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  1. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    Hey thanks for the support.

    Yeah I guess I am lucky having a supportive derm on the nhs. The first time i went in he was a complete ass but this time completely different.

    Maybe you could taper down to 10mg a few times a week or something.

    Had my first breakout in a while today i could feel what i thought was a cyst brewing for weeks next to my nose. Well i was poking it the other night like crazy while watching a film - stupid thing to do.
    Anyway its just coming out as a small whitehead with some redness - way better than a cyst!

    Bit down in the dumps tonight as i have my 3yr daughter staying over for xmas just pointed to my forehead and was like what are those, are they spots?
    thing is i haven't had any there for a while and think its one of the best parts of my face. Must of been the scarring in the lighting
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  2. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    well i had my six month follow up appointment with the derm today. I still think my skin still looks bad but he was astounded with the progress.

    He doesnt want me to come off accutane and i dont want to either to be honest. He said i could be on it for 3 years or more if i wanted at this doseage.

    I asked about a higher doseage and he said i can have whatever i want up to 140mg a day (im 6;3 17 stone). I asked for his opinion and he said to stay on 20mg per day with the differin as it obviously working with minimal side effects. The first thing he said to me is you look really well and were is this acne were talking about lol.

    ive still got indented scarring and red marks but im gonna let differin and time carry on with those.

    Can anyone recommend any treatment for red marks / scarring while on a low dose regimen like this?

    My skin doesnt feel fragile like it did just hardly any new zits lol.

    In the last few months ive had a handful of tiny papules which go away fast - thats it!
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  3. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Skin Cycle Is 28 Days - So Why The 6-12 Month Wait After Accutane For Even Light Peels   

    i think it maybe the fact that accutane is fat soluble so it will stay present in your body chemistry for a long while after your last pill.
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  4. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Wow, Tca Actually Worked   

    Yeah it scabbed up like crazy, the pain was excruciating. The new skin is very pink but no freckes at all on it tho. Like i say 3 weeks later and still scabs lol. I dread to think of the percent i used tho. I bought a bottle of 100 percent to eventually use at like 20 percent on my face but was bored. The freckles on my arms dont bother me was just experimenting lol,
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  5. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Wow, Tca Actually Worked   

    i was experimenting the other week with tca. I cant use it on my face atm as im on tane so i mixed what i thought was roughly 20% and applied to my upper arm (i have a lot of freckes moles and redmarks in the area) just to see what it would do. Well im am so glad it was only my arm as i must of got the percentage wrong. It frosted instantly with much pain. Within a day it had formed a humongous scab. Its still partly scabbed 3 weeks later! the areas were the scab has come of looks so much better tho lol.

    Its strong stuff, be careful !
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  6. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Dna?   

    I think it is nearly always genetic but environmental factors can trigger it. In my case neither of my parents had it but me and my sister do. I think in my case it was when the two skin types of parents were combined.
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  7. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    Heres what im planning to do -
    stop taking tane in january see how things go for six months if it starts coming back big time then take it again because it obviously works (ill have some laying around anyway). After six months i can start working on my scarring and that. Then ill prob end up back on it i should imagine low dose. If it wasn't for that 6 month wait id just stay on really low dose.
    Oh well least i found something that works

    In response to your question about the scarring it has made no difference to anything like that at this dosage - it hasnt made any that i did get scar any worse than they would of done. Any that i do get now are very very small nothing like before (touch wood)
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  8. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    sorry mods i put this post in wrong forum initially:

    Been a while but i thought id do an update if anyones interested:

    So started tane 20mg 3 times a week and differin back in june. To say i had an initial breakout is an understatement i had pustules on my pustules, altho they were quite small. This carried on for maybe a month then things started to calm down. It was always hard grains coming out. Around the two month mark i got 2 awful cysts on the same day which have have left marks which are still there.

    After i got them cysts i went to my gp and he told me to write a letter to the derm which i did and he bumped me up to 20mg per day. Ive been on that dose around a month now taking it with food. Although it is still a low dose its definitely had an effect.

    SInce then things havent been bad at all i get the odd little bump which isnt very red and goes in a few days kinda just flakes off.

    The side effects have been laughable at times. I think combining treatments like this is a fine balancing act it is very easy to irritate your skin even at low doses. At one point i was applying 2.5 bp in the morning aswell as differin at night. This was fine until i hit 20mg per day when it felt like applying battery acid to my face it went bright red and burned. I stopped the bp there and then. I now only use it on the little actives to dry them out quicker so they flake off.

    side effects
    When i wake up in the morning i look like a dryed up old lady. I have dry skin even around my eyes which i just use moisturiser on. i have been getting like red marks on my neck and various places on my body like if i have itched it or something it forms a thin scab then heals up pretty quick just fragile skin i guess, even have scabs on my ears. A few headaches nothing too bad. A LOT of dry skin. Dry lips not too bad - somedays worse than others.

    I think the worst thing is how pale i have become i think its both the diff and the tane doing it but ive gone white as a sheet with dark under my eyes. This makes the red marks looks worse. I think that the differin has mildly helped the red marks and scarring tho. Not much but a little, ill still be seeking further treatment.

    The sebaceous hyperplasia i mentioned largly vanished over the first couple of months, quite miraculously really.

    The wierdest thing ive experienced so far tho is the crap coming out of old healed cysts. i had a really noticable lump on my cheek in them old pics it then went a wierd grey color for months. Id had enough of it last night so i messed with it and pulled what looked like when you get sleep in you eyes well a huge lump of that out of the pore. Its a little red today but its going down now i think yay!

    i still have gunk in some of my pores, not red or anything u can see a small lump which if u press lightly with an extractor a string of white stuff comes out. It will then return within a couple of weeks gradually getting bigger, I think these are damaged pores.

    Overall i would recommend trying this treatment if your acne isnt too severe.
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  9. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Accutane In The Uk.   

    I got mine in 3 weeks lol. I wouldnt be expecting you will definatley get prescribed tane. I had to near enough beg mine for accutane he would of been quite happy to send me away with a bottle of b.p.
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  10. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    no fella they just kind of dry up then fall off gradually over a couple of days.
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  11. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    it was all going well the plugs were coming out red marks were starting to fade. For the first time in ages i actually felt my skin was healing.

    Then yesterday boom 2 cystic nodules one either side of nose. One very large and painful.

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  12. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Psychological Effects of Acne   

    Hey mate dont be so down on yourself. So what you faked a few time sheets, ive seen people do much worse and get away with it (have done worse myself).

    Sounds like your employers really haven't got your best interests at heart.

    Let me know how it goes on wednesday man - good luck and fight your corner.

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  13. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic The Sun and Redmarks on Chest   

    I agree with whats being said here. I was working outside as a mail man and my marks looked good when i was tanned. Soon as the the tan fades they look so much worse and take way longer to leave.
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  14. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose w/ Differin Experiment   

    well my clogged pores are starting to dry up and fall off with a small amount of redness.

    Im hoping thats a good sign.

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  15. gtturbo2 added a post in a topic Scar advice, please   


    Your scars are very similar to mine (although you have a few deeper ones). My left cheeks worse than my right aswell. That could almost be a pic of my face. I also use the stubble trick haha.

    I also live in uk. Annoying aint they, What peels did u try?

    I'm thinking TCA Cross for your smaller ones. Dont know if youve looked into that theres a good thread on here about doing it yourself if your brave enough!
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