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  1. Scar Success!

    Hey Paul, You're correct, I did both single needling and dermaneedling. And also tca. I wouldn't worry too much about how you specifically go about it. The point is you're breaking up scar tissue and bringing blood flow to the scar. Tca and needling both obliterate scar tissue bit by bit. They are just different methods of the same thing. And it takes time and LOTS of repetition, and proper nutrition is essential. Skin cells turn over every 30 days, I believe. So, keep at it! Scars need blood flow to slowly remodel. That's it. Blood flow. So it doesn't really matter as much how you needle, but I would just do it both ways. Subsicion style as well as straight on. I would pretty much treat them all the same: needling and tca. And you DO have to keep up with the needling. Set an alarm on your phone and do it every 2 weeks. That way you can't forget. Also, read Dr. Ray Peat's work and you'll get a better handle on nutrition. That's essential for good healing.