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  1. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    Hi, All my problems are fixed except one. When I go to the new content section and at the bottom of the page it says load more activity, when I try to it just reloads that page, I can't see earlier posts... Ty for always taking the time to look into things and fixing! Much appreciated!
  2. I love Elta Md sunscreen for acne prone skin and cerave am moisturizer w spf 30
  3. Scar exicision gone wrong

    scarface you really annoy the crap out of me. You always diminish somebody's scars, but meanwhile I think your scars are minimal. For some bizarre reason you are attacking scarredandsad, I have no idea why. It's annoying and it makes you look like a moron.
  4. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    I too am having problems. When I go to view certain topics I get a message saying page isn't working...
  5. I too have had atrophy after cortisone shots, and they have always filled in. If you read online, most of them do. Sometimes it does take months, but they do fill in. If you look on the archives here there was a woman who had severe atrophy, whole areas dented in and hers filled in, she thought there was no way, but they did. Whenever I did get atrophy my derm told me the best thing is time. I know it's so hard to wait, but really the chances are better that it fills in, than it doesn't. I've had incidents where derms have f'd my face up too, totally sucks. I really think you should let it be and let time do it's work. Also if you go on Real Self you can see other stories of atrophy that has filled in. You have young skin, I really do believe it will fill in...
  6. Just wanted to say I'm in the exact same boat as you. About a year and a half ago I developed a rash about half an inch below my hairline in center of forehead. After 6 months of creams and just leaving it alone, it was still there. The PA at my derms office who I always loved suggest to freeze it off, I thought why not. Biggest mistake I ever it "healed" it sunk in and got redder and redder. She kept telling me give it time..Well now its a year later and I have dime sized sunken in circle that is still red. What you're describing, how the scar tissue feels very weak, is exactly how mine is. It feels like if I touch it wrong way it will bleed. Actually it does get irritated at times and bleeds a little. I've gone to a few drs thru the months and they all told me wait it out for a year, the redness wld go away and I might me left w a little dent..I should be so lucky. Last week went to my derm (different office than where I got procedure done) I showed it to her and her thoughts were I should get it biopsied. Well I had 2 shave biopsies on my face last year that didnt heal nicely at all, so I told her I was very nervous to do a shave again, and wldnt it leave even a bigger divot than there already is... Well she referred me to a plastic surgeon. I have an appointment w him on June 6th. I don't believe its cancer, I think its a scar that just isn't healing right. It looks like yours, but mine is round.. I don't know what he will do but at this point I'd take anything over this ..thank god I have bangs that covers it well. If he tells me anything exciting and useful I will be sure to let you know. Sorry I wasn't any help, but wanted you to know you're not alone. I obsess abt it everyday..

    ScarFace, I have noticed that you have posted a few times on how people's scars are nothing, etc. Meanwhile I just looked at yours, and they seem mild. You even posted that you know some people might think yours aren't bad, but they seem very bad to you. I'm just wondering why instead of being supportive you feel its necessary to dismiss how someone is feeling about their scars. Especially since you feel the exact same way. People come on here for support, you telling them their post makes you sick actually makes me sick. I agree Meerkat's face is pretty much flawless, but she does have a noticeable scar. She came here to get some advice on how to treat it. Since you are treating your scars perhaps you could give her some advice instead of blowing her off. That's the reason for this board..
  8. Accutane, come at me :)

    I too have been reading along. So happy for you! Best of luck and I hope you will update!