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  1. Studies have been done that show a BP wash that is rinsed off does reduce the amount of acne bacteria. Washes would also be easier for body acne where you don't want to have it in constant contact with your clothing. Also, Dan was asking for suggestions so no need to be so aggressive buddy.
  2. Oily Skin Not Oily At Night When Asleep?

    Yes, many things happen to your body while you sleep including a decrease in hormone production.
  3. Cleanser On Oily Skin : To Use Or Not To Use

    Using a cleanser that is too harsh and leaves your skin feeling tight, dry, red, and/or irritated is always a bad thing but you should definitely be using some type of cleanser to clean your skin it's just about finding the right one that is gentle enough for you. Also, there is no evidence at all that your skin produces more oil if you wash it too much. This is one of those things people think is true but has not evidence to back it up.
  4. How about a BP wash?
  5. Sb204 Phase 2 Results
  6. If you are using a face wash with BP I would recommend you try Dan's gel. A gel that stays on your skin is probably going to be more effective. I doubt it would be the BP that would be making your skin worse but it could be one of the other ingredients in the products you are using. The only thing I can say about your lymph nodes is that it's possible they are swelling due to your acne. Their function is to fight infection and in doing so they swell up but I can't really give you any more info about that. One thing I would tell you is that the simpler your skin care routine is the better and never use anything that leaves your skin feeling tight, dry, red, or irritated. Harsh cleansers are the worst thing you can do to your skin.
  7. Regimen Making Things Worse?

    I hated the cetaphil moisturizer. If I were you I would try to find a different moisturizer. I doubt the BP is the problem.
  8. Worries And Wonders About Regimen

    Yes, you should give it a try. Don't focus on the bad things you hear there will always be negative reviews for everything in the world just look at the overall average review and you can see most are positive. A few tips 1# start off using it once a day at night every other day for a week or two to see how your skin responds. If things are going well up to every night and if you want you can try twice a day as they recommend but personally I don't like having extra stuff on my skin during the day so I just use it at night. Avoid getting it too close to your eyes, nose and mouth as your skin is thinnest in those areas and more likely to get irritated. Follow the instructions and use a good non-comedogenic moisturizer over top after the BP has dried. Like most acne treatments it does take a while to see the full effects. Best of luck to you!
  9. Hey, Swollen lumps around your ears and armpits are most likely swollen lymph nodes and not acne so don't squeeze them. Google lymph nodes and you can find images that show you where they are located and they are primarily around your ears, neck, and armpits. It makes sense your lymph nodes would be swollen as they swell in response to infection and the acne could be triggering them to swell. I don't know what products you have been using but using the right cleanser that does not over dry your skin is huge in my opinion. Have you tried Dan's BP regimen?
  10. Can I Moisturize Before Differin?

    wow you get a lot of bad information on this website. Your skin absorbs medication to a greater extent when it is damp then when it is dry this is why the instructions will always say to use after your skin dries (I would wait at least 30 minutes) to avoid excessive irritation. Using moisturizer before or after using differin would be fine.
  11. Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Looks like good results to me. Are you using the .05 or .1 and is it the gel or the cream? Can you share what your routine is? Did things only get better or was there an initial period where things got worse? Thanks! Considering trying Tazorac myself.
  13. It should be fine. There is a medication (Epiduo) that is a combination of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide so they can work with each other. Often Dermatologists will prescribe using adapalene at night and then a benzoyl peroxide product in the morning. As with anything new it's probably a good idea to ease into it maybe testing things out on just one area of your face for a few weeks or using the benzoyl peroxide every other day or every third day for a few weeks. If you have been using the adapalene for a year already I would not completely stop using it though because you would have already gone through any initial breakouts with it and you are only getting the benefits by now. I would use the adapalene one night and then benzoyl peroxide the next on and off.