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  1. vituperative added a topic in Adult acne   

    17 Years And Nothing's Changed - Depressing Rant
    Hi all.

    I took a 2 year hiatus from this forum but my acne never went away during this time. I'm 28 now and I can't believe I've been battling cystic acne for 17 years. When I think of ALL the money I spent on creams, gels, face masks, antibiotics, face washes, moisturisers, sunscreens, pills, pillow cases, shampoos and god knows what else - all in an effort to cure/minimize my acne, it's just mind-blowing.

    I always repeat this but when I started getting acne at 11, everyone said by the time I finished high school it would stop. When I finished high school everyone said it'll stop when I finish uni. When I finished uni they said by the time I'm 25 it'll be gone. Well 25 came and went 3 years ago and here I am... still sitting in bed, complaining about acne at 3:30 in the morning. Sometimes acne has no effect on me. It's been there for so long that I can't even have any feeling towards it. My youth was destroyed... it's gone. I'm almost 30 and as a woman you know that once you hit 30 it's all about "regaining your youth", well... there's nothing to regain so I guess there's that?? Other days I will literally sit on the edge of the bath tub and just cry. I just wonder why me? Everyone around me got better, with little to no effort. I have friends who eat nothing but junk food, who are severely overweight with perfect skin. I have other friends who still sleep with their make up on - not one break out. Other friends who don't wash their face and other's who do. I know people who literally use oil on their skin to "maintain their youth" and nothing happens. Here I am... 17 years later, having tried every diet, every pill, every routine ranging from the caveman regimen to serious, aggressive regimens and nothing. I'm cursed.

    I'm not looking for advice. I probably have tried what you could recommend and I probably know a lot about it too. I've seen so many specialists - I always get "normally this works on everyone else". I guess that's what I am now - a lost cause. Who cares anyway... my skin is damaged beyond repair. If tomorrow I woke up and my acne was magically gone the emotional acne would still be there. I would still see imperfections in the mirror - hell, I would probably see acne that doesn't exist. Some cysts on my face have been there 7 months - I'm surprised I don't see a cyst burned into my retina. Acne is my life. I dedicated the most amount of time to it - more than to anything else. It's who I am. I am acne.
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  2. vituperative added a post in a topic My Acne Story   

    Personally I would say use the mask every second day for starters. If you think your skin isn't drying out too much with it, then you can attempt to use it everyday. Obviously if after that you notice flaking or dryness, drop it back down to every second day again.
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  3. vituperative added a post in a topic Plz Help! I Can't Take It Anymore! Help Me Cure These Shits   

    Looks like blackheads to me - especially on the nose. It could be a matter of hormones due to your age but it wouldn't hurt to use a face mask targeted towards acne. If you look up "face mask for blackheads" you'll find a variety that might help. A simpler solution if you don't feel like doing that is to put honey on your nose and cheeks, leave it 10 minutes and then wash it off. Also, using a 100% Witch Hazel toner before bed might help you a lot, it'll tighten the skin.
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  4. vituperative added a post in a topic Is Vitamin D3, Causing Me To Break Out?   

    I dunno if it's proven or anything but typically all vitamins make me break out. I don't know if there's an ingredient that's to blame or maybe the way my liver reacts when it comes to filtering it (possibly a side effect of Roaccutane maybe?) but when I take any type of vitamins a couple of days later my cheeks and chin go crazy. Once I stop, the breakouts lessens again.
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  5. vituperative added a post in a topic What Are These?! Scars? Red Marks, Pigmentation? Help Please   

    Well, I have a lot of blackheads and while they seem to feel smooth to the touch, when I actually squeeze the skin the contents start purging outwards and it's usually yellow in colour. I know photos don't tell the whole story and I could be completely wrong (especially since lighting plays a factor in images) but judging from that photo it looks like some of your pores are blocked. Not all black heads are huge black inflamed dots, some blackheads are more mild but some of the skin looks red and not red in the sense as post-breakout, it looks more aggressive as though it's clogged. Sorry if I have cause any offense.
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  6. vituperative added a post in a topic Deep Pimple Now The Size Of A Quarter   

    I can definitely see it - I have one of those on my cheek and it's been there for many, many months (I've had cystic acne for 17 years tho, so I'm not saying yours will stay there as long as mine).

    What face wash routine do you currently have? Judging from the picture the rest of your skin is quite beautiful, so maybe go see your doctor and ask for a topical cream that you can just apply to that area. Something like tretinoin cream might help dry it out. If your doctor doesn't want to prescribe such a thing, you might be able to get something like eryacne - that was pretty effective on cysts for me back in the day - unfortunately I tend to build a tolerance to all topical things and eventually they don't work on me anymore.

    If you don't want to see a doctor, buy some tea tree oil. Dip a cotton bud into the bottle and then dab it onto the cyst at night. It should calm the skin down, maybe reduce the appearance. Another option is adding salt to a bit of warm water and then washing just your chin. Salt water always reduces redness and swelling for me.
    Also, avoid touching your face (not sure if you do that or are even aware that you do). Maybe during the day you lean on your hand or something, and that's worsening the problem.
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  7. vituperative added a post in a topic Need Help Out Of Options.   

    Everyone's gonna have a different opinion here but have you considered cutting out dairy products like milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese? I say this because as someone with cystic acne who also had A LOT of white heads and pimples, cutting out dairy stopped those "smaller" breakouts. I still get hormonal cysts which are very deep and painful but the smaller stuff around my cheeks/jawline/chin reduced significantly after cutting that stuff out.

    Also using a witch hazel toner at night time helped reduce redness for me, so maybe consider using that after using a mild face wash, preferrably with tea tree oil (unless you're allergic to it).
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  8. vituperative added a post in a topic My Acne Story   

    Never overdo washing. It usually seems like a good idea because you think you're doing the skin a favour by drying it out but what you're actually doing is making it over-produce oil to compensate for what you've removed. Always follow instructions - for example, if they say "use a pea sized amount" then you should actually use a pea sized amount (I know it's hard to believe that it will work/be enough but it usually is).

    What I suggest is using a 100% Witch Hazel Toner at night. Squeeze some onto a cotton pad at night time after washing your face and cleanse your skin. It will give you just enough moisture balance to your skin so you won't overproduce oil overnight and at the same time it will even your skintone. It helps fight bacteria , reduce swelling and repair broken skin (where you've popped pimples). If you're worried about it, just patch test it somewhere for a few days. Maybe do one cheek to see if it agrees with you and if you're satisfied with the results then start applying it to the rest of your face.
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  9. vituperative added a post in a topic What Are These?! Scars? Red Marks, Pigmentation? Help Please   

    It looks like slight scarring but it also appears as though you have some deep blackheads going on which aren't allowing the skin to heal. I think if you take a reaaaaally long shower, or do the old 'towel covering head over a pot of hot water' you can open up the pores and try to squeeze them out. Make sure you use hand sanitizer on your hands beforehand to kill the bacteria, then gently try pushing the blackheads out with your fingers. If they are stubborn and don't seem to come out, do not force it, you will break the skin and then create scabs and further redness. Always try to be slow and patient. It may take a few sessions until they finally become loose enough to push out.

    EDIT: a word
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  10. vituperative added a post in a topic How Long Do Cystic Pimples Usually Last?   

    Cysts can last months. I currently have one on my cheek that's been there for 7 months already. Occasionally it sort of dies down and appears almost non existent (apart from redness) and then suddenly it forms again. Mine hasn't made a head in 7 months tho, there's nothing to pop.

    Typically the fastest working things to reduce redness is washing that area with salt. Salt is very good with reducing redness and drying out zits and pimples, then I find that dabbing the pimple with Tea Tree Oil makes it dry our further and be less inflamed.
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  11. vituperative added a post in a topic Towel Drying Vs. Air Drying Face? I Want To Hear Your Opinion! :)   

    I have a towel that I used just for my face. I dry my face on one side in the morning and at night on the other side then use a new one the next day. I go through a lot of towels obviously (but they're small) and I wash them with this:

    I feel that it helps me break out less. I also change my pillow cases every 2 - 3 days.
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  12. vituperative added a post in a topic Boys Like Me, Can You Relate To This?   

    I'm a girl but I'm just going to give my opinion anyway (hope that's okay?) but it could be because of a surge of hormones? I don't know if that is proven though. Personally, from experience when I've had sex and had an orgasm my skin has improved but I am past puberty, so maybe that's why?
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  13. vituperative added a post in a topic Loss Of Hearing After Using Accutane, Can I Get My Hearing Back?   

    Have you gone and gotten a hearing test to see how much hearing loss you've had? I did receive some hearing loss from Roaccutane but extremely mild. I have ringing more than hearing loss (tinnitus). I don't know why it happens though. Maybe someone here knows more about this. I am curious too.
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  14. vituperative added a post in a topic Do I Have Rosaeca?!?!? (Pictures)   

    I saw you post several times yesterday! I can't stress this enough (in the nicest way!) you need to relax. Honestly. What you are experiencing is a side effect of Roaccutane. Many people go pink/red all over. Others get just pink eyes or lips. Please just wear sunscreen, minimize your time in the sun (if you don't need to be in it, go in the shade) and wear a hat if you can. It will subside a month or two after treatment. Please stress less, ok? :)
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  15. vituperative added a post in a topic Antibiotics And Probiotics   

    I'm 3 weeks into Doryx but at around 14 days I suffered a really bad break out, which has cleared up pretty nicely now. I am struggling with the marks though but that's something I've always struggled with. I have red spots from 6 months ago. I am also worried about stopping antibiotics and having the acne return (worse than before even). I don't know why I agreed to antibiotics... I think I'm just feeling desperate.

    It's so frustrating to be a child and then start getting acne at 11 years old and then never, ever get to feel pretty or youthful or attractive cause of acne! You just go from amazing childhood skin to diseased, scarred, red, inflamed, painful acne and having it impact your self esteem for more than half your life
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