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  1. I'm trying to get up the courage to try a retinoid but it's hard reading so many horror stories. Does anyone have a positive experience using a retinoid that they can share especially one where it did not make their skin worse?
  2. Gentle drugstore cleansers?

    Olay gentle foaming face wash.
  3. Went to the dermatologist, Epiduo gel and Minocycline?

    Typical Derm not giving good directions when prescribing meds. I agree with what MissSac said but I would also add you may want to test it out by using it only on a part of your face (top left side of forehead or whatever) for a month to see what happens because retinoids are notorious for causing a negative reaction in some people. You will also hear some people say things have to get worse before they get better but I do not buy into that so if things really do get worse for you don't keep going thinking it will eventually get better because there is no guarantee that will happen.