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  1. Delivery of products to the UK

    Excuse the thread bump however does anyone know of similar products in the UK to the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide that Dan sells? I love the product as it keeps my adult acne pretty clear (along with a strict diet). The problem is since Brexit the drop in sterling now means it is approaching £50 a bottle once I factor in shipping, taxes, bank exchange fees etc. Many thanks
  2. Hey Quadboy, Yeah I know it is really strange - all the stereotypical healthy foods seem to break me out whereas the unheathy stuff doesn't! If I ate enough sweet stuff i would gain the weight but I would also feel pretty terrible. I generally avoid all processed, unhealthy food but I wanted to make a point of noting it doesn't make me break out. Does anyone else have a problem with foods high in phytoestrogens? I think they could be to blame for me (amongst other foods of course). Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Apologies as this thread is somewhat of an excuse to vent more than anything else... It seems I can either be skinny and have great skin or be a healthy weight and have horrible skin - anyone else on this same roller coaster? Off the top of my head the following foods give me acne - dairy of any kind, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocado, coffee. The following give me acne if I eat more than a little - oats, rice, pasta, oily fish, fruit (incl tomatoes). Strangely I seem to be able to eat sugar, sweet, chocolate and the like without any breakouts - I don't do this though for health reasons. I'm tall and active so ideally would eat 3500 calories a day which results in a slow yet steady weight gain. The problem is as the weeks go by I get fed up with the state of my skins I drop the calories right down. My skin starts to looks great but my weight falls off. I then get fed up of being skinny and start the cycle again Do you think phytoestrogens in some of the carby foods I eat could be causing the problem? Thanks!