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  1. smik added a post in a topic Need Help Asap (Pictures)   

    If you aren't willing to wait a few months, then just give up now. Because it may take you that long to clear up on any given treatment.
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  2. smik added a post in a topic Hi What Is This On My Eyelids? And The Overall Quality Of My Skin? (Pic)   

    The ''large holes'' are large pores. And as for those raised bumps on your lower eyelid...I have no idea what they are, but i have them, and so do many other people I've bothered to get that close to notice (those with and without acne...). So no need to worry about your eyelids.
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  3. smik added a post in a topic Benzoyl Peroxide. Do you recommend it?   

    No I don't recommend it. Salicylic Acid has been working for me a lot more efficiently, it irritates and dries my skin out less, it's 10x easier to find a larger variety of products in stores with SA (here in midwest USA, anyways) and BP just made things worse for me. Never letting BP touch my face again.
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