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  1. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Zovia 1/35   

    Meow cosmetics is good I actually use that right now..I just don't enjoy how drying it is. I use the pampered puss formula because the heaviest formula they carry looks too cakey and dry. The mineral brand I use now instead has a semi matte finish which doesn't make my skin look dried out. And the best part is there's only three ingredients in it! Mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides. The brand is called caren minerals. You can either order from their website or from amazon. And they offer samples to try before you order full sizes. Purpose is a good facial wash but its rather soapy which can be really harsh and strip your skin. If your looking to switch to all natural skincare I highly recommend ordering from its an online shop where people sell handmade skincare and makeup. I order handmade cleansing oil from a shop on there and it works great.
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  2. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Zovia 1/35   

    I can recommend an amazing makeup line that causes no breakouts for you ! Wearing the right kind of makeup definitely will help. What types of products are you using on your skin? Also did you experience any weight issues with this pill? Desogen actually made me loose weight so I'm worried about that
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  3. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Zovia 1/35   

    I'm pretty amped to try it. How's your skin doing on it right now?
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  4. cinnamon_stix added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    Zovia 1/35
    Just visited planned parenthood today. I've been on desogen for awhile and it has helped dramatically but I still break out. I figured I'd give demulen/zovia a try. Anyone here take it and had success with their skin?
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  5. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Acne Caused By Birth Control   

    I would recommend either ortho cyclen desogen or femcon for acne issues. Those are widely used for acne. I would definitely discontinue the one your taking it probably won't get better. Not if your skin is getting as bad as it is. Try desogen! I've heard so many countless reviews on how its great for skin! Don't give up on the pill because the pill saved my skin.
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  6. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Acne Caused By Birth Control   

    Low ogestrel is not good for acne at all. Neither is lutera. The progestins in both are very androgenic. Not a good choice if your worried about acne.
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  7. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Spiro And Potassium   

    Your replies are helpful and greatly appreciated. Maybe i was wrong. Maybe my potassium went up on spiro instead of down. I was reading symptoms of low potassium and i had all of them so i just assumed. Im afraid to take birth control because of all of the side effects like mood swings and weight gain. I also heard that yaz and yasmin are the only reasonable options when it comes to clearing acne. Thanks again for your support.

    As for the thyroid i started taking cytomel which is a T3 only hormone. Been on it for a few days and so far i dont feel any changes.
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  8. cinnamon_stix added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    Spiro And Potassium
    Ive been doing alot of research and apparently spiro affects potassium. Its supposed to be potassium sparing but it lowered my potassium because i was so dehydrated. I was thinking of trying spiro again except this time taking it along with potassium supplements. Id like to see if it might alleviate the anixety i feel when taking spiro. If anyone has feedback on my idea post please!
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  9. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Metformin For Acne   

    Unfortunately I've tried accutane...4 times. Gave me severe depression and anxiety/psychosis. Ended up in the hospital. Accutane only helps for people with non hormone related issues. Appreciate the suggestion though!
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  10. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Metformin For Acne   

    Ok I messaged you! Its really easy there's a little icon on the top of the page in the shape of a piece of mail. Just click on that and you'll be able to see my message and then reply to it (:
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  11. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic Metformin For Acne   

    Aww you are so sweet! I have alot of info I can share with you. Would you like me to message you on here? I can tell you everything I know about spiro! I've been on it for a year and my sister is on it too.
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  12. cinnamon_stix added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Metformin For Acne
    I've exhausted all options. Tried spiro and it worked great but the side effects were terrible. Considering metformin now. I have pcos except im lean. Recently had my glucos checked and it came back normal. I know this med is for diabetes but heard it works great for acne. Willing to try anything at this point. Anyone who has tried this with normal glucose levels who had success please let me know.
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  13. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic chronic UTI and spiro   

    omg thats so funny you mention that i just went to GNC today and bought a bottle of probiotics!! i think it will really help!
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  14. cinnamon_stix added a post in a topic chronic UTI and spiro   

    my doctors are extremely ignorant. they wave it off as almost impossible when ive done my research and spiro is somehow linked with UTI. my endocrinologist said it could be due to lack of enough fluid intake. i could be contracting infections due to a low immune system from dehydration but god knows why its happening. i know for a fact its spiro. my sister takes it and she doesnt have ANY UTI problems on the med. its so unfair! i dont want to stop because my face is like..porcelain now because of this drug. ive heard of cranberry tablets being used to prevent UTI which i will try (thanks for the suggestion) but im just trying to figure out the science behind why this drug causes urinary tract infections every week or so. im trying to find a way to make it stop so i can continue taking the drug.
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  15. cinnamon_stix added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    chronic UTI and spiro
    this medication is giving me chronic urinary tract infections every two weeks. to see if it really was spiro, i stopped the pill for about a week. and after a week ended i started again and the next day i was contracting another infection. it started burning and hurting when i peed. its getting out of control. does anybody know why this is happening? please help!
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