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  1. omarcomin added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Is Anyone Else Sick To Death Of Always Thinking About Clear Skin
    Is anyone else bored and sick to death of always thinking about and obsessing having clear skin, my everyday life seems to be consumed by it now and it's almost like a natural reflex to any given situation, like fliching when you think you're going to get hit.

    I watch a tv show or a film and i spend the entire duration just looking at the actors and thinking if only i had clear skin like them.

    I get a text off of someone asking to meet up (those are few and far between these days since nobody wants to know me anymore, and rightly so because i've hidden myself away) my first thought is that i would like to but there's no way i can set foot outside the house with my face like this.

    I see some clothes i would like to buy but then think would the color magnifiy my acne and what is the point in my clothes looking good when i have a face like this.

    I'm not upset or angry over my clear skin obsession i'm just bored and tired of it. It's like i've been thinking about it for so long that now whenever any everyday situation arises my brain is chemically conditioned to immediatley think 'i can't because of my skin' or 'i could do this and do that if only i had clear skin'. It's like a drug addict in the deep thralls of heroin who can't see past anything but the drugs.
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  2. omarcomin added a post in a topic I'm Stuck In The Past   

    Thanks for the advice. I like you're style lol, you could be a therapist or something, you'd be the most unconventional but most effective therapist around lol.
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  3. omarcomin added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    I'm Stuck In The Past
    I'm stuck in the past and am really having trouble moving forward. A couple of years ago i had a period where my skin cleared up quiet a bit, it was nowhere near clear but it was the best it had been since havng acne. I still had people that made horrible comments and still had trouble over my skin but also for the first time in my life i had friends, went out, girls actually started liking me, a couple even fancying me. I was a lot more confident than i had ever been and actually had a social life.

    In the last couple of years my skin suddenley got worse and instead of trying to do something about it i was grieving for a 'better time' in my life. In that time all my friends have moved on because of me being a recluse due to my skin and never going out. What's so ridiculous about the whole situation is that time was just as sh!tty as ony other. Looking back the girls who claimed to like me were just using me for money, drinks etc and when ever i did go out i was just as bad as i am with going out now and was constantly insulted by people and worried about my skin. It's like looking back rationally i know that that time wasn't all that great but for some reason i can't move on from it, instead of just trying to better myself now (skin wise or emotionally wise) i'm stuck in a period that had some good moments (clubbing, the odd girl who seemed to like me) but for the most part was like any other negative time in my life that i've had acne.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation and if so how did you move on from this?
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  4. omarcomin added a post in a topic Even Though I Am "mostly" Clear Now Acne Has Hardened My Heart.   

    I know how you feel, I have zero friends or social life. Any friends I have had have all at some point or another made nasty comments about my acne. After a long while of knowing them and them not making any comments they kind of lull me into a false sense of security because they make me think they don't have a problem with my acne and then out of the blue they wil suddenley make a horrible comment. That makes me very wary of people and kind of resentful so i just keep myself to myself. Obviously not all people are like that and you just need to find the people who look past your skin, other people have to go through that, overweight people, people with disabilites etc. so we're not alone.

    The thing about acne and society's reaction to acne is that it tricks you. People make you think your inferior because of you're skin and are always calling attention to it so it makes you think that getting clear skin will fix all that and that once you acheive it that the battle is over. All the while that you are trying to acheive clear skin feelings of resentment and isolation are building up without you even realising it and then when your skin is clear your still left with those feelings. Society makes us think that getting clear skin is the entire battle but it's not it is only half of it. You've got clear skin, now comes the next part which is sorting out those feelings. Your halfway there already because your aware of those feelings and now you can work on that. It's easier said than done and it will take time but it is achievable, if you can beat the physical side of acne then you can beat the emotional side of it. You've got this far so don't let the negative people and experiences win.
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  5. omarcomin added a post in a topic I Can Act The Way I Want To Because Of Accutane.   

    congratulations on being acne free and now being able to live you're life. I was considering going on accuntane and did hours of research on the internet, and while there were a few horror stories about accutane, the stories of positive effects people had far outweighed the negative ones.
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  6. omarcomin added a post in a topic Acne destroying you're relationship abilities   

    One thing i've been suprised at since joining this site is the amount of people that post that even once they had clear skin, they still had a lot of emotional problems to overcome with regard to worrying about acne breaking out again and the emotional problems acne has caused. It seems that physically getting rid of acne is only half the battle.

    I've always lived in the hope of one day having clear skin and lived in, i guess . . .a kind of fantasy world where things would be alright when i had clear skin. Over the past few years i've slowly come to the realization that isn't so.,When i look in the mirror and finally have clear skin i won't just suddenley walk out the door with no problem and suddenley become really popular and chat up loads of women with complete confidence. There's no doubt that if i do ever have clear skin it will be the weight of a world off my shoulders but i will still have other effects of acne left over, so i guess it's best to try and work on that now while i'm still finding a way to get rid of acne, two birds with one stone . . . .easier said than done though.

    In relation to relationships, I think Scott made a good point in his post that if you're with the right person then it dosen't matter what else has come before, If it's right and you really want it then you find a way to work through it. We suffer from acne but we want to get rid of it so we put up with all the bull shit and work through it all, if we can do that with acne then we can certainly do it with a relationship.
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  7. omarcomin added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Acne destroying you're relationship abilities
    Apoloigies for the long post lol. . .

    Does anyone feel that acne has destroyed their ability to be in a relationship?

    I don't mean in the sense that you acne comes between you or you're parnter or that it holds you back from a relationship (which are topics that come up quiet a lot on the board) but that because of acne you don't know how to have a relationship.

    A lot of adults here that still have acne started to get it in their teens, which is the most important part of you're life for developing social skills. One of the side effects of acne is that some people like me shut their self away and kind of went into suspended animation. Everyone around you did what teenagers did and progressed but you just hid yourself away. One of the very few benefits of acne is that it taught me how to enjoy my own company. I would hate to be one of those people who would go with a person they didn't have any real feelings for just to say they had a partner. I've had male and female friends who have gone with people who didn't really love them and who have cheated on them and basically treated them like scum, yet my friends stick by them because they're so afraid of being alone. I'm thankful to acne in that respect, that i can tolerate being on my own and sometimes even really enjoy it.

    Unfortanetly one of the many drawbacks of acne is that i'm in my mid twentes but because of the effect i have let acne have on me i have never had a relationship. When other teenagers were going out and learning how to form relationships i was hiding myself away and didn't learn the nessceary realtionship experience that other people my age have. If i was to enter into a relationship now i would feel like a fish out of water, going from being alone but being able to do what you wanted, when you wanted to suddenley having to share yourself and your time with another person would be completley alien to me. Obviously everyone who is single and then has had a relationship has had to face this adjustment, but it would feel a lot more harder to deal with when you have been alone you're entire life and adjusted to being alone and learned to live like that.

    So does anyone else have the apprehension that if they did start going out with someone, they would find it hard to handle because of being so used to being alone and not having the developed social and relationship skills that you should have acquired as part of growing up.
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  8. omarcomin added a post in a topic The most upsetting thing a stranger has said about your acne?   

    Some guy outside a club called me pizza face and spotty

    some kid goes to his dad in front of me "he's got spots". not that offensive i know but just kind of annoying.

    "URGGGGGGGH WHAT'S THAT ON YOU'RE FACE". I've had that one a couple of times

    I was visiting a girl i knew once and her sister was there and when her sister saw me i heard her say "what is that"

    There are more but i can't think right now, funnily enough most of the comments i have recieved have been from my 'friends'
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