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Good Product
on 23/08/2014
Helped me moisturize my skin and keep it protected from UV rays at the same time. Made my skin red for some reason.
Great Product
on 23/08/2014
I've used this product for over 5 years and it really helped my skin calm down. One thing I noticed from this facewash was that it made my skin really dry.
on 23/08/2014
This antibiotic is what helped me the most. No other prescription helped me reduce acne like this oral antibiotic. I remember not using any topical prescription on my face because of how well my body reacted with this antibiotic. I first used it around 5 years ago when my acne first started to worsen. My skin cleared up within weeks. I felt a little nauseas when I took this 5 years ago because I had to take it on an empty stomach, everyday. After, I took a break from this and had a really bad reaction. I took this a year after and it seemed like it wasn't helping. Since it wasn't helping, I took another break from this antibiotic. After the break, I was prescribed to this for the third time but instead of one pill a day, I had to take 2. It has been working like a charm ever since I've been taking this antibiotic twice a day. To prevent the nauseas symptom, I eat right before I take this pill (in the morning and at night) and I avoid dairy products 2 hours before/after taking this pill.
on 23/08/2014
I honestly do not know why I was prescribed this medication; it literally did nothing for my acne; made my acne worse. Caused more blackheads/clogged pores.
The game changer
on 23/08/2014
I have been using tretinoin for almost 7 years now and it has been greatly beneficial to my skin. Tretinoin helped my skin to reduce the size of scars as well as help prevent blackheads.<br/>Here are the combinations of topical applications I used with tretinoin<br/>Tretinoin + Benzoyl Peroxide Cream + Aveeno Calming Cleanser = VERY DRY SKIN, peeling, redness, irritation, needed a great amount of moisturizer... sometimes the moisturizer was too weak to reduce the dry skin so I had to use something thick like sunblock.<br/>Tretinoin + Oxy Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash = Dry skin, redness, a small amount of peeling<br/>Tretinoin + Clindamycin Phosphate + Cetaphil Everyday Cleanser = Best results, didn't over-dry the skin, kept the skin nice and tight, seems like my pores are shrinking, scars are starting to level-off with the rest of the skin, no peeling, no dryness.<br/>Tretinoin should be used at night because it makes your skin sensitive to UV rays as well as artificial sunlight. Try to apply this right before you go to sleep; my skin got oily when I applied this and went out. Only use a pea-sized amount to prevent over-drying/redness. Try to wash your face after 7-8 hours after you apply it on your face because it can irritate your skin.
Very helpful
on 23/08/2014
Clindamycin Phosphate is a very powerful topical treatment. At first, I used the lotion form but switched to solution form because the lotion was a bit heavy. The solution gets absorbed by the skin within a few seconds and helps reduce the size of large zits. The only thing bad about this solution is the fact that it makes you look really shiny/oily/greasy.
on 23/08/2014
This moisturizer is a bit watery so it makes you feel greasy. Apply very generous amount.
on 23/08/2014
I have been using St.Ives for over 5 years and it has always been nothing but beneficial.<br/>These product helps get rid of dirt/oil off of your face allowing your skin to restart from scratch. It can be a bit irritating when overused to try to limit yourself from using it every other day.
on 23/08/2014
Great product.<br/>I didn't like the Gentle Skin version because it made me break out.<br/>I really like this cleanser because it doesn't dry your face out and it's very easy on the skin.<br/>A bit expensive but it's worth it.
on 28/10/2012
This product helped a lot! It really helps prevent new pimples and it's a great exfoliant.