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  1. Thank you again! Just one more question :). Usually with a cleanser I use two pumps worth. Or a medium size circle in my hand if there's no pump. Should I use the same or more it, I understand that more could be bad because then I'm putting too much product on my face....
  2. good acne stories

    So, everytime I come onto this website I get pretty depressed reading peoples bad acne stories etc. So I was thinking there should be a thread of ways acne has made you better. Good, or even any funny acne stories. GO! My first one off the top of my head would be my diet. I eat much more fruit and veg now because of acne, and I have no doubt that is benefiting me. Anyone else?
  3. Thank you! As for the cetaphil cleanser.... it doesn't lather up at all. How did you combat this? Did you put more on your hand?
  4. i think I'm going to move onto the cetaphil cleansers. i used to use johnsons top to toe which I liked. Recently I changed to johnsons baby wash being in China I couldn't find top to toe. I thought they would be similar but apparently not as my face is stinging like mad. If you change cleanser and then all of a sudden your face gets more red and starts stinging? Should you stop using it?
  5. Accutane and drinking

    Between 16-18 I was on accurate twice. I drunk whenever I wanted on it. I'm 25 now. But I'm not telling you to do that, just telling you what I did. From a health point of view I'm sure it's best to try and cut down drinking as much as possible while you're on it.
  6. Hello, so ive been on the regimen for a while now now bla bla ha. moved to China, in england I used top to toe baby bath wash. Seeeme to be ok in my skin. It run out now I'm in China and so I Brought johnsons baby wash thinking they would be the same. However, after a few washes it is drying out my skin a lot it's. Should I stop this completely? Although I do remember when I started to use the one from A England years ago it dried out my face.... but that was also when I started applying BP. angonr age any recommendations, or as a long shot led anyone know where to get all the johnsons baby products in store in China? Thanks!