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  1. I did not like it. I believe my skin does not like fatty alcohols which are in Cetaphil. 
  2. I use that moisturizer and have had no problems. I think that comedogenic ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt. The way they did those tests is nothing close to how people are actually using those ingredients. If you are worried though I would suggest using the moisturizer on a small part of your face for a while to see what the reaction is. Also, don't overdo it. My personal opinion is that if you use too much of something whatever it may be it can be problematic. 
  3. Will someone recommend a product for me?

    I wish it were that simple. A cleanser is only going to remove the oil on your skin at that moment in time but the oil will come back during the day. There are a few drugs in development that are supposed to reduce oil production but as of now the only thing that actually does this is Accutane (if you are female you might also try an androgen blocker like spironalactone).
  4. dermatologist 1st time -what to expect?

    I can tell you my experience but I am wondering what country do you live in because I imagine it could be different if you are not in the United States?
  5. My Dermatologist Told Me To Never Use Moisturiser

    I hear you. It can be difficult to use a pea sized amount but I think the most important thing is to try to use the smallest amount you can get away with and usually the amount you need is smaller than you think. 
  6. Should I Try The Caveman Regimen

    No No No and No The only thing good about it is if your regular routine was horrible and damaging your skin then stopping and doing nothing (cave man ) would be better. Just make sure you have a good skin care routine that helps and does not hurt your skin. 
  7. I would stop using BP for a few days. When you start again I would only use it once a day at night and make sure to only use a small amount you really only need the thinnest layer. Also, you may want to try a different moisturizer. I have used moisturizers in the past that made my skin burn. 
  8. My Dermatologist Told Me To Never Use Moisturiser

    I don't think a light face moisturizer is necessarily a bad thing but from personal experience I have two pieces of advice. First, I would try to look at your current routine and make any changes you can to keep your skin from getting to dry to begin with. Try using a more gentle cleanser if your cleanser is to harsh, use luke warm water instead of hot, limit the amount of time you wash your skin, use a humidifier if the air is really dry in your house, use the smallest amount of active ingredient acne fighting product you can get away with (a pea sized amount is often enough for your whole face). I would also especially avoid over washing the most sensitive areas of your face which are usually around your eyes, nose and mouth. Second, when you do use your moisturizer make sure to use the smallest amount possible. Again, a pea sized amount or around that size should be enough for your entire face. Good Luck. 
  9. Terrified of going to a dermatologist

    Sounds like you have acne prone skin like I do so you will most likely have to be on some type of acne fighting routine until your hormones change which for some people does not happen until late in life if ever. Since you are female one thing you can try which I can't is anti androgen medications and birth control which can reduce your hormones impact on your skin/oil glands and in turn reduce acne. I'm not a girl but I think I would be interested in giving that a shot if I were you. From personal experience the best thing that has worked for me is to use a benzoyl peroxide/antibiotic topical gel combo. There are a lot of options but I would suggest 5% BP 1.2% clindamycin (Duac is the name brand but there is also a generic) but if that is too drying they make a 2.5% BP 1.2% clindamycin called Acanya. I would suggest in the morning just using a gentle cleanser followed by a light oil free moisturizer in any spots you get dryness. I really think it is important to use the smallest amount of moisturizer you can get away with. Just my personal opinion but I know I am guilty of occasionally feeling like more is better but it's not. That's it for the morning and then at night I would cleanse, wait 10-15 minutes then use the BP/clindamycin then wait 20-30 minutes and use a small amount of moisturizer over top to help reduce the drying effect of the BP. Retinoids (Differin, Tazorac, Tretinoin) are the thing you have to be careful with as they often will make your skin worse and then sometimes it will get better (but not always). Dermatologists are all trained very similarly so they will almost always recommend you use a retinoid on your first visit but it's up to you so don't let them dictate what you should use. If you do want to try using a retinoid make sure to wait 30 minutes after washing your face before using it and only use a very very small amount. You can also use it over top of a moisturizer and ease into it using it 2 days a week then 3 then 4 etc.  I would advice trying it out on a small area of your face for a month or even 2 to see what the reaction is in case you do have a bad reaction. As far as the Derm visit goes my experience is they will not spend a lot of time with you and will want to quickly write you a prescription and get on to their next appointment. Ask a lot of questions as far as why they are recomending what they do, if there are other similar products why they think that one is best, specifically how each product should be used, what other options are available,  what you should expect as far as a timeline and any negative side effects etc. Good luck. 
  10. I was curious if anyone knows if medications like Benzaclin and Duac which contain clindamycin are able to be used on an ongoing basis indefinitely or are they recommended for a certain period of time? I know doctors will not prescribe long term use of oral antibiotics but I was not sure if the same applied to topical. Thanks.