looking at it as an "internal shower" of sorts - like I shower with water every day on the outside, I need to do the same on the inside?  That's what I'm telling myself to stay motivated to drink it, and maybe that's helping everything not feel as dry.  All of the products I'm using have also been helping keep my skin hydrated and not as flaky/dry!  Oh, I did get a giant painful cyst on my right cheek on Saturday.  And the first pimple I ever got which is now a deep blackhead wants to do something, it's basically just red and irritated and looks like a giant empty pore but I know there is stuff in there.  I put tea tree oil on the cyst yesterday after I messed with it.  It seems to have flattened a bit today, but it's still kinda painful.  All in all, going ok so far!   
  4. 28/m third times a charm

    So glad to hear about your progress - I guess you probably don't remember in as much detail how your courses went when you were younger!  Accutane is definitely a roller coaster of good things happening with the bad, especially at first.  Then the purge happens (which sounds like you're going through it now), and then the acne pretty much fades into nothing while dry skin takes over your life/soul haha.  But then you get clear skin and it's honestly not a bad tradeoff. I'm glad you've been able to spend more time with your wife - I'm sure she will be a positive influence on you right now when you need it the most - keep that up!    As for tinted moisturizers, if you do decide to go that route, I will warn you that it will cause the flakes and dry patches to be a different (weird) color on your face, so be prepared for that.  The only one I'd recommend is found at Sephora (Laura Mercier makes a good one with SPF).  You may be able to find a good OTC one but I never found any that I liked from a drugstore. 
  5. Accutane Part Deux

    DAY 7 Skin is definitely considerably more sensitive today than it has been in prior days.  I used my Clarisonic this morning in the shower and it hurt a bit - I was like, yep, maybe time to reduce using it to once every few days or so.  I put aloe and then moisturizer on my skin after that and it seems to be doing better.  Noticing a change in my vision - just like the last course, I notice that after looking at an object close up (such as a computer screen, phone, book etc), and then look across the room at, say, the timer on my oven, I am unable to make out what the oven timer says.  Eyes are also much drier - I think it's time to start using the drops more regularly.  Lips are still peeling a bit and red, which I honestly don't mind - it makes them look nice and I don't need lipstick!  Starting to notice the "accutane flush" also, but again - this basically equates to needing less makeup as I don't need blush anymore!  Starting to see that the blackheads in my skin are kind of thinking about coming to the surface.  Last course, I used a bunch of pore strips which worked but also took off a layer of skin (ouch!).  This time, I'm just gonna go the OCM route and get them out that way (hopefully it works)!  Luckily the blackheads that are in my skin are not NEARLY what they were a couple of years ago when this happened. 
  6. 28/m third times a charm

    I think it's normal for your face to be a bit oilier in the very beginning of your course; as you noticed with the clogged pore being pushed out after chilling in your skin for a year (yay, btw!!), the 'tane is doing its job by getting all the crap out of your pores.  I'm not going to tell you how to feel...I know it sucks and it is not easy to watch your face go from bad to worse.  Just remember that this "purge" that your skin is apparently going through is temporary. Fingers crossed that things go more smoothly for you  
  7. 28/m third times a charm

    If I may, I recommend the Noble Formula Zinc Bar - as you can see by clicking the link it's relatively inexpensive and lasts a while.  Although it's pretty gentle, it *can* be somewhat drying, so I'd recommend a good moisturizer after each use and maybe only using it once a day.  Also, check with your derm - I don't want to steer you wrong since I'm not sure how using this while on accutane could affect you (I don't imagine it would negatively affect your course, but better to be safe than sorry).  If you did get the product, I also recommend patch-testing it on a small portion of your face before committing to the full face, again just to be on the safe side.  Good luck!  :)
  8. Roaccutane journey - F18 (photos)

    Hey!  Since you were on antibiotics for so long, may I suggest adding a probiotic to the mix of supplements you're taking?  Antibiotics destroys the body's natural immune system, including good bacteria known as probiotics, which can help everything from digestive issues to issues with lady parts, the body's ability to fight off viruses and infections, and just generally feeling energetic and well!  I do recommend a good quality probiotic - I wouldn't just buy the generic drugstore brand, I would do a bit of research and find one that suits you best.  Also, kombucha (a fermented tea beverage) is loaded with probiotics, so that can be something you use.  Greek yogurt is also a good source.  It should also be noted you don't want to overdo it - there is such a thing as too many probiotics in the body which can cause issues.  Anyway - just a suggestion.  I always feel better after taking probiotics following a round of antibiotics.    Will be following along on your course log!   
  9. 28/m third times a charm

    Hi!  Reading your log now... Did you ever try zinc for your SD?  I'm a member of Reddit's SCA (skincare addition) forum (mostly I just lurk, not a big commenter), and quite a few commenters on there have mentioned that zinc helped their SD immensely!  Some of them mentioned using zinc soap or Desitin (diaper rash) ointment, but most of them raved that it was life-changing!  Obviously you're on the 'tane now, but just thought I'd throw that out there.  Also, I think the "accutane flush" is a pretty common side effect; I noticed it recently and remember it from my first course.  I blushed FAR easier during my first course if I ever got embarrassed or something, and obviously skin was much more sensitive in general.  Now, I don't mind it - I find the flush kind of gives me a bit of color in my otherwise pale face, and I don't need to wear blush!    Anyway, best of luck - I will be following along (and of course I'll stay positive in my log - no worries there)! 
  10. Accutane Part Deux

    Hey!  I didn't notice any hair thinning during my first course, but I know that varies from individual to individual.  Hopefully that doesn't happen for you - I will keep my fingers crossed!  But even if it does, I'm sure it will be temporary/reverse once you are finished. 
  11. DAY 5 Oh, hai!   On January 7th, I started my second round of accutane.  I will be documenting my progress throughout this second round, similar to how I documented during my first course.  My skincare regime is noted in my About Me profile, and will be updated periodically as products change.  As far as symptoms go, things are pretty mild thus far.  My lips are JUST now starting to crack and need Aquaphor 24/7, eyes are starting to get a little drier, scalp is itchier than usual and I'm noticing less oily skin and hair.  Hands seem to be starting to dry out a bit, too.  I had headaches for the first few days as I did with my first course, but those have, for the most part, subsided.  Really not much else to report.  I'm really hoping that the absorica will make a difference...I don't typically eat a very high-fat diet, so I'm thinking with my first course, taking claravis, the isotretinoin wasn't absorbed as well, thus causing a relapse.  Wish me luck on this course - best of luck to my fellow 'tane users!   
  12. First Time Accutane Use - 31F

    Thanks!  Be sure to check out my new log   I'll be starting it today (just started 'tane again on Thursday Jan 7th)! 
  13. Kim's Log

    Hey Kim, remember me?  Are you still on here?  How's your skin doing?  I'm about to start Accutane 2.0, sooo I could be better.  Hoping that your skin is still clear and amazing...I don't want to have to keep doing this! 
  14. First Time Accutane Use - 31F

    Oh, hi!  Sooo it's been a year since I updated, and about two since I first began taking Accutane, and guess what?  I'm about to start a second course.  I actually also only took 30 of the 40 remaining pills I had leftover, because my skin cleared up so nicely that I didn't need to take all 40.  Over the past year, I've taken 7 of the remaining 10 during a period of horrible breaking out, and it's done wonders to keep me clear...I've been able to stay clear for about a month and a half with just one pill, and then I start breaking out again.  And yeah, I probably shouldn't be taking them without a doctor's supervision and yadda yadda but I have pretty much been abstinent (relationship ended in May ) and go to the doctor regularly for allergy shots and semi-annual bloodwork which is a benefit of the company I work for, and all is well on the health front   It should be mentioned that my skin is not NEARLY as bad as it was before Accutane.  If my skin was a 10 on the "horrible" (for me) scale pre-tane, then these breakouts are probably like a 6-7.  But, for me, that's still bad - still causes me to not want to go out in public.  Skin oiliness isn't as bad, blackheads aren't as bad, BUT my skin is still not clear and breaks out routinely.  I could make this post super long and go into detail on what I've tried, but for brevity's sake, here are the things I've tried over the past year and my results: Oil-cleansing method about once a week - AMAZING for clearing blackheads from nose, cheeks just on the sides of nose, but I've noticed breakouts in other areas a few days afterward if oil gets onto those areas.  I use baby oil, aka mineral oil and per this comedogenicity guide, it's one of the better oils to use for OCM as it does not clog pores.  Limited dairy diet - some noticeable improvement in skin, indeterminable long-term results Going off limited dairy - worsening of skin, increase in breakouts Testing to see if my acne was really pityrosporum folliculitis; used2% pyrithione zinc cleansing bar - noticeable improvement at first; skin adjusted Adapalene - noticeable improvement at first; skin adjusted Increasing doseage of topical tretinoin (Retin-A) - too harsh for my skin, not sustainable  BenzaClin - noticeable improvement at first; skin adjusted.  Too drying/irritating. PCA Skin Blemish Bar (sulfur based cleanser) - some improvement at first; skin adjusted Switching up the brush head on my Clarisonic to the cashmere (softest brush head) - skin seems to like the milder exfoliation, but other than not being as sensitive, I noticed no difference in breakouts Switching pillow cases, towels, wash cloths more regularly - some improvement in skin Washing makeup brushes more regularly - some improvement in skin Tony Moly Korean sheet masks - love these, and they really seem to hydrate my skin when it needs it (because it is still very sensitive); unclear on if they've contributed to breakouts (1/3 times I've used them I've gotten a breakout right after, but said breakout was likely due to other factors) So, that's all for now.  I'm going to start another log once I start back up on Accutane.  I'll link to it when I do, but for now I'll just post here.  I just took my first blood/pregnancy test yesterday, so I've got a month to go before I'll start again.  Luckily, I still had 3 of my pills from my last course, so I took one last night, will take another on the 11th, and another on the 21st, and then I'll be on Accutane again   I'm totally cheating, but whatever.  Accutane works, and hopefully a full-fledged second course will keep me clear longer than like a month.  Wish me luck!  <3