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  1. Staph In My Nose Caused My Pimples

    Thanks, so that fingers length for nose, and same for ear? Or is that total amount used for everywhere? also, how do you know it wasn't the effects of the BP that cured your acne? I believe k read that you were also using that. Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate the replies. thanks, elliot Nicholls.
  2. by reactions of others I would suggest that needs to be changed. You are a keyboard warrior. Nothing more
  3. This guy is just craving attention so bad. He's talking about this in a few threads and insults people when they try to help. Bore off!
  4. How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.

    Can we just use a normal blender for the vegetables? I have quite a good one. Or does it need to be a juicer? also are there certain vegetables I shouldn't use or can it be any? how much juice do I consume...a pint? thanks
  5. Comedonal Acne and Accutane

    Good luck!
  6. I Will Never Find Love

    Ignore that post above, for some reason I can't quote just singular posts at the minute. Basically, the two guys moaning here. Stop blaming women for your lack of getting laid. Go out and try to meet some woman. Start conversations that have quick exits to start with to build confidence and then try to hold longer conversations. Tinder and dating sites are making people socially inept, they're not going to help you talk to women. i think your defensive nature and negativity will be having a. Lot to do with lack of female interest.
  7. I Will Never Find Love

    dating yes, as I said because I'm not completely comfortable with myself. I would be up and down too much emotionally for a relationship. It's not to do with the women. I'm referring to meeting women in bars/clubs/cafes, for short term dating. Or let's be blunt... Hook ups. Maybe you need to try and chat to some woman you never know... You might like it 
  8. I Will Never Find Love

    you ever thought maybe you were the problem and not the women? If you go out and are so negative that's never going to attract. I'm a guy, I have bad acne. Yes it affects me but when I'm out chatting to girls and you're being confident, making them laugh. They definitely don't see it as much. Maybe you need to work on how to chat to women. i would also say I see men in relationships with women who are more attractive than them, than the other way round. I personally think men are more shallow.
  9. Staph In My Nose Caused My Pimples

    Thinking of trying this regimen. do you have an exact run through of what do and what to get! Thanks i have always had acne. Most noticeably around my chin and lips. However I have noticed recently I have quite a lot on the back of my neck. And prone to developing some just below the ears.
  10. So at the moment my active acne has died down a bit. No doubt I will get another breakout soon from something. It's frustrating because when I battle a breakout and have little active acne there are still so many red marks or scars from previous acne and breakouts. It basically just looks like acne anyways. It's so depressing.
  11. Acne And Social Anxieties

    Awesome, I will give it a go one time.....maybe ha!
  12. Acne And Social Anxieties

    This is awesome, glad you found somebody and you feel comfortable. I often think about wearing foundation but never have because if I messed it up and didn't put it on right it would be super embarrassing!
  13. Acne And Social Anxieties

    Girls love confidence, not arrogance there's a different. Even if you're not confident act it, I have bad skin. Much worse than my friends however I manage to do as well with girls as them. However I tend not to date girls long term because it's difficult to be that comfortable around someone when you are not truly comfortable with yourself
  14. When Shaving With A Cleanser

    When shaving with a cleanser. Do I count this as the cleansing part of my regimen? Or do I shave, and then cleanser afterwards as well. So effectively putting the cleanser on twice.
  15. I would have no idea how to test these things... Gut health, liver health and the rest. In terms of diet, I don't want to do such a restricted diet. I eat healthy, I'm not going to start cutting out things just because I don't want acne to rule my life that much
  16. Stopping The Regimen And Starting Over

    So you've never managed to get off the regimen at all?
  17. I'm thinking of stopping the regimen and starting over again. Been on it for almost two years. Definitely got rid of acne, but after first few months started to get lazy with regimen, and sort of have been on and off with consistency of regimen. Doing it everyday, unless I was on a night out or up stupidly early. But maybe not being as careful doing it sometimes as it takes so long. My issue with the regimen was definitely the dryness which I found hard to solve without my skin looking ridiculously greasy/sweaty. I also would have breakouts every 6-8 weeks but always in the same place, so I wasn't sure if it was coldsores or breaking out due to something else. I saw some people breaking out In similar places because of toothpaste. So trying to solve this recently. So basically has anyone stopped and then got back on it. Did it work? And did you just stop cold turkey?
  18. Thanks! Do you take any supplements?
  19. I started taking these supplements a couple of weeks back. I should have tracked the breakouts a bit better, but I don't get spots on my forehead really but there have definitely been a few come out in the past couple of weeks. I've definitely been breaking out bad on my chin as usual. Maybe worse. Should I stop taking these? Or it could be an initial breakout phase or the supplements could take some months to work...
  20. What specific L-lysine do you buy? I brought some a couple weeks ago and have actually had a couple of breakouts. However could be down to other factors
  21. Thanks! I don't have a pump dispenser BP. I use s thick fingers length like recommended. I'm guessing I would just that to half a fingers length. I don't want to start AHA at the moment. Do you use any oils?
  22. Dry Skin!

    Do you still cleanse and moisturise in the morning?